Pure Powder and CMH feature twice in April 2015 ski magazine Fall Line.  “Heli-skiing: the ultimate trip of a lifetime.  Fresh lines all day, zero uphill effort, floating through bottomless pow, blah blah blah: sound alright.  Which is why my ski-mad husband and I used the excuse of ‘winter honeymoon’ to book this extravagant and probably genuinely once-in-a-lifetime trip last year, a few months after our ‘real’ honeymoon in Croatia.”

To find out more about what Yolanda Carslaw thought about in the full article Heli and Cat-skiing: Are they really worth it? Please contact us for a copy or order one online here.

If you’re looking for a family or solo trip heli skiing in Canada, get in touch with the heli ski experts at Pure Powder!

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