For many helicopter skiing enthusiasts, hitting the slopes and carving through untouched powder is what every trip is about; however, that is only one part of the adventure. It’s also about embracing and searching for things to do outside of the skiing itself, making the most out of an extraordinary trip and fantastic accommodations.


Of course, we’re referring to the après-ski activities that take place long, or sometimes directly after the heli-skiing has ended for the day. After eventful days in the powder, skiers take different approaches to decompress, unwind, relax, and prepare for the next day’s exhilarating skiing. While it may not be the be-all and end-all factor when deciding on your next trip, it can still play a significant role in choosing the perfect trip with Pure Powder.


Whether it’s letting off steam in the gym, a relaxing spa session, making new friends, or even partying through the night, there’s sure to be an aprés ski activity for everyone. In this article, we will take a look at not only what some of our destinations have to offer in terms of helicopter skiing, but also what there is to do once the choppers make their final landing for the day.




What Is “Après-Ski”?


Après-ski is the French term that translates to “after-ski”, and it refers to the social activities and entertainment that takes place after a day on the slopes. It’s a combination of camaraderie, relaxation, unwinding, and preparation for the next day – for skiers from all walks of life who happen to revel in our incredible sport.


Helicopter Skiing In Canada


In Canada, skiers are truly spoilt for choice. Not only regarding the number of lodges and destinations on offer but also the après-ski amenities available to them. If you place a large emphasis on activities aside from helicopter skiing, you’re in luck, there are many enjoyable and relaxing activities to indulge in.


Sauna/Steam Rooms/Hot Tubs


Ski lodges and dry/wet heat facilities go together like cookies and milk, and a lodge without any of the three is rare – they do, however, exist. Barring Kootenay, all the destinations we have available for helicopter skiing, offer at least one of these therapies. So, if you’re the type of skier who requires a hot soak or a sauna visit after a day on the slopes, just about any destination would be a fit for you.




If you prefer a more strenuous form of therapy, like pumping iron or getting your daily cardio in, or perhaps you’d like to work on your strength in your downtime, you’ll be pleased to know that all of our Canadian destinations have, at least, a small gym available. If you’ve decided that your time on the slopes wasn’t enough exercise, you have the option of an afternoon workout to get your fix of endorphins and work up a sweat.


Climbing/Bouldering Walls


It’s no secret that skiers are known for their adventurous spirits and craving for excitement. Climbing and bouldering walls are highly enjoyable and unique ways to chase some more adrenaline after your skiing for the day has concluded while also staying in shape and working on your upper-body strength. If you get as much kick out of ascending as you do descending, then Bobbie Burns Lodge, Bugaboos Lodge, Cariboos Lodge, or Gothics Lodge are all great options if climbing piques your interest. All of these lodges have either a climbing wall or bouldering facilities available, so if climbing is your go-to après ski activity, you may consider one or all of them.






The thirst for camaraderie and friendly competition is deeply ingrained in many skiers – even if some won’t admit it. After a day of heli-skiing, nothing beats boredom and passing downtime like the near-endless friendly activities, like pool, darts, table tennis, table soccer, cards, board games, or even gaming consoles complete with comprehensive game libraries. Every Canadian destination has at least one, a combination, or all of these available to keep you, your family, and new friends occupied until it’s time to take on the slopes again.


Other Snow Activities


If you’re the type of skier who escapes by engaging in more winter activities, most of our lodges have you covered for that too. Cross-country skiing tracks and snowshoeing are available at many lodges, or the towns that they’re situated in, except for Kootenay and Bighorn. However, Kootenay does have curling and ice skating, amongst other fun activities in the town.


Helicopter Skiing In Chile


For many, the Andes is a bucket-list heli-skiing trip and the opportunity to ski, explore, and witness the majesty of the surrounding mountain ranges is enough for most. For this reason, our Chilean trips are rarely influenced by après-ski activities. That being said, there are still many activities, besides skiing, to throw yourself into. If you plan a trip to Chile, it’s good to know what there is to do when you get out of the snow.


Altiplanico Lodge


Altiplanico Lodge was designed with one goal in mind: helicopter skiing. While the lodge has no shortage of amenities, outside of skiing, there are only a few activities to engage in, but this is intentional. The lodge and staff place a large emphasis on teaching and educating visitors on Chilean culture. Some of the core principles in Chilean society are family, hospitality, and modesty and this shines through on a visit to this lodge. Aside from the incredible powder, you get a front-row view of the Andes and a unique cultural experience. What’s not to love?


Patagonia Luxury Yacht


One would be forgiven to think that helicopter skiing and luxury yacht accommodation wouldn’t go hand-in-hand, but alas, the Patagonia Luxury Yacht combines both in remarkable fashion. As unique as the powder you’d be gliding through on the slopes, this one-of-a-kind destination is something you simply won’t see anywhere else. Outside of the incredible views of the Andes and excellent skiing, one can expect all the usual amenities a luxury lodge has to offer in terms of après-ski activities – pool, sauna, hot tub, gym, games rooms, and next-level catering. Well worth considering if a unique experience is what you’re after.


Puma Lodge


The Puma Lodge is a stunning remote lodge in the Andes that provides world-class heli-skiing options for anyone who visits. Once again, skiing is what it’s all about, as other than exploring the mountains in different forms, like hiking and on horseback, the après-ski activities are quite limited. That being said, the lodge has a rustic-style restaurant that serves authentic Chilean flavours, as well as a spa that offers all the treatments you could think of. Visitors also have the option of an outdoor hot tub to revitalise their limbs after a glorious day in the powder.


Santiago City Hotel


Just a twenty-minute helicopter ride to the mountains and a short walk from the helipad, the Santiago City Hotel provides a helicopter skiing experience unlike most. Situated in the capital of Chile, it offers a unique experience where one can enjoy breathtaking skiing during the day, and a range of activities by night. Described as energetic, sophisticated, and worldly, there’s a near-endless list of things to do when the skis are stowed away for the day. Whether it’s visiting top-flight restaurants, clubbing, or bar-hopping, the city is your oyster.


Helicopter Skiing In Turkey


When thinking of Turkey, heli-skiing isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind. Better known for its hot climate and sandy beaches, this breathtaking country isn’t renowned for its skiing – though, it certainly should be. While the ski season is short, it transforms into one of the most mesmerising skiing locations in the world. Once the skiing has concluded for the day, you can enjoy a range of après-ski activities at the family-owned hotel, like a Jacuzzi, massage rooms, sauna, gym, and even a games room.


Helicopter Skiing In Iceland


The Deplar Farm in Iceland is a must-visit for every helicopter skiing enthusiast for a myriad of reasons. Not only is it situated right on Europe’s doorstep, making travel arrangements simple and quick, but once you’ve arrived, you have no less than 1500 sq miles of powder to explore – ranging from deep powder to spring or corn. The luxurious, remote lodge is as good as any you’ll find, and there are more than enough après-ski activities to keep you busy afterwards or on no-fly days. This includes cat skiing as backup, a pool table, an elegant bar, and dining room (with a private chef), a ground-floor spa, as well as indoor and outdoor swimming pools.


Helicopter Skiing In Sweden


This list of après-ski activities would not be complete without including the Abisko Mountain Lodge trip we offer. The cosy base makes for a fantastic getaway for couples or small groups and is surrounded by the beautiful Lapporten Valley. In between helicopter skiing and aside from a world-class culinary experience, visitors can keep themselves occupied by ice-climbing, dog-sledding, snowshoe trekking, and if you time your trip right, even a glimpse of the Northern Lights.




Helicopter Skiing With Pure Powder


The next time you find yourself on the slopes, we urge you not to rush back to the lodge as soon as the helicopter has touched down. But rather take the time to embrace the après-ski experience and enjoy a few drinks with friends, relish in a delicious meal, explore what the rest of the town has to offer, or soak in a hot tub under the stars. We believe that beyond the activities themselves, what makes après-ski so special, is the community it cultivates and the relationships it fosters.


So, whether you decide on your next (or first) heli-skiing trip based on the skiing and snow quality, the après-ski amenities, or a combination of both, allow Pure Powder to take the reigns. As the leading heli-skiing specialist in the UK, we pride ourselves on offering clients a seamless experience with professional service from start to finish. We have something for everyone, no matter your activity preferences or your skill level.


Feel free to make use of our Trip Finder feature and have a look at our options – we’re certain that you’ll find an adventure suited to you. Alternatively, our friendly team is on standby with the best advice, assistance, and recommendations in the industry. Our reputation speaks for itself and so do our testimonials.


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