If you are set on booking a helicopter skiing adventure but are unsure about which trip is best suited to you, this brief guide will hopefully be a useful starting point. We will focus on the key differences between our various heli-skiing adventures, including our private helicopter skiing, signature trips, small group heli-skiing, single-day adventures, family experiences, and more.


At first glance, the number of available trips may seem overwhelming, however, each of these exciting adventures brings something unique to the table – one can never have too many options. At Pure Powder, we have worked tirelessly over the years to create unforgettable skiing journeys for our customers. If you are curious about the Pure Powder world of helicopter skiing, allow us to walk you through the many incredible skiing opportunities that await you.




Signature Helicopter Skiing


It makes sense to begin with our most popular adventures; our signature, ‘all-rounder’ heli-skiing trips. Accommodating between ten and eleven guests, these skiing experiences cater to larger groups compared to some of our small-group or private tours. Some might prefer to keep their skiing group small, for others, however, it’s more exciting to have more skiers join the adventure.


Typically, each helicopter is responsible for three or four groups, and each group is accompanied by a single guide. These trips are well-loved by our customers, as you are able to get between 8 and 12 runs each day, so there is certainly no shortage of skiing fun to be had – despite the larger group size.


Our Signature Heli Skiing trips take place throughout the winter season, so you can book a trip from December to April. Another benefit of these adventures is that there is ample versatility, meaning you can choose the duration of your skiing experience, the location, and accommodations. Depending on your budget and the amount of skiing you would prefer, we have 4, 5, or 7-day trip options.


These trips all take place in Canada, which is widely considered to be the perfect heli-skiing destination, and CMH, who is the operator for these adventures, has been voted the best helicopter skiing operator in the world on numerous occasions. So, not only are you in one of the most exquisite countries with massive amounts of deep powder and truly remarkable vistas, but you will be well looked after by experienced guides, pilots, and staff.




Small Group Helicopter Skiing


If you like the sound of a more intimate ski programme, our small group programmes are an excellent choice. These trips head out with four or five guests, and you can decide whether you want to plan a full party of four ahead of time, or simply join a group of skiers who are at a similar level to you. If you want to maximise your helicopter skiing experience, these programmes are up there with some of our best.


One of the major benefits of small group heli-skiing is that the turnaround times are significantly faster, meaning you and your group can pack plenty of runs into a single day. So, if the skiing experience and sheer number of runs are high on your list of priorities, it’s tough to compete with these trips. Having greater control over the pace and the terrain is certainly one of the major appeals of our small group experiences.


Speaking of terrain, fewer group members means that we are better able to tailor where your group is skiing – if challenging couloirs and sheer slopes are your forte, the setting these adventures facilitate might be ideal for you. With larger groups, the guides need to be more cautious and ensure that no one feels out of their depth; this is less of a concern with small-group trips.




Private Helicopter Skiing


If you’d like to take your skiing experience to the next level, our private trips are the ultimate way to experience the exciting world of heli-skiing! With these experiences, you have complete control over the size of the group – typically, they consist of private groups of four guests or up to 10 guests, but we are happy to accommodate fewer or more individuals.


Perhaps the biggest upside of our private adventures is that you have complete exclusivity over the helicopter, and you and your group have full agency over the type of terrain and skiing you would prefer (subject to the conditions of course!). This means no waiting at all, and you can pack in as many runs as you see fit. For many, this makes a world of difference to the overall enjoyment, as you can throw yourself into the experience with your chosen group, without any distractions.


If fast and flexible, luxury helicopter skiing experiences are up your alley, we highly recommend looking into one of these trips. Like our small group programmes, we can plan these adventures at a range of destinations across the globe. All you need to do is tell us what kind of experience you want to have, the sort of skiing you would like to do, and any further preferences you may have, then, we can get to work pairing you with the ideal location and lodge!




Single Day Helicopter Skiing


If you already have a skiing trip or holiday booked in Canada, our single-day trips are the ideal way to get your heli-skiing fix. These adventures take place only in Golden, Canada, which is near many major skiing locations, including Lake Louise, Kicking Horse, Banff, and Revelstoke. They are incredibly easy to fit into even the busiest of holiday itineraries, and if you decide that you simply had too much fun not to plan another day on the slopes, we are only too happy to arrange it.


These adventures consist of two groups of eight guests, which is larger than some other trips, but still small enough to remain flexible and speedy in terms of turnarounds. As there is only a single day to work around, chances are that you and your group will insist on getting as much skiing done as possible, and there are many exhilarating slopes in the Golden, BC region.


You have 495,000 thousand acres of backcountry terrain at your disposal, and the experienced guides know exactly where to find the best slopes, spines, and couloirs. So, if you want to make sure that you don’t miss out on the magical experience that is helicopter skiing, but don’t have a week’s worth of time to accommodate longer adventures, our single-day trips are the perfect solution.


Powder Introduction Programme


We understand that many people are eager to try their hand at helicopter skiing, but they aren’t exactly sure how to prepare themselves for such an experience – that’s where our powder introduction trips come in. Designed for first-time helicopter skiers, with limited or no powder skiing experience, these adventures are catered towards strong intermediate piste skiers, who would like to kick-start their heli-skiing journeys.


Created for groups of four or ten guests, each group has two guides looking after them and building up their powder skiing skills. These two guides will advise you through the entire process and impart plenty of useful knowledge and guidance to help you become a master of the backcountry. Many skiers only have experience on groomed slopes, and the switch to deep champagne powder can be quite an adjustment at first, so having high-level assistance to cement good technique and ease the process is invaluable.


With all that being said, these adventures are not some dull training camp, far from it in fact. You have the option of staying in Cariboos Lodge, Bugaboos Lodge, or Adamants Lodge, some of the finest accommodations in Canada, with a wealth of fantastic skiing terrain. If you are interested in learning the heli-skiing ropes at a manageable pace, our powder introduction experiences are unmissable.


Family Friendly Adventures


It’s tough to imagine a better family getaway than a deep powder heli-skiing trip, wouldn’t you agree? With our family-friendly trips, kids over 12 can join in the fun and carve their way through champagne powder, at only 50% of the standard trip price. As you can imagine, all the bases are covered in terms of safety, and for each group of 10 guests, two guides will be alongside you at all times.


It is worth noting that our family-friendly trips only take place on select dates throughout the winter, so it makes sense to book these experiences well in advance to ensure availability. Trip lengths range between 5,6, and 7 days, and you have three lodges to choose from, namely, Gothics Lodge, Cariboos Lodge, and Bugaboos Lodge. Expect between 8 and 12 runs each day and plenty of incredible skiing fun for the whole family.


Steep Shots And Pillow Drops


Since we accommodate first-time helicopter skiers, it makes sense that we go to the opposite extreme and create an experience for advanced and expert skiers too – the Steep Shots and Pillow Drops programme certainly fits the bill. This adventure will take you to some of the most challenging, steep terrain, and push the boundaries of your skiing abilities while providing valuable insight and tutorage along the way.


Each group of up to nine guests will be accompanied by expert guides, and a talented guest athlete to round out the team. There is no better way to master the Canadian backcountry than traversing the steepest lines, largest bowls, and biggest pillows. So, join us and take your freeride skills to the next level. By the end of the experience, you may have advanced more than you previously thought possible! These advanced trips take place at CMH’s two town-based lodges, Kootenay and Revelstoke.


Hopefully, you have found this brief guide to be helpful in figuring out which of our adventures is best suited to you. With Pure Powder, there are so many exciting experiences to be had, and we would love to help you plan the helicopter skiing experience of a lifetime. If you have any further questions or would like to book a trip, get in touch with us today, and we can begin the preparations!


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