As experts in helicopter skiing, Pure Powder understands that when clients book through us, they are expecting something truly unique. From state of the art helicopters, to professionally trained guides and efficient organisation, we work hard to make sure that every part of your trip is easy and enjoyable.


One of the ways we look to differentiate ourselves from the competition is by providing you with a wide range of helicopter skiing destinations situated all around the world – from Canada to Alaska, Chile and more. We have spent many years building strong connections with some of the best operators in these regions who offer the most incredible heli ski experiences, guaranteed to get your heart racing.


In this article, we want to provide you with a guide to some of our favourite destinations. For each destination we will highlight what sort of helicopter skiing can be done, what you can expect in terms of lodging, and then take a look at some factors that make each ski destination truly unique. We hope that this article inspires you to not only book your next heli ski trip with us, but also encourages you to explore the wide world of ski destinations.


Helicopter Skiing In Canada


Canada is the birthplace of helicopter skiing and many skiers, including our Pure Powder team, see it as a mecca to remote ski adventures. So, let’s take a look at this amazing destination and find out what you can expect when you book a heli skiing trip in Canada.


Unique Factors


As we mentioned above, probably the most important selling point for Canada as a destination is that the helicopter skiing sport was born here. There has been plenty of time to develop the best heli ski runs in this region and Canada, therefore, offers the widest range of experiences when it comes to wilderness ski adventures. Some other unique factors that this location has to offer includes the following:


Varied terrain: Canada is a huge country and the CMH Heli Skiing has an exclusive tenure a third the size of Switzerland. That’s a lot of area to cover with only 500 skiers per week.


Snow: Another major benefit that is hard to match elsewhere is the quality and reliability of the snowfall that Canada receives. Often in a season we will see 12 metres of snow falling – which of course is the magic ingredient to make heli skiing epic


Tree skiing: A unique element of heli skiing in Canada with CMH is that there are tree skiing options for those bad weather days. The trees give the pilots visibility and allow them to fly in all but the worst conditions, meaning that there are very few down-days.


Helicopter Skiing Choices


We have spent plenty of time organising heli ski trips in Canada and are able to offer our guests a broad range of different helicopter experiences. These include but are not limited to:


Signature Heli Ski: These are one of our most popular trips. Perfect for an all-round heli ski experience, there are eleven guests in each group, with one guide and three or four helicopters. On this trip you can expect to do anywhere between eight to twelve runs a day.


Small Group Heli Ski: If eight to twelve runs does not sound like enough skiing for you, you may want to try out our smaller group trips. Either come with your own party of four or join a group set up by us, and experience faster turnaround times, more flexibility and the potential to ski more


Canada Lodgings


When it comes to skiing in Canada, you have almost as much choice in lodging options as you do ski choices. CMH has 11 different lodge options to consider; ranging from remote, fly-in Lodges like the Bugaboos to a town-based set-up like CMH Revelstoke – both of which are detailed below.


Bugaboos Lodge: This stunning lodge is completely removed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and can only be accessed by helicopter. Famed for its claim as the birthplace of helicopter skiing, the Bugaboos in British Columbia offers endless heli ski options and is suitable for skiers of all skill levels.


CMH Revelstoke: If you want a place closer to civilization then Revelstoke may be right for you. Based in a small mining town, CMH Revelstoke is based in a family run local hotel called the Regent Hotel. With access to one of CMH’s largest ski tenures, and huge dumps of powder each season, Revelstoke is a great option, especially if you want to socialise in the evenings.




Extreme Skiing In Alaska


As the title of this section suggests, Alaska offers helicopter skiing experiences for thrill seekers and those looking for a real challenge. Our Pure Powder consultants will be happy to take you through everything you need to know about skiing in the remote regions of Alaska and advise you on what you will need to secure a stress-free skiing experience. One thing our team will mention is that our Alaska tours are designed for skiers of a more advanced level and may not be accessible to those who do not have substantial skiing skills.


Unique Factors


When it comes to helicopter skiing in Alaska, the most important selling point is its famed steep skiing. The steep terrain, spines and couloirs are not meant for the faint of heart and are sure to provide you with the adrenaline rush you have been looking for. Other factors that may encourage you to book a trip to Alaska include:


Priority Picks: Our Pure Powder operators have tenure over some of the best ski regions in Alaska, meaning that we have priority in the Tordrillo Range. This gives us and our clients exclusive access to perfect powder snow.


Vast Terrain: As mentioned above, due to our tenure in Alaska, our clients have access to 1500 square miles of exclusive terrain. But what makes these areas truly special is their expansive nature – giving you a wide range of ski experiences, from vast open bowls to speedy powdered lines to get that full adrenaline rush.


Helicopter Skiing Choices


Because of the extreme and advanced nature of the Alaskan routes, we do not offer as wide a range of heli-ski trips as we do with our Canadian destination. In Alaska, our goal is to provide smaller groups a lot more flexibility and faster turnaround times. We offer two types of exciting helicopter skiing trips, that include:


Small Group Heli Skiing: Small group heli skiing is specially designed by our Pure Powder trip operators to provide our clients with as much ski time as possible. That is why we limit the groups to four guests, with either one or two groups in rotation – with these small groups you can enjoy plenty of runs in a day.


Private Heli Skiing: If you are looking for a truly remarkable experience completely tailored to your needs then this private heli skiing trip option may be right for you. With this package you will have access to your own dedicated helicopter, and the helicopter itself can even be tailored to meet the needs of your group size of up to four guests. More importantly, this allows you to ski as much as you want, with up to two ski guides dedicated to helping you out at all times. This also means you would have exclusive use of the accommodation and can enjoy the lodge just for you and your crew.


Alaskan Lodgings


Because of our work in procuring tenure in the Tordrillo region of Alaska and the small tour groups we cater for in this destination, we offer very exclusive lodging in the area. Whereas in Canada you may have varied lodging options to choose from, in Alaska we offer you the remote lakeside Tordrillo Mountain Lodge. This is a truly special place to stay and offers the following benefits:


Private And Exclusive Stay: The luxurious lodge only houses between eight and twelve guests, meaning that your stay will give you the peace and privacy you require.


Breathtaking Views: Not only is the lodge itself gorgeous, it is situated in a truly stunning area – settled on the side of a lake and giving you truly stunning views from your rooms.


Great Amenities: The lodge is furnished with everything you could need and more, making your stay as comfortable as possible. With a lake side bar, an exercise room, a wood-fired hot tub and even an outdoor sauna, you are sure to enjoy a five star experience.


The Southern Hemisphere Experience In Chile


So far, we have covered some of our amazing Northern hemisphere routes – however, we also offer something truly unique with Chile as a destination.


Unique Factors:


Chile offers a truly distinctive ski experience, embodying a skiing paradise in the Southern hemisphere. Chile has a specialised environment geographically that allows for ski trips for about three months in the year from June to September. But being in the South is only part of the unique experience – here are some other factors that make it special:


South American Culture: Part of the joy of travelling to Chile is the ability to immerse yourself in the culture of the country, with true South American hospitality. A ski trip to Chile will provide you with a great opportunity to learn more about the country and its people.


Perfect Ski Conditions: Chile boasts a stable maritime snowpack, making for perfect powder ski conditions. Furthermore, because you are skiing in the Andes at altitude, the snow is sure to be light and dry throughout your entire ski trip.


Helicopter Skiing Choices


As in Alaska, we offer small group and private heli skiing in Chile – as per our Alaska trips.


Chile Lodgings


There are four different lodging options to choose from when booking a ski trip in Chile. However, we do want to highlight a very special lodging option that is popular with our guests. If you want to make your ski trip to Chile truly memorable, consider lodging in the unique Patagonia Luxury Yacht. This option boasts five star amenities, with a dedicated helicopter that will fetch you from the yacht to take you to your ski trip. This is a once in a lifetime experience and something you should definitely consider doing at least once.




Make Your Ski Dreams A Reality


When it comes to sourcing and organising the adventure of a lifetime, Pure Powder has your back and we are proud to offer our clients the best ski trips available on the market today.


So, if you are looking to take a heli ski trip but don’t want to settle for something ordinary, let Pure Powder help you out. Contact us today to find out how we can help you make your heli ski dreams a reality.


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