What is Heli Skiing?

Heli skiing is the ultimate powder skiing experience where helicopters are used to escape from crowded lift lines and access an incredible wilderness of deep powder skiing

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An Introduction to Heli Skiing

For many first timers the words “heli skiing” evoke images of extreme athletes leaping out of helicopters on to near-vertical slopes. That doesn’t happen. Think of a helicopter as the cable car of your dreams – safe and comfortable yet capable of reaching peaks far beyond the resort crowds in search of untracked snow.

Is Heli Skiing Extreme?

Contrary to many people’s perception, most heli skiing trips that we organise are not extreme skiing (or the stuff you see in the movies), but regular gradient skiing similar to what you would find on a red run in a resort. The difference being, with heli skiing, you’ll be enjoying run after run of fresh powder snow.

How Good Do I Need to Be?

Another misconception many people have is that you have to be an expert skier to enjoy heli skiing. Not true! If you are a strong piste skier and want to ski powder snow then you are ready for heli skiing. We can also accommodate powder skiing novices on our coaching programmes.

Which Trip is Right for Me?

If you are a competent powder skier going heli skiing for the first time, consider one of our classic heli skiing trips. If you are a strong piste skier but new to the powder, then one of our specialty coaching programmes – with a relaxed pace, extra guide and video analysis – will be best for you. Alternatively check out all of our trips using our Trip Finder tool.

Best Heli Ski Destinations: Where To Go

Powder Introduction

Heli Skiing for deep powder first timers