We highly recommend that you have a good level of fitness for your off piste or heli skiing trip. The fitter you are, the more you will enjoy your skiing and reduce the risk of injury


Ensure you are ski fit

Solid Ski Fitness training can make the difference between you having an incredible time or a painful one!

The best way to get fit for heli skiing is actually to go skiing so if you can organise some warm-up resort skiing before your heli skiing trip, so much the better. If you are unable to warm up for your heli skiing trip then do check out our videos.

How to get ski fit

We’ve developed our ski fitness training programme with the help of Craig McLean who runs the Putney Chiropractic Centre. The programme is made up of Stretching and Strengthening elements and is designed to give you a good skiing work-out as well as providing skiing exercises for your legs.

The programme is for individuals who already have a significant level of fitness – if you are unsure as to whether they are appropriate for you please consult your doctor.

If you want to find some more inspiration then head over to our Facebook Page for Fitness Fridays, where we post a challenge or workout to do.




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