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Christmas gifts for skiers: Pure Powder’s ultimate Christmas wish list for the skier that has everything

Everybody wants to look like they have the right gear when on the slopes. It’s no good prepping a la Madonna with her oh-so-gawdy Chanel skis and then struggling up the nursery slopes. Your fellow skiers will see straight through the designer outfit (they’re looking out for high-tech, high performance skiwear). Our Christmas gift guide for skiers is for those in your life who have it all. It may include the occasional luxury item but we think a week of cold weather and occasional bruising should have a slice of the high life.

Getting to the slopes in style

jacket and bag

The ultimate apres ski jacket   Jason Wu is better known for flowing ball gowns (he’s dressed the First Lady no less), so we’re delighted he’s moved into his version of ‘streetwear’ with his raccoon trimmed, olive green coat. With leather panels and a furry hood, you may need to scrimp on transport having spent your salary on the jacket but at least it’ll keep you warm on the ski bus            £3,030

The perfect weekend ski bag   Ski trains, bus journeys and shared shuttles. Sometimes getting to resort can be an adventure in itself. If you want to look a little more stylish swinging into Val d’Isere this year, Eddie Harrop’s leather Weekender bag is perfect for fitting your weekend snow kit essentials. Hand-crafted using the finest leather, it’ll also be resilient to an EasyJet check-in but we’d rather keep it close to hand   £385

On the slopes

Pants and boot

The ultimate ski pant   Arc’teryx are the go-to brand for the heli ski guides of CMH (the largest employer of ski guides in the world) so we should take note. Waterproof and breathable, these Sentinel trousers are made from three layers of lightly insulated GORE-TEX designed to deliver technical performance whilst still flattering on the leg. Who wouldn’t want Dragon Fruit colour trousers?   £370

Boot warmers for the best ski boots   Keeping your feet warm can be a constant battle. You can avoid the agony with custom made ski boots from Surefoot but if you’re feeling the pinch you can meet halfway with Therm-ic ski boot warmers. The RC 1600 Smartpack provides warmth for up to 29 hours operated with a handheld control and 3 different heat levels. Available from Surefoot London   £250

The skis to beat all skis

Atomic Theory Skis

Editor’s Pick Skis   Freeskier Magazine gave Atomic’s Theory skis #1 status for the third year running. With a near perfect score in the carving stakes, the innovative carbon inserts running the length of the ski make them solid and stable whatever the condition. With All Mountain rockers in the tip and tail, these are the perfect mix of versatility and reliable ski technology. Available from Ellis Brigham   £380

Skiwear for the Slopes and the Apres

Sweaty Betty Baselayer and Barts Hat

Base layer Fashion   Sweaty Betty have outdone themselves this year presenting the best ski base layers for those looking for a slightly more fashionable look. Merino baselayers are important but fashion can be a deciding factor. Albers Seamless ski leggings come in sweat-wicking fabric and are double knitted for one’s modesty   £49

Headwear   You can’t beat a wooly hat but this fur-trimmed Barts Kamizu hat will keep those ears toasty warm whilst enjoying that glühwein. Light enough to pop in your rucksack, stylish enough to rock at Hotel Farinet   £29.99

Gadget Corner

Mophie and Storm drone

The best gadget to stay social and safe   We finally have a gadget that keeps you entertained as well as safe on the slopes. Mophie is a helium battery case that can recharge your depleted iPhone back up to 80% having exhausted your battery with endless ski videos. Meaning you can Tweet or Instagram your snowy pursuits safe in the knowledge that you can keep in radio contact should your battery die. Available from Apple stores for £69.95

The only way to capture endless ski jumps   He’s got the GoPro and bored you with the footage. Expect a whole new level of excitement when you give him the Storm Drone 4 which carries his GoPro for a 6-7 minute aerial flight to capture tricks in the terrain park or just to survey La Folie Douce of an afternoon. It’s a helicopter ride for your camera – vital for any self-respecting gadget geek   £220

Stocking fillers

Smartwool socks and Helmaclava

Keeping toasty warm   It may not look the most attractive but skiing in -20 means you appreciate the powers of a Helmaclava. Designed to wear under your helmet, this thick fleece will keep your nose and neck warm   £19.99

 Warm feet are happy feet   Smartwool  are the big daddy of ski socks.  Made from the finest merino wool designed to keep you warm and dry, the underfoot and shin pads also means you’re protected for all day cushioning   £21.99

Or you can think big and surprise the skier in your life with a heli skiing or off piste skiing trip (trips start at less than the Jason Wu jacket). Contact the UK’s leading heli ski specialists to find a trip to suit you or the skier in your life.

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