Telegraph Travel recently published an article entitled \’13 ski and snowboard must-dos before you die\’. The who\’s who of skiing bucket lists – and No. 2 was CMH Heli Skiing!

\’On the glaciers, in the trees, up your nose and down your pants – lacing turns through endless fluffy powder is a world away from battling the crowds in Val d’Isère. And, yes, having that jet-fuelled helicopter at your beck and call is pretty darn sexy too. Three magic letters are emblazoned on the gates to heli heaven – CMH. Canadian Mountain Holidays has been the daddy of heliskiing operations since it started in 1965. It’s made household names of the Bugaboo, Monashee, Selkirk and Purcell mountains – landing zones for metres of snow each winter and reached by the flashiest of multi-million dollar helicopters. With 11 lodges to choose from, it’s a near 50-year legacy of pleasure that adds up to a perfect 10.\’

Read the full heli ski article here.

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