Best for powder hounds: British Columbia 

\”There\’s a vertical inconvenience ahead so we\’re going that way,\” says Allan the guide, pointing with his pole. \”Do not go below me. Any questions?\” In other words (mountain guides are masters of understatement): \”There\’s a cliff down there so follow me or you\’re screwed.\” And with that Allan disappears.

Whooping in anticipation, we follow him into the snow-cloaked forest.  Tree skiing at its best is supremely thrilling. Picture randomly spaced wooden giants rising from several feet of soft snow. Then tilt the entire scene to 30 degrees or more and imagine sweeping down through those trees at breakneck speed, thighs pumping as you plot a course on the fly. Part-skiing, part-freefalling, you bound over drops as if vaulting staircases scattered with white pillows. Read the heli skiing article here!

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