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How We Do Heli Skiing


Pure Powder is the most prolific heli skiing specialist in the United Kingdom. Our love for the sport and unparalleled sense of adventure forms the foundation of all of our trips. If you are looking for the next great thrill and you consider yourself to be a strong, intermediate-level piste skier, one of our heli skiing trips may be the perfect adventure for you.


In this quick read, we will have a look at the Pure Powder approach to heli skiing and what some of our heli ski adventures entail. We organise more heli skiing journeys than every other business in the UK combined, so you can rest assured that you are in extremely capable hands when you put your trust in Pure Powder.

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Why Choose Pure Powder For Your Heli Skiing Experience?


We have been in the business since 1978, so there is certainly no shortage of experience to go around. Over the years, we have crafted an experience of the highest quality and our attention to detail has left a long line of very happy customers. Our adventures are created by skiers, for skiers and this is clear in all aspects of the skiing adventure – you will be treated with concierge-style support and guided through the entire journey.


We offer a range of different heli skiing trips to suit different budgets and can guarantee you that our trips never cost you more than they would through an operator, and sometimes they are less expensive. We pride ourselves on the quality of the experience we provide and can guarantee that you will receive the greatest level of care throughout. At Pure Powder, the passion runs from the top down, and we all share the same appreciation and love for skiing.


Some Information About Heli Skiing


Many people may picture heli skiing as something rather extreme – hopping out of a helicopter onto a sheer slope at great speeds. However, this is not the reality of it. The main purpose of heli skiing is to skip the long lines and crowded slopes of ski resorts and be dropped directly into untouched areas of the wilderness. It is in these areas that you find untracked powder snow, which is what the experience is all about!


In the skiing adventures we organise, we’re not usually on extreme slopes. Whilst there is a time and place for extreme skiing, it is not our focus or goal. The main benefit of heli skiing is that you get to experience run after run of fresh, untouched snow far from the rush of resort crowds. For anyone who loves off-piste skiing, it is an experience that is tough to beat.


Another common misconception about heli skiing is that you need to be at an expert level to participate. This is not the case at all! You do need to be a strong-intermediate piste skier, but we are more than capable of assisting powder-skiing beginners with our coaching programmes. We offer experiences in a variety of different locations – some are more suited to competent powder skiers, but others are ideal for all, including powder skiing novices. We are constantly trying to move away from the ‘extreme sport’ label that some would put on helicopter skiing.


If you feel that you are confident skiing on piste and consider yourself to be at a strong intermediate level, you are likely ready for the excitement of heli skiing! The deep powdered snow does take some getting used to at first, but once you settle into the rhythm of it, you are sure to be blown away by how quickly you can adjust. If you have already tried off-piste skiing in Europe, or locations with similar slopes, you should certainly be prepared to embark on your first heli skiing experience.


With all of this in mind, we make sure to gauge the level of every individual skier when we speak to each guest before booking their trip. This means that we can cater to your experience to align with your skiing level, so there really is no reason to worry. We take all the necessary steps to provide our customers with the ideal trip suited to them specifically.



Our Classic Heli Skiing Locations


So, where are we headed? Let us have a look at some of the stunning destinations that we frequent on our skiing adventures. Keep in mind, these trips are designed for intermediate-level skiers.




Our skiing adventures in Alaska are characterised by steep slopes and remarkably stable snow. Based in the Tordrillo and Chugach ranges, you will be treated to some incredible vistas and even better skiing conditions. The Alaskan wilderness boasts some impressive skiing terrain with ample variety – from large open bowls to aggressive ‘movie lines’, there is no shortage of choice. For those seeking the perfect steep slopes and thousands of miles of untouched snow, you would be hard-pressed to find a better location than Alaska.




The Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH) Skiing team is the world’s leading heli ski operator, and one only needs to experience it once to understand why. The vast expanses of British Columbia receive large amounts of snowfall, with very few down-days and perfect conditions for skiing. This adventure is ideal for experienced skiers and novices – the sheer scale of CMH allows you to decide what kind of skiing experience you want. For those of you who are newer to skiing, we highly recommend this experience.




Japan is very quickly becoming a go-to location for avid off-piste skiers and deep powder lovers. The snow is uniquely light and dry, making it truly incredible for powder skiing. Experience Japanese culture and embark on the adventure of a lifetime with this unmissable excursion! For those who have only experienced European skiing conditions, this change of pace could be just the thing for you.




Our Iceland skiing trips will undoubtedly take your breath away. The Troll Peninsula features some of the most remarkable views on the planet and slopes to match! From mellow descents to steep couloirs, there is something for everyone on this incredible skiing adventure. Your base is the Deplar Farm which boasts a level of luxury that is very difficult to match. With conveniently short travel times from the UK, heli skiing has never been more accessible.




If you are looking for a skiing experience in the Southern Hemisphere, Chile offers 1 million acres of exquisite and exclusive skiing terrain. The Andean peaks make for idyllic skiing conditions because of the high altitude, and reliable weather patterns. Experience South American hospitality at its best and immerse yourself in the wonderful cultural experience that is Chile. With a skiing season stretching from June to September, it is tough to find a better explorative skiing experience anywhere in the world.


These are just a few of the destinations we travel to at Pure Powder, have a look at the Trip Finder on our website to see the rest for yourself.



How Do We Help To Prepare You For Your Trip?


We aim to make the experience as simple as possible for our customers – meaning that we are only too happy to assist you in booking flights via our flight experts. Contact a member of our team if you have any questions regarding travel arrangements.


An important aspect of skiing adventures is making sure that our customers have valid travel insurance. This is crucial going into any excursion – insurance is not included in Pure Powder trips, but there are many capable companies who can assist you in this regard. Have a look at the insurance page on our website for more information.


In order to ensure that our customers are heading out onto the slopes well-prepared, we have created a ski fitness programme to get your body into form. Fitness can be easily overlooked at times, but it is an important factor to consider. The fitter you are, the less likely you are to be injured at any point on your trip. Additionally, you are more capable of skiing for longer periods and making the most of your adventure.


The ski equipment you have is also vital to your enjoyment – you will want to be comfortable and warm whilst out and about on your adventure. As we always tell our clients, layering is key. In order to best prepare yourself for a variety of conditions, you should aim to be able to add or remove layers to suit the climate on any given day. We recommend Surefoot (ski boots) and Ellis Brigham (clothing) for all your kit needs.


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Some Tips To Make Sure Your Ski Adventure Is Unforgettable


Our Pure Powder excursions are about as unforgettable as it gets, but here are some tips and tricks to enhance your experience even further:


Arrive prepared – To make the most of your trip ensure that you are as fit as possible and have all the right gear with you


Take Lots of Pictures – Make sure to bring a good-quality camera or GoPro to capture the memories of your breathtaking ski adventure. Make sure that while you are out and about, your photography equipment is securely attached and accessible for quick shots while skiing.


This way, you can immortalise the beautiful vistas, epic descents, and the joy on your face as you glide through the powdery snow. These memories will last a lifetime and we are sure that your friends and family will want to see them too.


Mindful Relaxation – Deep powder skiing can be physically taxing, so try to remember to take breaks and soak in your surroundings. Breathe in the fresh mountain air, take a moment to enjoy the beauty of the slopes and appreciate the incredible experience for what it is.


Celebrate with Après-Ski – After a busy and exciting day in the wilderness, unwind a bit with après-ski activities. Share stories and past adventures with your friends, enjoy a well-deserved hot drink, and relax next to a fire. Indulge in a delicious meal at your lodge or treat yourself to massage, so that your body and mind are rejuvenated for yet another day of excitement!


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