If you are interested in undertaking an outdoor adventure like no other, helicopter skiing may be the perfect option for you. Helicopter skiing involves off-piste, downhill skiing with the added thrill of a helicopter trip to reach untouched backcountry terrain.


Perhaps breathtaking views and an exhilarating experience are what you are after? If this is the case, look no further than the trusty Pure Powder team. We arrange helicopter skiing trips all over the world, tailoring each unique and incredible experience to your level of expertise. For experienced skiers looking for the ultimate adrenaline rush, Alaska is the holy grail of pure skiing freedom, but that is just one of many global heli skiing venues we operate in. No matter the location you choose, Pure Powder promises an incredible skiing adventure and memories that are sure to last a lifetime.


If the prospect of untouched terrain and fresh powder piques your interest, keep reading to learn a little more about our helicopter skiing adventures as well as what kind of trip would be best suited to you.




How Good Do You Need To Be To Go Helicopter Skiing?


Many people presume that heli skiing is something only hardcore skiers and elite sportspeople can handle. Blockbusters and action movies may have convinced you that helicopter skiing involves physically jumping out of a moving helicopter, skis and all, onto the slopes below.


So, let us give clarity on that from the get-go – nobody is jumping out of helicopters. Your helicopter pilot will simply transport you to untouched peaks that would otherwise be inaccessible on foot, land safely on the slopes, and allow you to depart with your guide and crew to ski fresh powder from new heights.


In truth, helicopter skiing has become far more accessible over the years, with some locations even offering off-piste adventures that suit intermediate skiers and snowboarders. For almost four decades, the Pure Powder family business has travelled the length and breadth of the globe in search of the absolute best helicopter skiing and off-piste skiing experiences, and we have done our best to source heli skiing locations to suit a variety of experience levels.


If you are unsure of your ski level, or are wondering what kind of helicopter skiing trip will suit you, here are some questions to consider:


Do You Have Powder Experience?


If you have no idea what powder skiing or “off-piste” is, then perhaps you are not quite ready for heli skiing just yet. However, if you can make it down rather bumpy and variable snow conditions (such as slush or chopped-up powder) without falling over at every bend, then you are good to go. If you regularly ski these types of slopes with a level of confidence then helicopter skiing may just be for you.


What Is The Minimum Ability Required To Heli Ski?


If you can make strong parallel turns with a pole plant down a steeper blue or mellower black run then you tick all the boxes. If you can physically pull this off but are not a hundred percent confident yet, then it might be worth booking a couple of skiing lessons before taking on helicopter skiing. Whatever your ability might be, Pure Powder will make sure you are not in over your head when you do arrive at your destination.


Are you feeling you might not be experienced enough to match the above criteria but are desperate to get out and try it? There is no need to be concerned as Pure Powder has numerous options and can cater to individual skills and needs. For example, operators across British Columbia and Canada have strived to make helicopter skiing more accessible, and now most lodges cater to advanced intermediate skiers with special powder introduction programmes


How Much Speed Is Required When Skiing On Powder Slopes?


One does not necessarily need to be a speed freak to successfully manoeuvre around the backcountry, but you do need to understand that, without a significant amount of speed, your skis will sink into the snow and that makes it very difficult to turn. This inevitably makes the experience hard work and far less fun than one would have anticipated. Like most things in life, Less is more, and the same applies to snow sports. Skiing powder can be exhilarating and effortless when you have enough speed for your skis to lift up out of the snow and ‘float’ across the powder.


Some helicopter skiing terrain can be easy-going, with similar gradients to blue runs in resorts and your first few runs as a beginner heli skier will likely be on these types of slopes. It is important to note though, you will still need to have enough speed and athleticism to make turns in powder if you want to meet the helicopter at the bottom of the run. Pure Powder experts will give you loads of tips on how to ski powder like a pro before you embark on your adventure.


Do I Need To Be Very Fit?


Fortunately, modern powder skis have made life a lot easier, but in the same breath, you will need to be relatively fit to take on this exciting challenge. We recommend getting in some good exercise and gym work, especially for the legs in the weeks before your actual trip takes place.


For snowboarders, it is much easier to make turns as the powder boards just glide effortlessly down the mountain. But in saying that, one still will need to be experienced enough to navigate around trees and terrain features if that is where you happen to be heading. You will also need to be skilled enough to keep your vision up and ride with enough speed so you do not get stuck in the natural dips and trenches of backcountry terrain.


How Do I Know If I Have The Right Equipment?


Depending on the trip you book, your heli ski guide may provide you with certain equipment to make the most of your adventure over the snow – meaning suitable skis may be provided to you by Pure Powder. For a more detailed breakdown of anything and everything one should have and where to find it, you can get the full picture on our website.


Is Powder Skiing In A Resort The Same As Heli Skiing?


In a nutshell, powder skiing in a resort can prove difficult. It is fairly rare to ski more than a single run of uninterrupted powder in a resort because it gets tracked out so quickly. After that, you are usually riding chopped-up powder which is much harder than smooth unspoiled snow, and this is one of the major factors why so many people get completely obsessed with heli skiing – it truly is the ultimate skiing experience.




Why Choose Pure Powder?


Since 1978 Pure Powder has developed the ultimate collection of powder skiing and heli skiing experiences from around the world. We are the largest heli ski specialists in the United Kingdom with over 35 years of experience in sourcing the ultimate powder skiing adventures for our guests. Each and every year, we organise more heli skiing trips than anybody else in the UK put together.


The Pure Powder Difference


When you book your heli skiing or off-piste trip via Pure Powder, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest level of care and attention before, during and after your incredible experience. With any Pure Powder booking, you are guaranteed expertise, efficiency and concierge-style support with every aspect of your trip.


Pure Powder Heli Skiing Destinations:


Over three decades, we have pinpointed and worked out the best possible locations and times of year that suit heli skiing best so that you are guaranteed excellent results.


  • Canada offers incredibly consistent powder and very few down days.
  • Alaska is the ultimate steep skiing destination.
  • Iceland and Sweden offer quick access heli skiing adventures.
  • Chile is best for Southern Hemisphere exploration.


Our ski trips in Japan give you access to some of the lightest powder on the planet.


As you can see, we operate all over the world, sourcing the best heli skiing experiences, meaning there are a number of options available to you and each trip is tailored to your needs and budget. We also make sure that you are in peak physical condition with our heli skiing training plan. This ensures that the chances of getting injured during the trip are significantly reduced and you are able to enjoy run after run without experiencing fatigue.


Once the trip is underway, depending on the location and package, your group will be taken to the most breathtaking parts of the globe and dropped off to pioneer your incredible path down the slopes.


When the glorious day has come to an end, you will be whisked off to an intimate mountain lodge or town-based accommodation to rest and recuperate – the perfect opportunity to recharge mind and body, bask in the afterglow of the unforgettable experience, exchange stories, and share a drink and meal in preparation for the next amazing day ahead.




Rest assured, that when you book your heli skiing trip through Pure Powder, you can expect one of the most incredible experiences of your lifetime, filled with overcoming challenges, breathtaking scenery, an adrenaline rush second to none and a feeling of complete and incomparable freedom.


Historically, helicopter skiing was reserved for those with a deep passion for skiing and a willingness and ability to pay large sums to experience this unique skiing activity. However, Pure Powder is enthusiastic about making helicopter skiing a more accessible choice for all skiers.


Pure Powder has been able to close the gap in accessibility – pairing people up with the perfect tour each and every time. We believe that this is a sport for just about everyone – so get in contact, let us know what you’re looking for, and let Pure Powder help you plan the perfect heli ski trip on your behalf.


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