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About Heli Skiing: Myths And Misconceptions


For those of you who have already had the chance to head out on your very own heli skiing excursion, you will know what to expect when embarking on your next adventure. For those who have not, this brief guide is for you – we will clear up some common misconceptions regarding heli skiing, as well as bust some myths surrounding this fantastic sport.


At Pure Powder, a part of our mission is to help people understand the incredible experience of helicopter skiing, and bring more eyes and attention to the sport we love. Many individuals may see heli skiing as something quite extreme, however, you will find that this is not necessarily the case.


Join us as we delve into the ins and outs of our tailored adventures!




Myth: Do You Jump Out Of A Moving Helicopter When Helicopter Skiing?


Perhaps it is best to begin with the most outlandish myth. The short answer to this question is no, at no point will you be hopping out of a moving helicopter onto the slopes below. For some of the more extreme individuals, this could be disappointing to find out – maybe they envisioned some loud music blaring in the background while each skier hops out, one after the other.


As great as this looks in an action movie, this is not the reality of heli skiing.


In actuality, the helicopter pilot will survey the landscape and decide on the safest spot to land on. Oftentimes, the areas you will be travelling to will have been visited many times in the past, and the pilot will already know where is best to set the helicopter down, with landings marked with a small flag


After the safe landing, you will crouch down and wait for the helicopter to leave and then you will be left in the peace and quiet of your own heli skiing paradise and start making your way down the powdered slopes.


Myth: Is Heli Skiing Extremely Dangerous?


This misconception is not as cut and dried as the first, but it certainly is not true. Any kind of skiing comes with its own set of risks and challenges, and it is important to remain aware of this fact while out and about on the slopes. Heli skiing, however, is no more dangerous than typical backcountry skiing would be.


The only difference is that you utilise a helicopter to help you reach your destination faster, allowing you to focus more energy on skiing down the slopes.


At Pure Powder, we hope to dispel the misconception that heli skiing is an extreme sport that can only be done by expert-level skiers. We offer a variety of tailored excursions, and each adventure is geared towards different skiing abilities.


Before your trip is booked, members of our friendly team will ascertain how much skiing experience you and your group have, they will then be able to make an informed decision about which sort of trip makes the most sense based on your skiing ability. This way, you should never feel out of your depth regarding the difficulty of the terrain and snow conditions.


Another crucial factor to consider – all the ski operators that we deal with are extremely knowledgeable and experienced. The guides you will have can also make decisions in real-time, which will help to avoid any potentially dangerous scenarios.


All in all, skiing itself can be challenging and accidents do happen, but we take all the necessary steps to make sure our adventures are as safe as possible. With Pure Powder, you can rest assured that you are in excellent hands.




Myth: Heli Skiing Is For Adrenaline Junkies And Thrill-Seekers Only


Don’t get us wrong, there is plenty of time for exhilarating skiing and adrenaline when you embark on a Pure Powder adventure. However, this is not all these experiences have to offer. These excursions place you right into the heart of breathtaking winter landscapes that would otherwise be impossible to reach without a helicopter.


They are an excellent opportunity to indulge in the extraordinary beauty of these locations, and many people describe the experience as being rather tranquil. The winter destinations that we frequent are some of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet. We encourage our customers to throw themselves into the freedom that comes with being completely surrounded by these awe-inspiring landscapes.


Heli skiing offers a truly unique blend of adrenaline and serenity, making it a perfect fit for not only adrenaline junkies but also those that enjoy appreciating the quieter side of nature. Another major appeal of helicopter skiing in the backcountry is that you get to skip out on the crowded slopes and long lines one would typically find at ski resorts.


This further adds to the intimacy of the experience, and it allows you to form close connections with the small group that you head out with each day. Try to make the most of the adventure and soak up all that it has to offer, that way you can cement these moments in your memory.


Myth: Heli Skiing Is Only For The Young And Ultra Fit


One of the best things about our tailored excursions is that they are remarkably adaptable. We have been in the industry for many years at this point, and we have a great understanding of how to accommodate a wide range of ages and fitness levels.


On top of this, the guides who you will be skiing with are all professionals who have a fantastic grasp of the ways in which to alter the experience to align with each skier’s capabilities.


So, whether you are a seasoned helicopter skiing veteran who requires little assistance, or an intermediate skier who is new to the sport – your guide is more than capable of adjusting the pace, difficulty level, and terrain to match up with your skiing ability and fitness.


This guarantees that the skiing experience can be enjoyed by all involved, regardless of fitness level or age. Remember that you will be able to take breaks between runs, allowing you to rest and take in the incredible vistas around you.


With that being said, we do recommend that you go into your helicopter skiing adventure with a good level of fitness – this allows you to make the most of the experience. You don’t need to run marathons in preparation, or anything close to that, but there are some exercises and workouts that lend themselves to improved ski fitness.


If you would like some assistance in this endeavour, head over to the Ski Fitness tab on our website. There you will find a ski fitness training programme that we created with the help of an expert. These exercises will get your ski fitness to where it should be.




Myth: Heli Skiing Is Exclusive And Unaffordable


This is a common misconception surrounding helicopter skiing. It may be true that skiing is often linked to luxury, but this doesn’t tell the full story at all. At Pure Powder, we ensure that our adventures are priced as affordably as possible, and we guarantee it is never more expensive to book with us than directly through a ski operator.


We pride ourselves on offering plenty of experiences that accommodate a broader range of preferences and budgets. There certainly are many options that are catered to those seeking a premium experience, and these are naturally more expensive.


However, there are many packages that do not fall into this category. If you are interested, get in contact with us and we can match you up with the perfect tailored experience that aligns with your financial considerations.


Furthermore, when thinking about the expenses involved with helicopter skiing, it is important to factor in the priceless and unique value these excursions offer. Think of it as if it’s an investment – the return comes in the form of memories, thrills and excitement, and the freedom you feel while skiing down untracked alpine slopes!


The experience is something that you will likely carry with you for a lifetime, and it’s tough to place a monetary value on something like that.




Some Tips And Tricks For Those New To Heli Skiing


Now that we have gotten through some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding helicopter skiing, we have some advice for those new to backcountry skiing.


For skiing to be considered ‘backcountry’, it needs to be beyond the limits of a ski resort’s boundaries – this would include any skiing that you will do whilst helicopter skiing.


Firstly, make sure that your clothing and equipment are adequate and that you are prepared with everything that you might need while out on the slopes. Dressing in layers is incredibly important – this allows you to add or remove layers as you see fit and adjust your temperature on the fly.


When backcountry skiing, if you are getting too warm or cold, the experience will not only become significantly less enjoyable, but it can be dangerous. Ensure that you are comfortable with the skis and ski boots you have brought with you, as these also play an essential role in your ability to traverse the terrain.


Secondly, don’t rush yourself or try things that you are not sure you are capable of doing. As we mentioned earlier, skiing presents certain dangers and it is crucial that you understand your limits and emphasise safety.


If you are unsure about something, your guides are on hand to assist you and answer any questions you might have. We suggest that you listen to the instructions of your experienced guides at all times – they know and understand the terrain better than anyone else.


Thirdly, try not to get discouraged when you fall, or something doesn’t work out the way you expected. Regardless of your skiing ability, everyone falls. So, when you do, wipe the snow off your clothes and goggles, bask in the scenery around you for a moment, and then ski on.


Especially for those who are new to backcountry skiing, it is important to go into it with an open mind and an understanding that you won’t have a perfect run every time.


Focus on your skiing form as much as possible – good form will help you conserve energy and traverse the terrain effectively. If you find that you are having difficulty gaining speed, it is easier to do so if you start on someone else’s track. Then, once you gain enough speed, veer off it again and carve your own tracks through the untouched powdered snow.




In Conclusion


We hope that this guide has dispelled some of the myths surrounding helicopter skiing. If you have any further questions or you are interested in booking your own adventure, do not hesitate to contact us today! We would love to assist you in booking the winter trip of a lifetime.


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