If you’re looking for a thrilling experience to liven up your ski programme, you might want to consider booking a heli skiing trip. Heli skiing is the ultimate activity for skiers and snowboarders looking to find the most incredible powder snow around the world.


In this quick read, we will outline the key takeaways from heli skiing and why you should consider booking an unforgettable trip with Pure Powder today!




What Is Heli Skiing?


Heli skiing, short for helicopter skiing, is a form of backcountry skiing or free riding which involves ascending a mountain in a helicopter as opposed to using a ski lift. With the use of helicopters, skiers can reach untracked regions of snowy mountains that are otherwise inaccessible. Helicopters offer a safer, more comfortable alternative to using ski lifts as well as eliminating the hassle of crowded lift lines. The ski runs available for heli skiers also tend to be longer, steeper, and have more pristine powder conditions.


Contrary to popular misconception, you do not need to be a professional skier or extreme sport enthusiast to heli ski. Our various heli ski trips can accommodate anyone from experienced skiers to off-piste intermediates looking for a more adventurous, optimal skiing experience.


Heli skiing has grown in popularity over the years, allowing for skiers of varying levels of expertise to partake – our heli ski terrain is specially chosen by professional guides to ensure that the skiing destinations are both safe and ideal for skiing.


Heli Skiing: Why It’s Worth It


There are several reasons as to why booking a heli ski trip is worth your while. Choosing to heli ski offers more than just an efficient alternative to regular resort skiing – it’s a commitment to an unforgettable adventure. Whether it be the incredible elevated views, luxurious resorts or the allure of gliding down pristine snow, the payoff is insurmountable. Below are 5 key reasons as to why you should consider booking a heli ski trip today!




An Opportunity To Improve Your Backcountry Skiing: What better way to learn and level up your skiing skills than to tackle the top powder spots in the world? Whilst heli skiing is available to skiers of varying proficiency, having some experience or prior learning in backcountry skiing is important. Skiing at resorts is a great way to engage in fun physical activity, but backcountry skiing can offer more knowledge about mountainous terrains. You can learn more about how to avoid avalanches, how to safely ski in the backcountry, and get first-hand experience skiing deep, un-tracked powder.


Escape The World For A Few Days: The responsibilities of being an adult can be all-consuming. Whether you have a demanding career or a strict schedule to follow, the older we get the less we find the time to do activities that bring us joy. Going on a heli ski trip is a great way to break away from the stressful hustle and bustle of the outside world. Skiing down fresh, snowy mountains is an opportunity to do something thrilling and enjoyable to shake up your everyday routine. It’s impossible not to be ‘present’ when skiing, which makes it a fantastic opportunity to switch off from the everyday.


Make Unforgettable Memories: Whether it be the breathtaking views or the thrill of skiing on untracked snow, there are many factors that can make your trip a memorable one. You’ll be able to see incredible mountain glaciers from the comfort of a helicopter before getting to experience breathtaking snow conditions firsthand. If you’re travelling with a skiing group, there is also the potential to forge new friendships with your crew.


It’s Good For Your Health: Semi-regular skiing can have positive effects on both your physical and mental health. Researchers have claimed that skiing, even if it’s only during vacation trips, can contribute to a person’s overall happiness. Taking a few days out of your day-to-day schedule to enjoy the mountain panoramas and ski freely down steep slopes is an exciting way to shake up your daily routine. Skiing is also a great form of exercise as you can burn up 3000 calories per day. There are 3 main health benefits to skiing, including muscle toning for your stomach, improving your cardiovascular system, and helping with weight loss.


Heli Ski Trips Get You To The Powder That Others Can’t Reach: In addition to not having to stand in long crowded lines at ski resorts, you also have fresh tracks to enjoy, as you are not competing with hordes of other skiers. With the aid of a helicopter, you can also spend more time skiing as opposed to walking and climbing up mountains. Additionally, we can get to far-away places that no one else can access, ensuring that we find the best possible skiing conditions on any given day.


Family Heli Skiing At Pure Powder


Looking to embark on an exciting skiing adventure with your family? Look no further than Pure Powder. We offer a range of helicopter skiing trips, including our family-friendly ski programmes. These trips are available to families with children over the ages of 12 and come with the opportunity to ski between 8 and 12 runs per day.


You and your family will be teamed up in groups of 10 amongst other guests and will be accompanied by 2 guides. If you’re booking a trip with Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH) and you have children between the ages of 12-18, you’ll only be paying 50% of the typical trip price. It’s important to book your family trip in advance as our programmes are only available during specific days throughout the winter.


Benefits Of Heli Skiing In A Small Group


Small group heli skiing is a great way to enjoy a more intimate heli ski experience. We have a range of programmes available to suit most requirements and our group sizes range from 11 guests with one guide to smaller groups of four guests with one guide.




Here are few benefits to choosing to ski in a small group programme:


Efficiency: With smaller groups and smaller helicopters we can move quicker through the mountains and so there is less wait time between runs and more skiing!


Skill Matching: In a small group of skiers, you are more likely to be teamed up with those of a similar ski level than a larger ski group. In this way, you will most probably be skiing with those of similar goals and abilities to yourself.


Additional Turns: When you’re booking for your heli ski trip, you’ll want to get the most out of the experience. Smaller groups make it easier to navigate the wide selection of terrain available to you on your trip. This also allows you to ski down fresh snow tracks as there are fewer people skiing with you.


A Personalised Experience: Whether you’re booking a private heli ski trip with a few friends and family or you’re teaming up with other skiers you’ve never met, skiing in a small group gives you the opportunity to get to know your team and foster meaningful connections. The smaller your group is, the easier it is for your guide to understand and get to know you.


Where Are The Best Places To Heli Ski?


There are several locations across the globe that Pure Powder offers to those looking for worthwhile skiing trips. Depending on the type of heli ski experience you’re looking for, our locations cater to different needs for different skiers. Whether you’re prioritising a ski trip with untracked snow and steep slopes or looking to stay in deluxe ski lodges, there are several places to choose from. It’s important to do your research before booking your trip so that you can arrange the best experience, catered to all your skiing needs.


We work with Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH), who is revered to be one of the leading heli ski operators in the world. With lodges spreading far and wide across the snowy regions of British Columbia, CMH caters to the desires of first time heli skiers as well as more proficient skiers. Additionally, British Columbia is known for getting large amounts of snowfall every year, so you can guarantee that you’ll be skiing down fresh, powdery slopes. Add to this the tree skiing which CMH offers (which greatly reduces the number of down days) and it is easy to see why Canada is our go-to choice for heli skiing.


About Pure Powder


Over the last four decades, our specialists have sought to find the best heli skiing and off-piste skiing experiences across the globe – and, at Pure Powder, we are dedicated to perfecting the art of pairing our customers with the ideal heli ski trip. As the largest heli ski specialists in the UK, we make sure to provide an optimal level of attention and care to our clients throughout the course of our trips.


Whether you’re a first timer looking to learn and experience backcountry skiing first-hand or a professional heli skier hunting for virgin snow slopes, we cater to all your skiing needs. With stunning remote lodges based throughout Canada, Alaska, Chile, Japan and many more, you’ll have access to a range of locations tailored to your ideal trip that all offer incredible powder skiing. If you’re looking to experience a thrilling heli skiing adventure with exemplary service, look no further than Pure Powder.


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