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Our most asked question in the 2019/2020 season was – are my ski touring boots compatible with the CMH bindings?  So… we\’ve decided to write a blog about it and get it answered once and for all!

Taking skis

CMH Heli Skiing provide all their guests with fat, powder skis which is why we don’t usually recommend that guests take their own skis with them to the lodge.  Even if you’re taking your skis for a pre heli warm up then we’d still recommend that you borrow from the CMH fleet for the heli skiing aspect of the trip – they are powder skiing specific and have a range to suit all conditions.  Also, if youskis are brand new, then you might not want to see them being quickly thrown in and out of the helicopter when the guides are loading/unloading! 

Ski Boots 

If you have a pair of downhill boots, we would highly recommend skiing with these.  However, if you prefer, you can bring your ski touring boots to CMH.  The bindings that CMH use are the Atomic Warden MNC which are certified compatible with all Touring/Walk-to-Ride/Grip Walk boots that have the ISO 9523 stamp. You will find the stamp on the side of the heel.  

If your touring boot is non-compliant to ISO 9523 and/or has boot has a full Vibram sole, this may reduce the release capabilities of the bindings (as outlined in CMH’s rental contract which you sign upon arrival). 

Some newer ski touring boots have a hard plastic insert on the sole, under the ball of the foot, where the boot interfaces with the binding anti friction device. (Or interchangeable heel and toe plates for both touring / skiing) In this scenario the boot should release as normal with a regular ski binding. 


Photo by: Zach Doleac

Looking for New Boots? 

If you’re looking for some new boots then we would recommend heading to Surefoot to see a specialist.  You will have the boot fitted to your feet shape with customised linings which makes for a more comfortable ski experience – because the difference between good skiing and great skiing lies with the boots!  Another excellent place for boots is Ellis Brigham – they will help you be fixed with the right pair for your needs.  

Are you a boarder?

For boarders it’s a different story – we usually recommend you take your own board with you as the CMH options are quite limited and you already have your bindings set to how you prefer.  Of course you are able to try one of the CMH boards on offer if it takes your fancy! 


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Booked on a trip?  You can reserve a pair of skis or a snowboard in advance of your trip – just get in touch today and we’ll send through the updated inventory that CMH have to offer 

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