Heli Skiing in Sweden

Heli ski in the largest wilderness terrain in Europe based out of a remote lodge

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At a Glance

Fast & flexible small groups

Experienced guiding team

Chance to ski in the midnight sun

Long Alpine runs with epic views

Heli Skiing in Lapland

Heli skiing in Sweden is an excellent choice for those looking for a European powder skiing adventure – with a large expanse of Alpine terrain ready to be explored. The combination of the long daylight hours and the small ski groups make the programme flexible around you and when you want to ski. Lodgings are at the remote Abisko Mountain Lodge which provides the ideal place to relax after a day of skiing. 

Awesome Alpine

With a skiable terrain the size of Austria, there is a huge variety of open bowls and steep descents waiting to be skiedAll of the terrain is Alpine and the average runs are around 800 metres of vertical descent

Fast & Flexible Small Group Heli Skiing

You will be heli skiing in the fast and flexible small group programme with up to 4 skiers per group, meaning a speedier turn around between runs and more powder for you and your friends.  Available on a private or semi-private basis, all trips are available for 3-, 4- or 6-day heli skiing programmes. See trip details here.

Where You Stay: Abisko Mountain Lodge

Small Group Heli Skiing Trip

An excellent place to stay for a heli ski adventure. Stefanie