News from western Canada is that it’s snowing.  A lot!

What’s most encouraging about the recent snowfall is that we now seem to be in a classic storm cycle; with new storms flowing through the Columbia and Selkirk mountain ranges on a regular basis, dropping between 20cm and 60cm on their way through.  This is just what we need for an early, stable snowpack, as each new deposit of snow is bonding well with the previous layer and creating the magic heli skiing playground of Canada.

Some lucky heli skiers are already getting in on the action as you can see from these recent pics from the field…


Heli skiiing in the trees at CMH\’s Galena lodge in Canada (above)


Enjoying the sunshine in CMH\’s Revelstoke base (above) and some steep tree skiing (below)


If you want to get in on the action, we still have some great value heli skiing in Canada with CMH on offer for this coming season, from CAD$4,350 plus tax for a 5-day trip in Revelstoke over New Year.  For more info, contact the off piste and heli ski experts at Pure Powder.

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