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Off-Piste Skiing: Embrace The Freedom Of Untracked Slopes


Very few sensations can be compared to the feeling of off-piste skiing in deep powder snow. If you have yet to throw yourself into one of these incredible ski excursions, allow us to fill you in on the basics of off-piste skiing. In this brief guide, we will cover what exactly an off-piste skiing adventure entails, as well as provide a few backcountry skiing tips and some general advice to make the most of these incredible experiences.


Pure Powder has been active in the heli skiing industry, and we have compiled an impressive number of adventures and off-piste skiing experiences over this time. So, join us as we jump into the world of backcountry skiing!


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Off-Piste Skiing: How Does It Differ From Other Forms Of Skiing?


Off-piste skiing is an exhilarating challenge that brings skiers beyond the boundaries of groomed slopes into the untouched, untamed terrain. Unlike more traditional skiing experiences, off-piste ski adventures provide an eye-opening and unique encounter with the natural beauty of alpine slopes. It involves exploring off the beaten path, discovering exciting deep powder slopes, and venturing to remote areas that would otherwise be inaccessible by ski lifts.


The foremost difference between backcountry skiing and other forms of skiing is the sensation of freedom and exploration it offers. Skiers will have the chance to carve their own paths through the snow and feel the sheer joy that comes with gliding through pristine powder fields.


It also offers a profound connection with nature, allowing skiers to immerse themselves in breathtaking landscapes and escape the crowds usually found on groomed slopes. For those seeking a unique and adrenaline-fueled experience, it is tough to match the thrill of discovering untouched terrain.


In terms of the kind of skiing that off-piste adventures provide, it is quite similar to what you would receive with a helicopter skiing excursion. However, the difference lies in the journey to these backcountry locations.


With heli skiing, you are dropped right into the thick of things and begin making your way down the powdered slopes immediately. Off-piste adventures focus more on the journey than the destination – you still get that incredible, exhilarating rush once you arrive, but it takes more time and preparation to reach the top of the slopes.


This is certainly a part of the appeal – enjoy the remarkable alpine vistas around you and bask in the Wintery beauty as you navigate your way through the wilderness.




What Level Of Skiing Is Required For Off-Piste Adventures?


As is the case with helicopter skiing, it is advised that you are at least an intermediate skier before undertaking an off-piste adventure, because the terrain provides a more challenging experience than that of typical ski resort slopes.


Essentially, this means being at ease on groomed slopes, able to pull off controlled turns, and possessing good coordination and balance. In terms of enjoyment, it is much easier to feel confident and comfortable when you trust your own skiing abilities.


Backcountry skiing requires certain skills like the ability to handle variable snow conditions, navigate through trees or steep slopes, and make quick decisions in potentially challenging situations. Of course, you will always have experienced guides with you, so you are in capable hands while out on the slopes.


With a bit of practice and some helpful advice, you will be more than ready to take on the thrilling nature of off-piste adventures. Remember, safety is always the number one concern, so always try to assess your skills realistically and seek guidance when necessary.


Our friendly team will also assist you in figuring out which type of excursion best suits your skiing ability. Some lend themselves more to experienced-level skiers while others are perfectly able to accommodate intermediate-level skiers.


5 Tips And Tricks For A Great Off-Piste Skiing Experience


For those of you wanting to make the move from the groomed slopes, typically found at ski resorts, to off-piste skiing – we have created a few points concerning the ideal approach to making this switch.


Develop Good Versatility In Your Skiing Technique – Successful off-piste skiing will require that you can manage in varied snow conditions. Try to practice skiing on ungroomed terrain, exploring different types of snow like moguls, crud, and powder. Developing your balance, edge control, and agility will go a long way in ensuring that you can handle the occasionally unpredictable nature of off-piste, backcountry skiing.


Get Your Ski-Fitness Level Up – Off-piste adventures will often take you to locations that involve traversing through deep snow, hiking uphill, or navigating tougher terrain. Emphasise your general fitness and try to build some strength and endurance. Incorporate exercises that target your leg muscles, core stability, and cardiovascular endurance to enhance your skiing performance in the backcountry. With that being said, off-piste skiing will not require you to be at marathon-level fitness, but it certainly will make your time more enjoyable to be in a good place physically.




Expand Your Knowledge Of The Backcountry Terrain – Do some reading and learn a bit about the environment you will be heading into. You could learn about navigation, route planning, and how snow conditions can affect the skiing experience. Having a basic understanding of many of these things will enable you to feel more comfortable while out and about in the wilderness.


Invest In Some High-Quality Gear – Backcountry skiing does require more specialised equipment to maximise your performance and safety. It could be a great idea to invest in a reliable pair of backcountry skis that aligns with your skiing style. Have a look at our Pure Powder website for more information about what sort of equipment you will need. Your friendly mountain guides will also provide you with certain pieces of equipment that will ensure safety on the slopes.


Get Some Practice In Controlled Off-Piste Areas – This is a fantastic way to slowly familiarise yourself with the backcountry setting – many ski resorts have designated off-piste areas. This allows for a steady transition from groomed slopes to untouched terrain, meaning you can build confidence and develop your skills in a controlled setting. In no time, you will be cruising down deep powdered slopes with ease!


Making the Most Of Your Off-Piste Skiing Adventure


Getting the most out of your off-piste excursion goes far beyond the exhilaration of carving fresh tracks in untouched powder snow. It’s all about embracing the experience and creating moments that cement themselves into your memory.


To ensure that your adventure lives on forever, consider capturing moments. Bring along a camera, GoPro, or smartphone to document the extraordinary landscapes, thrilling descents, and ecstatic expressions! By capturing these moments, you can relive the adventure and share it with others, creating a visual narrative of your off-piste skiing journey.


Backcountry skiing also opens the doors to fully embrace camaraderie. It’s a fantastic opportunity to bond with skiers in your group and share stories, laughter, and the small and large victories that come with tackling challenging terrain together. The connections forged through these skiing excursions will likely last a lifetime and taking them on with friends or family only makes them that much more special.




It helps to embrace spontaneity and leave some room for unexpected discoveries. While planning and preparation are certainly important, allow yourself to follow your instincts and explore (with the go-ahead from your mountain guide) hidden valleys, venture into untouched glades, or take an unplanned detour. Going into it with an open mind can lead to unique experiences and unforgettable moments.


Lastly, every one of the adventures we coordinate at Pure Powder is set in a breathtakingly beautiful location. Take a moment to appreciate the natural beauty surrounding you. Whether you have decided on Canada, Iceland, Japan, or any of the other destinations we frequent, you will be treated to some of the most remarkable vistas in the world!


The Origins And Progression Of Off-Piste Skiing


As a matter of interest, let us have a brief look at the history of this wonderful sport and how it became what it is today. Skiing off-piste can be traced right back to the early days of skiing itself.


In its earliest forms, skiing was mainly utilised as a means of transportation and hunting in snowy mountainous regions. However, as people discovered the joy involved in the sport, skiing began to evolve into a recreational activity – skiers started venturing out beyond the groomed slopes, exploring the untracked, natural terrain beyond.


The progression of modern off-piste ski excursions can be attributed to the adventurous spirit of early pioneers and mountaineers who desired to challenge themselves on the deep powdered snow of the wilderness. These intrepid characters pushed the limits of skiing, allowing themselves to be enthralled with the excitement and freedom that came with exploring the backcountry.


Over many years, technological advancements in skiing equipment and avalanche safety gear have played a huge role in the evolution of backcountry skiing. Specialised bindings, better ski designs, and the introduction of lightweight touring gear have greatly improved skiers’ ability to navigate through difficult, varied terrain.


Nowadays, this kind of skiing has exploded in popularity and is enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people. Perhaps it is because it combines the joy of skiing with a sense of exploration and immersion in nature’s untouched beauty. It has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a simple means of transportation and has become a thrilling sport pursued by adventurers across the globe.


About Pure Powder


Discover the Pure Powder difference for yourself and head out on your very first off-piste ski adventure. We take care of all travel plans and ensure that you are provided with meticulous care and attention from the moment you contact us, until after your incredible skiing excursion has come to an end. We have been in the ski operator industry since 1978, so there is no shortage of experience for us to draw from.


Over the years, we have put together countless skiing adventures and have a long line of very happy customers in our wake. One of the highlights of booking a trip with Pure Powder is our commitment to affordability without ever compromising on quality. We guarantee that our prices will never exceed those offered by operators directly, and in many cases, our rates may even be lower.


With Pure Powder, you can rest assured that you are getting only the highest quality service and experience. So reach out to us today and we can get started on planning the perfect skiing adventure for you!


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