Off-Piste Skiing: Experience Freedom

Off-piste skiing is a thrill that allows you to truly test your skills away from the resort bounds. If you have grown tired of the standard resort ski routes, the untamed slopes may be calling you. Off-piste skiing is the obvious next step in your skiing, offering increased freedom and the opportunity to ski pure, ungroomed powder.

If you are contemplating planning your next off-piste skiing trip, Pure Powder is here to offer you an unforgettable experience. We make the process infinitely easier by booking the very best heli skiing and off-piste trips on your behalf. We go above and beyond to match our clients with the perfect heli skiing and off-piste adventures to suit their needs.

In this quick read, we will break down what exactly off-piste skiing is and how you can try it out for yourself with the professional assistance of our team at Pure Powder.


What Is Off-Piste Skiing?

Typically, when most people think of skiing they imagine snowy slopes with large flocks of skiers and ski lifts overhead. This skiing is usually marked by different gradings and offers groomed runs for people to enjoy. This tailored experience is known as ‘on piste’ skiing. Think of off-piste skiing as the opposite of this. Often referred to as backcountry skiing, off-piste skiing allows you to ski fresh powder on unmarked terrain, not hindered by demarcated groomed pistes. This exciting approach to skiing opens up endless possibilities – off-piste skiing is not location-dependent or restrained by your more conventional on-piste skiing experiences.

Many skiers move to off-piste skiing for more varied terrain and exciting new challenges. Each run and location are entirely unique, and by its nature, the excitement of taking your own route down can be exhilarating. With off-piste skiing, you are able to truly carve your own run, with no visible tracks before you. Off-piste skiing allows every descent of a slope to become its own novel experience.

Off-Piste Skiing: Get To Know The Basics

Before beginning off-piste skiing, it is important that you, at the very least, know how to ski at an intermediate level. Your skill level will be a determining factor in how you manage the descent and how you should best approach off-piste skiing. Skiing in itself can be inherently dangerous, and in order to truly enjoy the exhilarating thrills offered by off-piste skiing, you must be able to rely on your own skills. This includes knowing how to manage turns effectively and garnering a good understanding of your environment.

If you are new to off-piste skiing but are eager to give it a try, Pure Powder will be able to book the perfect trip to accommodate you. Our beginner ski trips include a comprehensive training program and you will be paired up with a reliable, professional guide. With Pure Powder, you can be sure that we will offer care and support before, during, and after your trip.Here are some important things to keep in mind when approaching off-piste skiing:

Never go alone: This cannot be stressed enough. Skiing accidents can happen at any moment, and while most of these incidents are not inherently dangerous, it is imperative that you have experienced skiers at your side. Skiing with a party ensures that they can rely on you, and you on them.

Plan your location: Even though, at its core, off-piste skiing is about the exhilarating adventure of carving your own way down snowy slopes, it is important to do so in an informed way. It is unwise to find a hill and simply speed down with no forethought. One should always assess the route beforehand, from start to finish, to ensure that the path ahead is known and any hazards can be flagged before you begin your descent.


Understanding Avalanches: Understanding the threat of avalanches becomes necessary as you look towards certain locations. Understanding how avalanches form, what they look like and being able to spot key factors prior to skiing is essential in avoiding them. If an avalanche is occurring, there are also crucial things that can be done in order to stay out of harm\’s way.

Safety gear and equipment like avalanche beacons, probes and snow shovels will help keep you safe during your off-piste adventure. All professional guides and experts will give you a full rundown on avalanches when off-piste skiing.

Skillset: Even though off-piste skiing is for everyone, there are some basic skills you will need to practise to enjoy off-piste skiing to the fullest. With a basic understanding of off-piste skiing and sticking to the necessary safety measures, you will be able to carve your path in the powdery slopes with ease.

Important Equipment

One of the most common questions asked regarding off-piste skiing is whether or not you can use your regular skiing equipment. Off-piste skiing in certain areas may call for specific equipment tailored to best help you tackle the untouched powder.

Here is some common equipment recommended for off-piste skiing:

Skis & Bindings: We would recommend all-mountain or dedicated powder skis for your off-piste skiing adventures. These skis are wider than traditional downhill skis and will help you float when skiing powder. If you are embarking on any uphill walking then you will need to consider ski-touring skis and bindings with skins and touring boots.

Additional Layers: Considering that off-piste skiing trips are usually lengthier than your standard ski resort route, you can expect longer exposure to the outdoor environment. Donning additional layers will ensure that your time is that much more enjoyable. It is usually recommended to layer up with a moisture-wicking base layer, a comfortable mid-layer, and a waterproof top layer to keep you shielded from the elements throughout your trip.

Backpack Essentials: As stated earlier, off-piste skiing means more time spent on the snow-covered slopes of your choosing. It is a good idea to take into account how much time you will be spending off-piste skiing and be sure to pack enough hydration and sustenance while still being mindful of space within your backpack. You will also want to pack additional safety gear as well as lip balm, sunscreen and other extra essentials that will improve your overall experience.

Where Can You Do It?

When you book your heli skiing or off-piste trip through Pure Powder, you will be able to enjoy exciting thrills on some of the best skiing trips across the globe. That being said, where exactly can one ski off-piste? There are dozens of off-piste skiing destinations out there and Pure Powder is here to help you find the perfect place to suit your preferences. We have travelled far and wide, sourcing the ultimate collection of powder skiing experiences.

Pure Powder is able to source and book your trip with resorts and lodges around the world that offer free-ride skiing experiences, where you are not limited to the more conventional groomed runs crammed full of skiers We have been operating for over four decades, bringing you the very best heli skiing experiences and top-tier treatment. We can also guarantee that booking your trip through us will never be more expensive than booking directly through an operator. In some instances, booking with us can even prove to be more affordable.

As with any skiing, you will need the right conditions before you head out on your trip. Secondly, you want to know the skill level required for the location before heading out. It is best to figure out what kind of experience you are looking for, as off-piste skiing can vary wildly depending on the locations. Take a look through our Trip Finder and scout out a location that piques your interest. Alternatively, you can get in contact with the Pure Powder team and we will offer our assistance, advice, and overall expertise to help you find the ultimate heli skiing experience that will get your blood pumping and your spirits soaring.


Helicopter Skiing Tours

We all know that access to untouched powder-filled slopes is one of the main appeals of off-piste skiing, but Pure Powder takes that to another level. Offering tours at only the greatest off-piste skiing destinations, the Pure Powder team ascends (quite literally) above our competitors by offering helicopter off-piste skiing tours.

Catering to skiers of all skill levels, Pure Powder assists the needs of our customers individually. As a family-run business, we understand the need to communicate effectively and ensure every customer that comes our way feels both heard and secure in preparation for a once-in-a-lifetime heli skiing experience. As stated above, one of the biggest factors in off-piste skiing is finding the perfect trip to suit your level of skill. With our team of experts, having operated for decades, you can rest assured that the team at Pure Powder will ensure that you are given only the best experience curated specifically to your wishes. Ascend to new heights and skip the monotonous climb to reach the perfect starting location for your exhilarating descent. Helicopters eliminate the arduous task of scaling what are often literal mountain faces to reach the right starting point for your off-piste skiing. The best part is, by flying to the starting destination, you are guaranteed access to truly untouched snow.

Through the use of helicopters, skiers of all skill levels are able to reach what may have been previously inaccessible slopes. The travel up the slopes now too becomes as exciting as the off-piste skiing itself. With magnificent views and breathtaking new perspectives, helicopter skiing adds that extra touch of magic to your trip.

For any skier – novice or professional, looking to get into the adventures of off-piste skiing, Pure Powder’s helicopter skiing trips may be a good place to start. Operating worldwide from Japan to Alaska, we have a multitude of destinations to ensure that no need goes unmet.

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