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prepare to be awed

Antarctica cannot help but to have the most powerful effect on you. It is not just the surreal beauty or unimaginably large landscapes; it is the reconnection to nature in its rawest form. You feel humble and fragile, yet, simultaneously, empowered and deeply connected to our planet.  . From Emperor Penguins to the Geographic South Pole, iridescent ice tunnels to the endless High Polar Plateau – there is so much to savour. 



south pole & emperor penguins

The undoubted highlights of an Antarctica adventure include a trip to the Geographic South Pole which involves taking a flight south via a makeshift (but comfortable) tented camp, Dixies, where you can follow in the footsteps of arctic explorers and experience the vast wilderness for yourself.  The camp is situated at 2,640m and the nearest neighbour is the international space station.  A visit to an emperor penguin colony is a true highlight for any nature lover as you see these birds in their natural habitat and are immersed in their world, with just the chatter of the penguins to keep you company. 

wild luxury

For the last 18 years, our partners at White Desert have been pioneering luxury tourism in the interior of Antarctica, allowing travellers to immerse themselves in the awe-inspiring remoteness and isolation without enduring a series of gruelling treks.

White Desert have built a series of luxury camps with private chefs and comfortable lodging; the perfect base from which you can explore the continent.  A fully maintained ice runway allows speedy access via private jet from Cape Town, making this the most accessible way to visit Antarctica. 

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