We’re easily pleased when it comes to all things skiing, but we are super excited that one of the leading powder ski manufacturers K2 have teamed-up with CMH Heli Skiing – the original heli ski operator – to form a perfect partnership for the coming Winter Season.

CMH K2 is a revolutionary Heli Skiing operation based in the depths of British Columbia that accesses the deep powder stashes of the famed Kootenay terrain…offering passionate skiers great skiing combined with K2\’s legendary mad-cap style of fun and excitement.

Think of an ultra-cool ski lodge kitted out with K2 athletes and technicians on hand to help tweak your skis and skiing to perfection. It’s heli skiing heaven!  Here are our top 4 reasons to get excited…

1)  Hang out in the all new CMH K2 Rotor Lodge


Formerly known as CMH Kootenay, the CMH K2 Rotor Lodge is essentially the love child of CMH & K2; a K2 designed ski lodge, which will be your base camp to access the huge ski terrain of awesome heli skiing in the Monashee and Selkirk Mountain Ranges.

2)  Heli Ski with K2 Athletes


You’re already heli skiing with the original operator – CMH – so you would expect the experience to be spectacular enough. However, many of the trips will be hosted by K2 athletes, such as Andy Mahre (you’ll see his starring role in Warren Miller’s “Wintervention”), Reggie & Zach Crist, Pep Fujas and Kim Reichhelm to name but a few.  Not only is this clearly something that you’d want to tell your grandchildren, but it is also a unique opportunity to ski alongside the best of the best and learn how to master those pillow drops.

3)  Learn from the best


Not only can you ski WITH the guys in the movies, but on the CMH K2 Steep Shots and Pillow Drops trip you can learn to ski LIKE them.  The CMH guides and K2 athletes will give you all the pointers and tips you need to ski steep, deep powder terrain fast and in control.  Buckle up!


For more info including trip details and dates check out our webpage Heli Skiing at CMH K2.

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