Heli Skiing Canada: The Ultimate Alpine Experience 


Sometimes, you need more than a standard vacation, and that’s exactly where our heli skiing in Canada adventures come in. Adventure travellers, thrill seekers, and outdoor enthusiasts could find themselves in remarkable remote lodges with a seemingly endless expanses of powdered terrain at their disposal. Heli skiing is one of those rare activities that allows individuals to discover and explore the most remote backcountry locations, throwing themselves into the exhilarating skiing opportunities the landscape presents.


Skip the resort queues and get dropped off in the most exquisite spots, primed and ready for numerous runs down through the untamed wilderness; you can rest assured that this is a ski experience like no other. Did we mention the sheer grandiosity of the mountain ranges you’ll be exploring? If you’re interested in the best heli skiing Canada has to offer, we encourage you to read on and find out more.






Those who have already experienced a heli skiing adventure in Canada will understand, but it can be quite challenging to encapsulate just how incredible it is; nonetheless, we shall try. Every one of us has a sense of adventure that leads us to seek out uncharted territories, and for avid skiing enthusiasts, this desire seems to be ever-present. Through Pure Powder, we are happy to tell you that we can help you make your powder skiing dreams a reality.


Heli skiing is one of the most thrilling ways to put your skiing abilities to the test. Armed with your skis, thermals, goggles, and gloves, you can explore the epic mountain ranges in an entirely new way. Forget ski lifts or the often-frustrating nature of busy ski resorts. Instead of waiting in line to take on the slopes, you can be dropped off at the perfect backcountry location and throw yourself into the deep powder. Travelling to some of the world’s most remote mountain ranges, guides will lead fellow ski enthusiasts to remote parts of the wilderness where pristine skiing terrain is the norm.


Despite what you may think, heli skiing is surprisingly accessible, meaning you don’t need to be at an expert level to enjoy the sport. Factoring in your fitness level, experience, and preferences, Pure Powder can match you to an adventure that’s well-suited to your needs and preferences. Ultimately, you and your small group will determine the pace, and our knowledgeable team will be always available, should you need advice or assistance.


Heli skiing is not unlike off-piste skiing in many ways; it offers an opportunity to access fresh powder snow, which is usually hard to come by in most ski resort. More fresh tracks is that it is all about, and the helicopter drop-offs allowing for substantially faster turnaround runs is the cherry on top of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.




Canada is, in most circles, considered the mecca of heli skiing. Its expanse of reliable, deep champagne powder makes it the perfect location for our beloved sport. If you are familiar with helicopter skiing, it is more than likely that you have heard of CMH Heli Skiing, who are considered to be the finest operator in the world. They can easily and safely transport you to remote locations throughout the interior ranges of western British Columbia, depending on the accommodations you decide on. CMH was the first heli ski operator to work in these locations, and so not only can they draw on almost 60 years of experience, but they were also able to cherry-pick the very best tenures for heli skiing.


Across these zones, you’ll find a good blend of ski runs suitable for intermediate to advanced level skiers, including sensational alpine and tree runs, steep chutes, pillow drops, glades, and more. Fortunately, there are very few down days in these areas, thanks to the huge snowfalls of fine champagne powder, allowing you to ski to your heart’s content in this spectacular environment. Pristine wilderness, majestic mountains, and breathtaking natural landscapes make Canada an incomparable travel destination that you’ll likely remember forever.


As you can imagine, some of these slopes are extremely tough to access and are not safely skiable, but the parts of British Colombia that Pure Powder and CMH can help you access are just as breathtaking and exciting. Each of these incredible environments is home to remote wildlife such as caribou, elk, and moose, all of which can be seen alongside panoramic views of the pristine landscape. Moreover, these areas are also renowned for their cultural and historical significance. The Inuit, First Nations, and Métis have inhabited these harsh climates for centuries, learning to work in symbiosis with the land and its wildlife.






Depending on your preferences, you can prepare for a Canadian ski trip by following a few easy steps. Pure Powder works in collaboration with a range of lodges, offering a wide selection of potential accommodations for you and your group. On top of that, the size of your group will also determine the number of runs you can do as well as the routes you take. At Pure Powder, we offer private heli skiing trips designed for a maximum of four guests, accompanied by two guides at all times. Beyond that, you can also enjoy curated family trips, heli-assisted touring, ski fusion, off-piste master trips, and basic introductory classes.


Once you’ve determined the size of your group and the type of skiing you’d like to do, we will make recommendations based on your preferences. When you pick a specific lodge, you should keep in mind that each type of accommodation is associated with a particular terrain. Certain lodges are surrounded by steeper slopes and more challenging terrain, making them better suited to advanced skiers. Others will be easier for first time heli skiers, with slower descents and diverse ski terrain, allowing skiers of many levels to take part. That being said, when you begin the booking process, we will ascertain your skiing level and suggest locations that make the most sense for you.


Lodges For Intermediate Skiers:


  • Bugaboos Lodge
  • Cariboos Lodge
  • Bighorn Lodge
  • Valemount Lounge
  • Purcell Lodge


Lodges For Strong Skiers:



Lodges For Advanced Skiers:



When deciding which lodge you’d like to stay at for the duration of your heli skiing adventure, consider first what type of skiing you’d like to do. Different packages offer unique pace, guide-to-guest ratio, trip duration, gradient, accessibility, and powder prevalence. Each of these factors will determine the sort of experience you’ll have and the terrain you’ll have available to you.


Naturally, it can be tough to make a decision with so many incredible options, but that’s why we have our consultants on hand to assist you. If you’re still unsure, do pick up the phone and we will guide you through the booking process and ensure we find the right fit for you.


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Heli Skiing Canada: How Do I Book?


Typically, it’s as simple as picking your dates and calling us up. Pure Powder is always ready to take your call, respond to your email inquiries, or consult with you regarding availability and bookings. If you’re having any trouble or would like clarification on anything, contact us, and we’ll help you finalise the details of your trip. Our friendly team is only too happy to offer advice and provide a clear picture of what you can expect.


Finally, whatever ski equipment and gear you may need, our equipment partners at Ellis Brigham and Surefoot have some of the highest quality gear you can find anywhere. With Pure Powder, you’ll find yourself in the backcountry in no time, taking in the beauty of the extraordinary winter wonderland around you and digging your skis into the finest, powdered snow at the heart of British Columbia.


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