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CMH Heli-Skiing – Daily Telegraph (5th November 2008)

Heli-Skiing: five great locations The Monashees, British Columbia:  the most challenging of the ski areas in the Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH) portfolio, the Monashees are not for the first-time heli-skier. Offering what is arguably the best “steep and deep” tree skiing in the world, two-thirds of the runs are set in mature, well-spaced forest…Read the […]

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CMH Heli-Skiing – The Independent (7th February 2009)

Best for powder hounds: British Columbia  “There’s a vertical inconvenience ahead so we’re going that way,” says Allan the guide, pointing with his pole. “Do not go below me. Any questions?” In other words (mountain guides are masters of understatement): “There’s a cliff down there so follow me or you’re screwed.” And with that Allan […]

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CMH Heli-Skiing – Times Online (23rd Janaury 2008)

  A first time heli-skier in Canada – watch the video whoops and wipeouts of ski fanatic Charlie Light on his heli-ski debut. Imagine two miles of untouched powder ahead of you, a personal heli-taxi to take you back up the mountain and a cosy lodge with an open fire at the end of the […]

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Ready to heli ski? My first time experience with CMH and Pure Powder [Part 2]

So the fears had subsided (read Part 1 for how I left my Valium at home) and a thorough safety demonstration was followed by a delicious lunch. Then it was time to boot up and get ready for some afternoon heli skiing! I was particularly lucky that our group was being lead by the infamous […]

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Ready to heli ski? My first time experience with CMH [Part 1]

I wanted to tell Roko – my 6″4, disturbingly svelte mountain guide that no, I was not. I wanted to sit him down and explain that the prospect of jumping out of a helicopter and onto a mountain ledge with nothing but four wooden sticks of varied length and width filled me with an unerring […]

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3 top tips to improve your off piste skiing – by heli ski guide Roko

You wake up, look out of the window, and there’s a pristine blanket of fresh white snow covering everything in sight. To make the most of those unforgettable powder days, here are some top tips to help improve your off piste skiing & heli skiing techniques – pulled together with the help of one of […]

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