Single Day Heli Skiing

Super flexible, day only heli skiing

Single day trips

Unlimited skiing

2 groups of 8 guests



CMH’s Purcell area offers day only heli skiing based out of Golden, BC in Canada. It is the perfect addition to your skiing trip in Canada, as it is near Banff, Kicking Horse, Lake Louise & Revelstoke. It’s easy to add on a day here or there to fit into your Canada itinerary or if you want to have a go at heli skiing for the first time.  Alternatively, if you want to add additional days of heli skiing before your CMH heli skiing trip at other lodges, it is easy to do so, and can be added before or after the trip.


There are only 2 groups of 8 guests, which allows for a speedy programme, more guided attention, flexibility to ski more (dependent on conditions), and with unlimited vertical, you can expect to have big days out in the field. You can book individual trips, but you can also pair these days up and make a week’s adventure (accommodation not included), and if you have a group of 8, then you have a nearly exclusive heli for you and your friends. So many possibilities within 495,000 acres of backcountry tenure. 



CMH’s Purcell Tenure offers day-only heli skiing out of its day lodge, based out of Golden in Canada 

Flexible single-day heli skiing based out of Golden, BC in Canada

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