Obviously the downhill bit is the most important part of any skiing holiday but pretty close behind in our book is lunching on the mountain.  There are few greater pleasures than kicking back for a long and tasty lunch after a hard morning of skiing, safe in the knowledge that you\’ve definitely earned it with all that pre-lunch activity.

So, to help you on your way, we\’ve come up with a selection of some of our favourite mountain restaurants for both skiing in Canada and skiing in Europe.

Bel Air, Courchevel

Best Place to be Seen


Situated at the top of the Ariondaz gondola, this on-piste restaurant is perfectly positioned fro your lunch-time pit stop and accessible for non-skiers too. The food is reasonably priced with their Plat du Jour going for €23. They also do omelettes, salads, steaks and Savoyard dishes and are renowned for their infamous Steak Tartare.

But the real wow factor is the great views from the sun-kissed terrace, where you can watch the world go by and enjoy a long, lazy afternoon – and the perfect place to be seen!  But be warned! It’s often packed and requires a reservation to get in so no ski-by here!

Zum See, Zermatt

Best for a Late Long Lunch


Aah, Zum See… This is one of our absolute favourite in Zermatt! Situated just off the side of the piste that takes you back into the village this is a restaurant that needs commitment; there\’s no afternoon skiing after this one. And why would you want to?! Nestled between rustic old farm buildings, Zum See is a little gastronomic oasis where you an settle in for a feast; enjoying a delicious array of local dishes and a wine list to die for. Add in the ever tempting deserts and the infamous \’Cafe Grolla\’ which is a potent coffee and fruit concoction served in a communal wooden bowl with spouts, and you have yourself a meal to remember…

Eagle Eye, Kicking Horse

Best for a Panoramic Meal


Sitting at the very top of Kicking Horse, it would be hard to argue that the Eagle Eye restaurant doesn\’t have some of the best possible views for dining. Okay, so it may not have the old-world charm of some of the European restaurants, but makes up for it with stunning panoramic views and serious food. Accessible for non-skiers as well, it is found at the top of the main gondola. As is seemingly a theme with our faves, it’s great for long sit-and-be-served lunches accompanied by delicious BC wines, or for your first Après Ski snack, (such as Truffle Fries), and drinks. During the winter season it’s open on Fridays and Saturdays for dinner, but be sure to check and book beforehand – it’s sometimes booked out for private events.

Franz & Heidi, Zermatt

Best Farmhouse Chic


When you’re walking (or sliding) down the little pathway past cow sheds and meadows you might wonder whether you are heading in the right direction, but rest assured your journey will be worth it.  Tucked in a little hamlet of classic old farmer’s buildings in Findelbach is a gem of a restaurant Findlerhof – Franz & Heidi.  The menu offers a mixture of local classics such as Rosti with seasonal lamb, delicious fresh garlic soups, right through to the classic special of Scampi (large prawns), Beef Carpaccio, and Asparagus – heaven on a plate (our favourite)!  Whether you sit in one of the nooks or crannies of the farmhouse, or enjoy the afternoon sun on the terrace, soaking up one of Zermatt’s best views of the Matterhorn, you will undoubtedly have a hugely enjoyable and satisfying time.


Please do let us know if you have any favourites that we\’ve missed by adding your comment below.

Email us for help with any off piste skiing! In the meantime, enjoy your skiing and eat well!

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