Abisko Mountain Lodge

Set in the beautiful Lapporten valley overlooking the surrounding mountains, Abisko Mountain lodge is a cosy base for a heli ski adventure

Cosy & comfortable accommodation

Small group heli skiing

One hour from Kiruna airport

Easy access from Europe

Northwest Sweden’s Unique Retreat

The lodge has 20 rooms which are filled with heli skiers in the months of April and May – so there’s a great atmosphere with guests exchanging stories by the wood-burning stoves each evening. The Abisko Mountain Lodge is also home to the highly regarded Brasserie Fjällköket which showcases local delicacies cooked by experienced chefs from all around the world, guests should prepare for a fantastic culinary experience during their stay.

Heli skiing in Lapland

The Abisko Mountains are situated in one of the last, great wildernesses in Europe with access to the immense ski area the size of Austria. Due to the lack of tree skiing in Sweden, days are spent skiing in the high Alpine where there is a huge variety of open bowls and steep descents to shred.  And, if you are grounded one day due to bad weather, the long daylight hours make it easy to make up time lost and rack up the skiing.

Abisko Mountain Lodge TRIPS

Super-charge your experience with our private trips that can be tailored to you. A maximum of 4 guests you will have a dedicated helicopter and 2 guides at your disposal.

A speedier turn-around between runs means more powder for you and your friends.  Either come with your own ready-made group of 4 or join one of our groups.

Abisko Mountain Lodge GALLERY

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