Throughout the 2013 ski season there have been some truly excellent photos that have come back to us from across the pond from CMH – with the season well under way and plenty of envy-inducing pics to choose we have compiled a selection of the best heli skiing photos we could find for you to drool over and enjoy.

The Best Spot the Skier Photos

The classic heli skiing shot of \’too-much-powder-where-is-that-skier?\’ is here epitomised by shots from the Monashees, Galena and Valemount respectively.


The Best Splits on Skis Photos

Oddly there seemed to be a few photos this season of skiers doing a spread eagle whilst in the air. A new trend perhaps? Not to point fingers *cough cough* but the first two are from the K2 Rotor Lodge…the last is in the Monashees.


The Best Happy Faces Photos

Because heli skiing is so awesome there were lots of photos of happy people, ranging from ecstatic smiles to smiley group shots. Below are the two winners: the first from the Gothics radiates excitement while the second from Valemount proves how great the experience truly is. Tearing through powder and all smiles!


The Best Lunch Spot Photos

The best pictures of the best places for lunch. Ever. In the world. Period. Revelstoke and the Gothics.


The Best \’Only Person Left\’ Photos

One of the many draws of heli skiing is the idea that you and your group can be the only skiers, or people for that matter, around for miles of towering, snowy peaks. You can feel like the last people on earth with no white noise from the normal day to day. The following are the two pictures that best descried that from K2 and the Bobbie Burns.


Finally, here are the last three photos that stood out for CG-looking sun, epic clouds and impossibly towering mountains. (They didn\’t fit into any of the above categories but how could we leave them out?) These hail from the Cariboos, K2 and Galena.


If these in any way make you yearn for powder slopes, be sure to Pure Powder for your off piste and heli skiing fixes. If you have some epic shots you want to share, send them to us and we can post them or simply admire them ourselves!

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