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If you are a thrill-seeker looking to stay where adventure meets enchantment, then we may have the ideal heli skiing trips for you. Experience the stunning Aurora Borealis amidst breathtaking mountain ranges, as you delve into the exciting world of heli skiing. At Pure Powder, we present a selection of exclusive lodges that not only guarantee thrilling heli skiing opportunities but also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the ethereal beauty of the Northern Lights.


The rugged wilderness of Alaska’s Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, the serene landscape of the Swedish Abisko Mountain Lodge, and the luxuriousness of Iceland’s Deplar Farm, all have one thing in common – the definitive prospect of unforgettable helicopter skiing adventures and views of the Aurora Borealis that no doubt will make a lasting impact for life.


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Behind The Beauty Of The Northern Lights


Listed under Pure Powder’s top heli skiing destinations are those that, in addition to world-class heli-skiing, grant you the amazing opportunity to capture the enchanting Aurora Borealis. These ethereal lights have been viewed across the night sky and come in a vibrant range of greens, yellow, purple, and blue – creating a mesmerising dance that has a hypnotising effect.


Alaska, the Swedish Lapland, and Iceland are known to be perfect destinations for viewing this celestial phenomenon. Not only do you get to enjoy your time in the snow through exclusive helicopter skiing tours, but your memories are further enriched by the Northern Lights, as well as the majestic landscapes surrounding you. Miles away from the city lights, visitors can fully immerse themselves in a winter wonderland and revel in an opportunity to escape the busyness of everyday life.


Abisko Mountain Lodge


Located in the heart of the Abisko Mountain range, your stay at the iconic Abisko Mountain Lodge will bring you sweet memories and joyous times that you will surely treasure for a lifetime. This lodge, located in Sweden’s north-western region, features an untold number of heli skiing opportunities in an enchanting, powdered landscape – with a snow-covered expanse that is comparable to the size of Austria.


Abisko Mountain Lodge captures a warm and welcoming atmosphere, which can be felt as soon as you walk through the front door. Helicopter skiing season generally begins during spring, creating a sensation of cosiness and vibrancy amongst the guests. Speaking of, all guests are encouraged to unwind next to the wood-burning stoves, where the conversations flow as easily as the wine, and people eagerly exchange their skiing highlights.


The Abisko Mountain Lodge is also home to Brasserie Fjällköket, where your tastebuds will be blessed with flavours beyond your imagination. When you look around you, you will start to notice the many snow-kissed peaks and the abundant powdered playground just waiting to be skied. Tree skiing is usually a rarity in Sweden; however, one will find high Alpine terrain that offers thrilling descents and breathtaking views at every turn.


If the weather conditions do not permit you to enjoy the snow, which is unlikely, the long daylight hours of Lapland make it easy to make up for lost powder time and maximise daylight hours by enjoying some of the other activities available at the lodge. After an exhilarating heli skiing day, find comfort in Abisko Mountain Lodge and take the time to unwind and recharge. Whether you take part in a nourishing culinary experience, enjoy the rustic sauna, or simply sit peacefully and admire the panoramic views of Lapporten – guests are highly encouraged to make themselves at home amidst the tranquillity of the mountains.


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Highlights of Abisko Mountain Lodge:


  • Cosy rooms that offer you a welcoming retreat after a busy day of adventuring.
  • Brasserie Fjällköket readily provides local cuisine and a memorable dining experience.
  • Proximity to essential services, such as a small grocery store within walking distance.
  • Included access to sauna facilities for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • Easy access to Abisko National Park, offering further opportunities for exploration and adventure.
  • Trip options available through Pure Powder include private heli skiing and small group heli skiing tours.


Deplar Farm


If you are looking for the ultimate luxury Icelandic heli-skiing experience, Deplar Farm epitomises style and class. Deplar Farm can be found in the heart of Northwest Iceland and positions itself as a fantastic example of the region’s rugged beauty. If you are seeking nothing short of luxury after a fun day of helicopter skiing, Deplar Farm’s traditional Icelandic farmhouse-style architecture delivers a sense of grandeur – offering enjoyment to all.


From the second you step foot into the Icelandic-style lodge, you are captured by warmth and comfort – this all is made possible through a team of engaging local staff, who are well-prepared to make sure your stay is exceptional. Architectural beauty and luxury aside, Deplar Farm is surrounded by vast and exciting terrain, which allows for exciting heli skiing that you are unlikely to forget anytime soon.


With access to around 1500 square miles of heli-skiing terrain in the Troll Peninsula, true thrill-seekers are given the opportunity to embark on incredible runs with breathtaking views spanning mountain ranges, the deep sea, and the open sky. On the rare occasion that heli skiing is postponed due to adverse weather conditions, you can still enjoy the activities and hospitality of the exquisite accommodations.


No visit to Deplar farm would be complete without indulging in the lodge’s luxurious amenities. Ultimate relaxation is guaranteed with Deplar Farm’s grand rooms, kitted out with sheepskin, Moroccan wools, and textured walls. You can kick up your feet after a day in the powder, fully recharge and prepare for another fun day in the snow.


The common area features a pool table and bar, where you can unwind with newfound friends and engage in some après ski activities. Give your muscles and body some relief by attending the ground floor spa. Deplar Farm’s spa is the ultimate release, featuring hot tubs, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and Isopod flotation tanks. One of the most notable characteristics of Deplar Farm is its deep, ingrained connection to the surrounding landscape.


Located in the Fljót Valley on the Troll peninsula, the lodge grants direct access to some of Iceland’s most exquisite landscapes. If you are looking to explore activities that are not ski-related, you can enjoy some whale watching in the fjords, immerse yourself in some kayaking adventures, or simply unwind and take in all of Iceland’s majesty. Most importantly, make sure you dedicate some time to seek out and capture the beauty of the Aurora Borealis while enjoying your stay at the Deplar Farm.


Key Highlights of Deplar Farm:


  • Thirteen en-suite bedrooms, each with a perfect blend of comfort and charm.
  • Geothermal-heated indoor and outdoor pool with a swim-up bar for ultimate relaxation.
  • Ultra-premium spa facility with state-of-the-art treatments.
  • Two helipads, with private helicopter skiing and small group heli skiing trips available.
  • An array of amenities and activities to throw yourself into.


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Tordrillo Mountain Lodge


The Tordrillo Mountain Lodge is situated in the remote wilderness of Alaska and embodies luxury and adventurousness. All your heli skiing needs will be met through the exploration of the seemingly endless Alaskan mountain ranges – rest assured, there is ample skiing fun to be had.


Against the stunning backdrop of the Tordrillo Mountain Range, this lodge boasts 1.2 million acres of pristine terrain, where you will find the ultimate heli skiing playground amongst towering peaks and sprawling glaciers. With an average snowfall of 15.2 metres per season and some runs reaching up to 4000 vertical feet, every skiing descent is guaranteed to sate your desire for adventure.


The lodging offered at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge ensures that groups of all sizes can enjoy their stay in luxury and comfortable privacy. With all the amazing amenities available at this lodge, you have much to look forward to. Enjoy the full extent of the amenities by booking a massage or eating a delicious meal with friends or family at the on-site restaurant. Bask in all the exciting relaxation opportunities that Tordrillo Mountain Lodge has to offer – enjoying the beautiful Northern Lights from the comfort of your own private hot tub might be one for the books. A magnificent experience that will remain etched in your memory forever.


The Tordrillo Mountain Lodge is known for seamlessly integrating luxury into the remote wildness, where guests are guaranteed an unforgettable alpine experience. The lodge can accommodate a range of group sizes, offering different lodging options to fit your needs. Choose between the main six-bedroom lodge, which can accommodate up to 12 guests, or the cabins at the main lodge, which can sleep two guests at a time. Both options boast luxurious amenities and rustic architecture – each and every aspect of the lodge has been specifically designed to evoke a sense of calmness and serenity after an amazing heli skiing day.


Alaska’s Tordrillo Mountain Lodge is the perfect destination for unmatched helicopter skiing packages – for adventures of many different skiing abilities. All members of your group will be well looked after and afforded an opportunity to throw themselves into the deep powder of the region. With highly trained guides, guests have access to some of the most diverse and exhilarating terrain in the world, where your inner adrenaline junkie has the chance to flourish.


Highlights of Tordrillo Mountain Lodge:


  • Access to 1.2 million acres of heli skiing terrain.
  • Three on-site lodging options: Main Lodge and private cabins.
  • Heli skiing options include private heli skiing and small group heli skiing tours.
  • Gourmet Alaskan cuisine featuring seasonal, local ingredients and an impressive selection of wine.


Concluding Remarks


At Pure Powder, we are the most prolific heli skiing operator in the UK, and when you look at the trips we have on offer, it becomes quite easy to understand why. We consistently provide unique and exclusive adventure opportunities in some of the most extraordinary destinations on the planet. The magical dance of the Northern Lights serves as an additional reminder of how beautiful nature is, which is only amplified by the already breathtaking outdoor scenery.


Whether you find yourself amongst the vast expanses of Alaska, the pristine landscapes of Sweden, or the rugged charm of Iceland – all these lodges offer an all-encompassing journey where adventure, luxury, and natural wonder, all combine to create memories powerful enough to last a lifetime. If you have any further questions about our trips or you would like to make a booking, do not hesitate to get in contact with us today.


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