Monashees Lodge

The Monashees is a remote lodge in a stunning lakeside location that offers mind-blowing heli skiing with some of the best tree skiing on the planet

Suitable for advanced skiers

85% trees, 15% Alpine

Famous for its steep tree skiing

Stunning riverside remote lodge

Road Accessed Remote Lodge

Set on the banks of the Columbia River, the Monashees has stunning views of the lake and surrounding mountains. It is the biggest (and newest) of the CMH fleet, with lots of space for lodge activities. We love plunging into the rooftop hot tub after a great day’s skiing and soothing our ski legs ready for the next day’s adventure.

The Best Tree Skiing on the Planet

Perhaps the most challenging of all the CMH areas; the Monashees is recommended for experienced skiers only. The Monashees has 1,712 sq km of skiable terrain in the Selkirks and Monashees ranges – expect to spend 90% of your time weaving through the consistently steep tree runs. The Monashees has reliable powder snow throughout the season and sees a staggering average annual snowfall of 20 metres.

Monashees Lodge Trips

Super-charge your experience with our private trips that can be tailored to you. A maximum of 4 guests you will have a dedicated helicopter and 2 guides at your disposal.

Our most popular heli skiing trip where you would be heli skiing in groups of 11 guests, with 3 or 4 groups per helicopter. Each day you’ll generally have the chance to ski between 8 and 12 runs.


Monashees Lodge Amenities

Sauna, steam room, hot tub, small gym, WiFi throughout the lodge, four guest computers, telephone, table tennis, shop, cross country track (skis and boots provided) and snowshoeing.

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