Puma Lodge

Stylish, contemporary lodge surrounded by a heli skiing paradise

Remote lodge set up

Small group programme

Luxury accommodation

World-class heli skiing terrain


Stunning Remote Lodge

Located near the border of Argentina, perched by the Ciprese River, this modern mountain lodge is surrounded by impressive mountains and deep valleys, the perfect place to access hundreds of acres of high quality terrain.  

Excellent Skiing in the Central Andes

Puma Lodge’s skiable terrain is a heli skiers paradise located in a region known as the ‘powder capital of the Andes’. It gets its stellar reputation due to its varied terrain and continuous, high-quality snow. This is due to the maritime standard pack and the high altitude which allows for light, dry snow.  

Chile heli skiing - skier


Super-charge your experience with our private trips that can be tailored to you. A maximum of 4 guests you will have a dedicated helicopter and 2 guides at your disposal.

A speedier turn-around between runs means more powder for you and your friends.  Either come with your own ready-made group of 4 or join one of our groups.


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