We tackle the 8 most common misconceptions about heli skiing

1. You jump out of the Helicopter

You may be amazed at the skills of the pilots but who’d want to jump out of a helicopter with a pair of skis on!?  The reality is you always touch down (usually at a tried and tested landing spot) and someone even opens the door for you…

2. You have to be an extreme skier (i.e. James Bond)

Although some people may assume that heli skiers prefer to base jump in their spare time, in fact your typical heli skier ranges from a strong intermediate to an advanced skier.  The mode of transport may be pretty extreme, but the skiing is not.

3. You leap off cliffs

You ski as a group under the expert wing of a mountain guide who is there to find a safe (but awe-inspiring) skiable line down the mountain. You still have the flexibility to pick your own way down, and you can certainly find the odd tree trunk to jump if you want to get some air!  Cliff jumping however is off the menu.


4. You have to be young, beautiful and stylish

We wouldn’t turn you away if you were but heli skiing is for those passionate about skiing. You ski within a group of like-minded skiers of all nationalities who can range from 19 to 88. Where else can you find ski junkies like that?!

5. You have to be an athlete

Not necessarily, but you do have to be a confident, intermediate skier who recognises the benefits of a fitness routine prior to their ski trip! Follow Pure Powder’s Fitness Programme and you’ll float through that powder with ease.

6. You have to be a millionaire

It’s certainly not cheap but with trips ranging from 3 to 7 days, there are heli skiing packages out there to suit a range of budgets. We are as passionate as you are about skiing and want to make the dream a reality!


7. It’s not for Snowboarders, Telemarkers or those who like ski touring

Everyone is welcome, and what you stand on to get down the mountain is up to you! CMH Heli Skiing now runs trips to suit all snow-sports enthusiasts, there are even trips to sample helicopter-assisted ski touring for a few days or a week.

8. It’s very dangerous

There are risks associated with heli skiing – as with any wilderness skiing adventure.  However, safety is CMH’s no. 1 priority and each trip starts with a comprehensive Avalanche Receiver and Safety demonstration.  Each day they test the snow pack and plan for the day before you’ve even got to the pastries.  Heli skiing can never be 100% risk free, but CMH has more heli skiing safety experience than any other operator.

Pure Powder has over 30 years of heli skiing experience and now offers trips to 4 destinations – Alaska, Chile, Turkey and Canada. Click here for more info.

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