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What is Heli Skiing

What is Heli Skiing all about?

We give you the low-down on what heli skiing is all about. Explore our site or please do call us on +44 (0)20 7736 8191 if you would like more information.


What is Heli Skiing?

What is heli skiing?

Heli skiing is off piste (or backcountry) skiing using helicopters to access incredible un-touched powder snow.  Using helicopters rather than traditional ski lifts offers fantastic speed and flexibility and also enables you to ski and snowboard in far reaching areas, away from the crowded pistes!


Is it extreme?

Easy skiing

Contrary to many people’s perception, most heli skiing trips that we organise are not extreme skiing (or the stuff you see in the movies), but regular gradient skiing similar to what you would find on a red run in a resort.   The difference being, with heli skiing, you’ll be enjoying run after run of fresh powder snow…


How good do I have to be?

Lovely heli skiing

Another misconception many people have is that you have to be an expert skier to enjoy heli skiing.  Not true!  If you are a strong piste skier and want to ski powder snow then you are ready for heli skiing.  If it is your first time, then you may want to consider CMH’s Powder Introduction programme (detailed on the right) which is specifically designed for first-time heli skiers or powder skiers.


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How Heli Skiing Works

Signing-up for a heli skiing trip for the first time can be daunting... Have a look at our 'day in the life' slideshow to discover what heli skiing is all about...


Heli Skiing: A Day in the Life



First Time Heli Skiing - A Guest Perspective

Trips for First Timers

CMH Heli Skiing in Canada offer unique heli skiing trips designed specifically for first time heli skiers or first time powder skiers - the Powder Introduction Programme ('Powder 101').

Highlights of the Powder Introduction Programme include:

  • A dedicated group of 10 guests with two mountain guides (one to lead and one to tail the group who are there to provide technical support)
  • 5 or 7 day trips and Female Only trips available
  • Video tuition so you can work with the guides to assess your progress and learn quickly
  • A focus on learning, having fun with no pressure to ski fast
  • A DVD at the end of the week so you can re-live and share your incredible experiences!

Furthermore, you will be in safe hands; CMH are the original heli ski operator with over 45 years of experience and have the largest, most experienced guiding team in the industry.  Contact us for more details.