With Pure Powder, you can discover the thrill of heli skiing in the Southern Hemisphere, where the magnificent mountains of Chile wait to be conquered. The winter season from June to September opens doors to one million acres of untouched terrain waiting to be explored. From the expansive alpine glaciers to the challengingly steep gullies, Chile is a one-of-a-kind playground where intense skiing is combined with breathtaking natural beauty and a vibrant cultural experience wholly unique to the region – perfect for seasoned experts and those looking to carve their first tracks in fresh powder.


With the UK’s leading heli skiing specialists since 1978 by your side, your journey to Chile’s pristine slopes is perfectly tailored to suit your skiing abilities and preferences. Our expertise makes sure your Chilean adventure transcends ordinary skiing holidays, while our dedicated service ensures every detail of your trip is taken care of. Let us guide you through Chile’s snow-clad peaks where the Andes meet the sky – as well as the local cultural scene and the best après ski activities – to give you the trip of a lifetime without the added cost of going directly through an operator.




Your Andean Heli Skiing Adventure Awaits In Chile


Chile’s unique position in the Southern Hemisphere elevates it as a premium destination for heli skiing enthusiasts, providing access to the vast Andis terrain under our expert guidance. Here, this extreme sport is best experienced through small group adventures, which allows for a more intimate exploration of the terrain and promises skiers varied slopes and challenges. The region is characterised by its stable maritime snowpack, offering skiers the joy of navigating through light, dry powder – prime conditions for majestic vertical descents.


The high-altitude adventures bring you to breathtaking vistas at elevations up to 5,000 metres, where the sheer beauty of the mountain range can be fully appreciated. Comparable to the renowned terrains of New Zealand and Alaska, Chile’s largely treeless landscape offers vast alpine bowls, couloirs, and mountain faces, creating the perfect backdrop for the ultimate heli skiing experience. Beyond the thrill of the slopes, Pure Powder’s explorative small group skiing programs immerse you in the richness of Chilean culture. The experience is as much about the skiing as it is about savouring the local wines, indulging in gourmet cuisine, and embracing the warmth of South American hospitality.


Exploring 4 Premier Chilean Heli Ski Destinations


Chile offers unmissable heli skiing experiences, blending thrilling slopes with unique stays – read on to discover four destinations that promise the perfect mix of adventure and luxury.


1. Altiplanico Lodge


Nestled in the Andes foothills, Altiplanico Lodge serves as a serene base for your heli skiing expeditions, blending seamlessly into the vast terrains of the Central Andes. Designed with Chile’s rich heritage in mind, the lodge offers modern comforts while celebrating local culture, evident in its rustic aesthetics and themed rooms that provide stunning panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. From the decor to the dining, every detail is infused with the essence of Chile, ensuring a stay that’s as authentic as it is luxurious.


Just a helicopter ride away lies a powder skiing paradise. The lodge’s proximity to unparalleled ski terrain ensures an adventure-rich stay, while the maritime climate guarantees regular snowfall, making each venture into the Andes a memorable journey through pristine snowscapes. Ultimately, the lodge’s setting along the Maipo River, coupled with the maritime climate’s regular snowfall, results in stable and prime skiing conditions.


2. Patagonia Luxury Yacht


Who said you needed to stay on land to go heli skiing in Chile? You can embark on an unparalleled journey from the luxurious confines of the Patagonia Luxury Yacht. This unique venture combines the thrill of pioneering descents in Patagonia’s untouched wilderness with the opulence of private yacht accommodation. Stay on this exquisite yacht with direct helicopter access to Patagonia’s untouched slopes for an ultimate skiing experience.


Your helicopter awaits to whisk you away to the mainland, where fresh tracks and first descents are the norm. Expect an adventure as vast as the Southern Andes themselves. This bespoke experience is tailored for those seeking the ultimate in adventure and exclusivity. The yacht provides a haven of luxury in the wild, where each day promises new descents and first tracks in one of the Earth’s most pristine regions. Cap off your days with gourmet meals and panoramic views of the Patagonian fjords.


This bespoke trip offers small-group skiing, transforming each descent into a personal conquest of the Southern Andes. Here, your adventure extends beyond skiing; every moment aboard is an intimate discovery of one of the planet’s most pristine skiing frontiers.


3. Puma Lodge


Puma Lodge presents a stylish, contemporary retreat amidst the renowned “powder capital of the Andes”. Located near the Argentina border, the modern lodge offers access to a skier’s paradise, surrounded by imposing mountains and deep valleys. Its strategic location near the Ciprese River places guests at the heart of hundreds of acres of high-quality terrain, celebrated for its varied landscape and consistently high-quality snow. A premium experience awaits for both skiing enthusiasts and those seeking relaxation right in nature’s lap.


The lodge distinguishes itself with luxurious accommodations and world-class amenities, ensuring comfort and relaxation after thrilling days carving your path in the slopes. The terrain around Puma Lodge is a testament to the Andes’ diversity, offering light, dry snow thanks to its high altitude and maritime snowpack. This combination of luxury and adventure makes Puma Lodge an exceptional destination for those seeking to elevate their trip to Chile.


4. Santiago City Hotel


Located in the heart of Santiago and just a stone’s throw from the helipad, The Santiago City Hotel marries the excitement of heli skiing with the allure of city life, providing guests with easy access to the Andes’ skiing terrain – which is just 20 minutes from the bustling city. This 5-star hotel is ideal for cosmopolitan retreats, complete with stunning city skyline views and access to some of Santiago’s finest dining options.


After days spent exploring glaciated peaks and navigating challenging ridges, the hotel’s luxurious amenities await, which includes a panoramic terrace, pool, and spa. The Santiago City Hotel perfectly situates its guests so that they may enjoy the dual delights of Chile, namely its majestic mountains and the lively capital. With this combination, you can expect world-class skiing by day and the allure of Santiago’s vibrant nightlife scene by night.


Heli Skiing Trip Options: Adventure Redefined


Pure Powder specialises in crafting unforgettable heli skiing journeys in Chile, promising bespoke adventures that cater to small groups and those seeking luxe private experiences. With a focus on maximising your time on the mountain, our programmes promise unparalleled access to Chile’s majestic Andean slopes, giving you the best of both worlds – thrilling descents with personalised service. Each experience is designed to maximise vertical feet, ensuring fast and flexible access to the region’s most breathtaking terrains. Regardless of which trip option you choose, we’ll be here to ensure your skiing experience is as unique as the landscapes you’ll be traversing.


Our Small Group Programme is the essence of flexibility and efficiency, perfect for those who prefer the intimacy of a smaller group without sacrificing the thrill of the descent. This option allows for a dynamic and adaptive skiing experience, ensuring each member of the group enjoys a tailored adventure that best suits their skill level and skiing style. It’s an ideal choice for friends, families, and those looking to share the thrill of carving paths in the Chilean landscape. Whether you’re booking as a ready-made group or joining individually, skiers find camaraderie and challenge in equal measure, all while navigating Chile’s vast terrain under expert guidance.


For those seeking the pinnacle of skiing luxury, Pure Powder’s private trips offer an unmatched level of exclusivity and customisation. With a helicopter solely dedicated to your group, the vast Andean wilderness becomes your personal playground, free from waiting periods and filled with endless exploration possibilities. Tailored to accommodate groups of any size, these private trips epitomise the essence of bespoke travelling, combining the thrill of the sport with the exclusivity of having the slopes all to yourself.




Heli Skiing In Chile: Beyond The Slopes


After a day of heli skiing, we recommend diving into the country’s rich après ski offerings. From savouring local bites to exploring the clear winter skies, each activity is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and natural beauty that Chile has to offer.


1. Culinary Delights in the Cold


After a thrilling day on the slopes, indulge in Chile’s rich culinary traditions. Warm up with cazuela, a comforting stew, or explore the unique flavours of pantrucas and porotos con riendas. No evening is complete without a cup of navegado, an aromatic mulled wine from the region that’s perfectly paired with sopaipillas pasadas.


2. Wine Tasting


For a touch of luxury, why not take part in some wine tasting at a local winery? Chile offers plenty of different wine tours all over the region where you and your party can sample the local wines and enjoy some fine dining with gorgeous views.


3. Explore Snowy Landscapes


From the snow-covered pampas of Patagonia to the Lakes District’s enchanted forests, Chile in winter is truly a photographer’s dream. The dramatic Andes backdrop against Santiago offers urban dwellers a picturesque snowy view, while the serene beauty of the Atacama Desert under a winter sky is sure to captivate anyone who visits.


4. Thermal Springs Relaxation


After the day’s adventures, unwind in one of the country’s many natural thermal springs. Nestled within the Andean landscape, these hot springs offer a serene setting to relax sore muscles in mineral-rich waters, surrounded by picturesque snow-capped mountains. It’s an ideal retreat to rejuvenate and reflect on the day’s exhilarating descents, blending relaxation with the sublime tranquillity of the Chilean wilderness.


5. Cultural Immersion in Local Markets


Immerse yourself in Chilean culture by visiting a local winter market. You can sample traditional foods, purchase artisan crafts, and chat with local vendors at these bustling markets. It’s a chance to experience the vibrant community life of Chile, understand its traditions, and take a piece of your winter adventure home with you as a reminder of your Chilean expedition.


6. Stargazing in the Desert


If you have time before or after your heli skiing adventure, how about taking advantage of Chile’s clear winter skies which offer prime conditions for stargazing. The Atacama Desert, known for its dry, unpolluted air, provides breathtaking views of the cosmos. You can visit world-renowned observatories or embark on guided stargazing tours in San Pedro de Atacama and Valle de Elqui, where the mysteries of the universe unfold through powerful telescopes that showcase nebulas, planets, and constellations.




About Pure Powder: Tailoring The Perfect Ski Adventures


With a history dating back to 1978, Pure Powder has become synonymous with exceptional heli skiing experiences, organising more trips than any other operator in the UK. Our aim is to provide top-tier service, expert advice, and competitive prices for every enthusiast. From novices eager to make their first powder turns to veterans looking to carve up the Andes, we ensure access to Chile’s most sought-after terrains.


By tailoring each trip to fit your preferences and skill level, we make sure your adventure is nothing short of extraordinary. If you’re ready to conquer the picturesque terrains of Chile with us, book your bespoke trip with Pure Powder today!


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