Get ready for a heli skiing or off-piste adventure like no other. In this article, we have broken down the best features of our top-notch skiing destinations across Europe, Canada, Alaska, Iceland, Turkey, Chile, and Japan. When you book your trip through Pure Powder, you can be sure that you are getting the best of the best services, support, and pristine powder slopes that make up an adventure of a lifetime. 


From the iconic Chamonix in Europe to the wilderness of British Columbia, Canada, and the legendary slopes of Alaska, these locations promise unforgettable memories. Keep reading as we explore some of the world’s most sought-after heli skiing and off-piste spots, all attainable when you book your next skiing trip through us. 






Our tailor-made skiing experiences in Europe after the absolute best powder on the continent, with experienced mountain guides and thrilling trips in Switzerland, France, Austria, and beyond. Take your wilderness skiing skills to the next level and try out one of these fantastic locations on your next trip. 




Nestled on the border between Italy and Switzerland, Chamonix resort offers a plethora of stunning ski areas that you and your friends or family can access from Geneva. Boasting a hugely diverse terrain, flexible ski options and famous Alpine heritage, Chamonix will not disappoint. Our experts at Pure Powder can set you up with a private chalet or local lodgings.  




There are plenty of routes to choose from in Klosters that are off the beaten path, making it a great place to ski if you’re eager to get away from the crowds. Located just two hours from Zurich and offering access to multiple ski areas, Klosters is hands down one of Europe’s best off piste-skiing locations. 




 La Grave 


A haven for off-piste skiers and famous for its wilderness skiing routes, La Grave is a beautiful location found in the shadow of the La Meije mountain in France. La Grave is also home to some of the most difficult lift-serviced terrain on the globe, making it a fantastic choice for the more experienced skiers out there.  




The breathtaking and picturesque Zermatt offers excellent powder skiing, not to mention magnificent views and some of the best mountain restaurants on the planet. In Zermatt you can find plenty of varied skiing routes, as well as beautiful accommodation options to relax after a longer day. 




One of the highest ski resorts in Europe, Obergurgl’s reputation precedes it. The resort also boasts very reliable snow cover, an uncrowded season and a collection of scenic mountain restaurants. Thanks to our team here at Pure Powder, you can even improve your skiing skills with lessons from Method Scheiber, one of the most experienced and dedicated ski coaches in the world. Method will get you ready for the powder whether you’re hitting hard pack or off-piste.  






Heli skiing in Lapland, Sweden, offers an exceptioning skiing experience right in the heart of Europe’s biggest wilderness terrain. This remote location offers knockout features that make it a remarkable destination for all those powder skiing enthusiasts out there.  


With a skiable area the size of Austria and vast expanses of Alpine terrain, Lapland provides an endless playground for adventure seekers. The landscape boasts open bowls for a more low-key ski, as well as steep, 800-metre descents for those wanting a more adrenaline-filled run.  


Lapland’s extended daylight hours mean you can adapt your skiing schedule as needed, with plenty of opportunity to ski in the midnight sun. With a maximum of four skiers per group, you can expect a quicker turnaround between runs, more time on the slopes and ample untouched powder. Finally, the Abisko Mountain Lodge offers a tranquil and cosy retreat for the final touch to your unforgettable ski trip.  




If you’re in the market for a premium heli skiing trip, look no further than the interior ranges of British Columbia, Canada. Our expert team here at Pure Powder can assist you with your lodge bookings, heli skiing arrangements and all the finer details to ensure you have a trip you’ll remember for a lifetime.  


Our vast array of lodges in British Columbia, Canada are bound to knock your socks off, each offering a unique heli skiing adventure for you, your friends and your family. From small group heli skiing and remote wilderness retreats to exclusive skiing experiences and mixed terrains, our Canadian lodges offer everything you need and more.  


In British Columbia, you can expect to find some of the most consistent and reliable heli skiing in the world. In fact, many consider British Columbia to be the global mecca of the sport. With Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH) – the largest ski operator in the world – operating our heli skiing programmes, you couldn’t be in better hands.  


CMH was the very first operator to explore the British Columbia interior ranges, so you can rest assured that the heli skiing zones they selected are the best of the best. What’s more, CMH offers an unbelievable variety of skiing zones for you to choose from. They have a wide range of trips for everyone from first-time skiers to heli skiing masters and everybody in between.  






Heli skiing in Alaska is not famous without reason. Having been featured in hundreds of extreme skiing movies over the years, Alaska ski destinations have become the stuff of legends. The state offers some extremely steep skiing for those adrenaline chasers out there, with an abundance of couloirs just waiting to be explored.  


Pure Powder’s Alaskan skiing destination is located in the Tordillo range, which boasts over 1.2 million acres of terrain. You can expect at least 600 inches of snow every season and some great stable snow for steep skiing.  


With Pure Powder, you can go heli skiing in Alaska in small, speedy groups of four guests plus your dedicated guide. You can ski with your own ready-made group of four or join in with some brand new faces.  


Private heli skiing is also available if you prefer a trip that’s tailor-made for you and your pals. For private trips, you and three guests will receive your own private helicopter, as well as two professional guides to assist you along your journey.  


If you’re wondering where you’ll be staying in Alaska, you’ll be more than comfortable at the Tordrillo Mountain Lodge located just 45 minutes from Girdwood, Alaska. This remote, luxury lakeside lodge offers some of the best Alaskan spines, not to mention top-tier accommodation. When you’re not hitting the slopes, you can indulge in the lakeside bar, warm up in the wood-fired hot tub or wind down in the fabulous outdoor sauna. 






With over 1,500 square miles of skiing terrain and luxurious accommodation to boot, heli skiing in our Iceland location belongs high up on your bucket list. Explore the spectacular Troll Peninsula on a four- or six-day trip and experience a bespoke adventure designed just for you.  


Your accommodation will be at Deplar Farm, notably one of the best ski hotels on offer. The deluxe lodge was inspired by Icelandic-style farmhouses and is nestled in a remote location in Northern Iceland. Expect world-class amenities, sumptuous living quarters, and a dining room complete with a private chef. Deplar also boasts a spa, a hot tub, plus indoor and outdoor swimming pools.  


From exhilarating couloirs to slow, undulating slopes, our Iceland skiing trips offer all sorts of terrain, not to mention bewitching views of the Arctic Ocean. Plus, you’ll reap the rewards of Northern Iceland’s abundance of daylight hours.  


The Iceland season spans across March, April and May, but don’t expect playtime to halt on those down days. There are plenty of other forms of entertainment around the lodge, where you can enjoy snowmobiling, dry-suit surfing, kayaking and fishing.  






With consistent snow, stable snowpack and, over 5,000 square miles of Alpine skiing, heli skiing in Turkey never disappoints. Our Turkish operators provide flexible small-group skiing in the Kaçkar Mountains in the small town of Ayder, where you can enjoy countless Alpine runs at just the right gradient. Heli skiing in this region only began around 2003, so there’s plenty left to explore on your runs.  


When you’re not watching the snow drift into the nearby Black Sea, you can take a load off at Hotel Hasimoglu, a rustic but comfortable family-run spot enveloped by the Kaçkar mountains. The hotel offers direct access to the ski runs with a helipad right on your doorstep, making it easier than ever to get to the powder.  


Hotel Hasimoglu offers pristine amenities for your pleasure and leisure, from massage rooms and jacuzzis to a gym, a games area and the irresistible sauna. Despite all those luxurious facilities, the hotel has a laid back vibe that’s well-suited to the small mountain village of Ayder.  


You can choose between a three- or seven-day small group, or a private trip with groups of up to four people. The Ayder season runs from January through March and all guides are internationally certified, so you’ll be in very capable hands with helicopter pilots provided by the renowned Air Zermatt.  




The rugged Andes mountains are abundant with a variety of skiable terrains, offering light and dry powder from June to September. Known as one of the best available skiing spots in the Southern Hemisphere, you can’t help but fall in love with Chile and the locals’ Southern American hospitality.  


When it comes to accommodation, you’ll be spoiled for choice in our Chilean lodges. Altiplanico Lodge offers a charming rusticness  with a huge central Andes tenure, while the five-star Puma Lodge provides a more contemporary feel.  


Another five-star option for you and your gang is the Santiago City Hotel, where you can enjoy world-class skiing by day and the vibrant city life by night. Look out over the Santiago skyline from the hotel bar, enjoy the panoramic views and don’t forget to visit the spa and pool.  


With the helipad just a short walk from the hotel and the skiing terrain 20 minutes away, you’re bound to enjoy your stay at the Santiago.  






Japan’s reputation for consistently deep, light, and dry powder snow, often referred to as “Champagne Powder,” has made it a powder paradise for skiers from all over the world. Off-piste skiing in the country has exploded in popularity in recent years, but you’ll still have plenty of opportunity to explore remote and pristine backcountry terrain.  


To get some respite from the crowds and find the best hidden powder, we recommend ski touring to get the full Japanese heli skiing experience. Our team at Pure Powder runs Nomadic programmes for just this reason. The programmes run in January and are ideal for individuals and groups alike.  


From sampling delectable cuisines to experiencing the warmth of Japanese hospitality, skiing in Japan offers a unique blend of adventure and culture, making for an unforgettable winter escape. Whether you’re seeking off-piste skiing at its finest or a cultural journey through Japan’s snow-covered hills, skiing in Japan is something to be savoured.  


Pure Powder: Heli Skiing And Off-Piste Adventures 


If one or more of these impressive destinations have caught your eye, don’t hesitate to get in contact with the Pure Powder team and plan your next ski adventure today! We are here to help you plan, book, and ultimately enjoy your heli skiing or off-piste trip, with complete support from our trustworthy team. The slopes are calling and adventure is just a booking away! 

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