Traversing the majestic Andes mountains aboard a helicopter and reaching pinnacle mountain points will certainly get the adrenaline surging through your veins. The rush of skiing down otherwise inaccessible peaks is nothing short of exhilarating, creating memories to last you a lifetime. Here at Pure Powder, we have just the thing for you – we promise breathtaking landscapes and the unmatched Chilean heli skiing adventure of a lifetime.


Whether you are seeking an adventure into the heart of the frozen wilderness, or a perfectly curated blend of exhilarating experiences and comfort, look no further! Follow along as we explore some of the finest heli skiing destinations in Chile and discover the ultimate blend of adventure, with the accompaniment of style and luxury.




Exploring The World Of Chilean Heli Skiing


Typically, Chilean heli skiing destinations feature a mountain climate: the hot summer weather is significantly contrasted with the icy winter. One can generally expect brief, yet heavy snowfall during sunny days. Most of the skiing activities are on open Alpine glaciers that lead to steep descents and gullies, while the marine environment assures consistent snowfall and stable conditions. Winter climates are optimal for heli skiing activities, all whilst providing the opportunity to retreat and enjoy your accommodation’s cosy facilities.


At Pure Powder, we offer tailored heli skiing programs, which are aimed to cater for every type of adventurer. Whether you are with a group of friends or seeking a more intimate helicopter skiing experience, we have programs to accommodate both. Pure Powder offers two signature helicopter skiing experiences to explore the Chilean Andes. You can book a small group program for 4 guests per group, or you can opt for a private group of 3. Both options guarantee flexibility, with the added benefit of the private package coming with 2 guides at your disposal.


Beyond the thrill of the adventure, these Chilean destinations offer a myriad of activities to throw yourself into during your stay. If you find yourself desperately needing a ‘powder break’, you can explore your hotel’s surrounding area and indulge in other exciting activities. One could enjoy a blissful hike or indulge in an authentic cultural experience – there truly is something for everyone to enjoy at all times of your trip.


The hotels partnered with Pure Powder offer a quiet retreat sheltered from the harshness of the snow. Whether you choose to stay at Hotel Alitplancio Cajó del Maipo, NOI Puma Lodge, or NOI Vitacura Hotel, you’ll find a space where magnificence meets cosiness. All three of these stays facilitate a sense of ease, where all your needs throughout your trip will be met. Each of our partner hotels offers a unique ambience, from rustic chic to majestic sophistication – depending on your preferences.


Exploring the world of Chilean helicopter skiing with Pure Powder isn’t just about the thrill of deep powder skiing – the level of relaxation you feel after a busy day on the slopes is equally as important. Immerse yourself in a world of unimaginable beauty, standing in the presence of the awe-inspiring Andes Mountains. Feel completely cared for and nourished, ensuring that every aspect of your trip is an unforgettable one.




Hotel Altiplanico Cajòn Del Maipo


Located in the heart of the Andes mountains and surrounded by the Maipo Valley, your stay at the Altiplanico Cajòn del Maipo promises breathtaking views and leisure. As a beacon for all adventure seekers and nature appreciators alike, you will not be disappointed on your next Andean heli skiing trip.


Inspired by the dance of nature’s elegance and the familiar comfort of your own home, this hotel emphasises an established sense of cosiness. The Hotel Altiplanico Canjòn was originally built as a single house, a design aimed to cultivate the essence of a ‘home away from home’. The rooms are spacious and well-lit, and all offer a uniqueness and individuality that is projected through ethnic décor. Each room offers comfort, tranquillity, and style – a perfect space to unwind after a tough day of helicopter skiing. The flow of the Maipo River can be heard nearby, adding another layer of oneness with nature.


Surrounded by an abundance of 20,000 m2 of nature, this hotel promises first-class services, privacy, and phenomenal taste. The hotel is an invitation for you to rest, and find comfort in the limitless availability of nature. The restaurant on site offers a daily fixed menu that consists of a salad or soup; a main course (meats, poultry, or fish); dessert; and tea or herbs. The Alitplanico Cajón ensures that each guest’s needs are met and takes special care to address any dietary issues. The culinary experience is ‘refined, elegant and delicate’. Other services guests can include, among others, are:


  • Jacuzzi & massages
  • Swimming facilities
  • Quincho and star gazing
  • TV in all rooms
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Restaurant
  • Private river access through the hotel


Another world of adventure awaits, on your days off from heli skiing. From the magnificent El Morado Glacier to the Valle de la Colina Thermal Springs, there is an abundance of natural wonders to marvel at and enjoy. Explore the vast Colorado River Canyon on horseback, or if you’re feeling especially daring, challenge the rapids of the Maipo River. Pure Powder invites you to book your next heli skiing experience at the Hotel Cajon Del Maipo Hotel, as it offers the perfect blend of relaxation and ultimate freedom in nature.


NOI Puma Lodge


Find true serenity at this boutique hotel, surrounded by native forests and lakes of the Chilean Altiplano. This hotel is situated in an area known as the ‘powder capital of the Andes’, where the mountain ranges are visible from all rooms and apartments available on site.


NOI Puma Lodge has an array of luxurious accommodations, ranging from deluxe rooms for two, to deluxe apartments to accommodate all your family and friends. Notably, each room guarantees luxury linen, private parking, and a TV. Take an opportunity to indulge in some good food and share more about your helicopter skiing adventure over a glass of wine at the Alto Las Leñas Restaurant. Additionally, the lodge features an outdoor barbeque area and a separate bar for those seeking a more relaxed atmosphere.


Take some much-needed time to relax in the wilderness at NOI Puma Lodge’s on-site Spa. Los Cipreses Spa helps you tap into a deeper state of relaxation and tranquillity. It will help you reset the body and mind, in preparation for another day of heli skiing adventures! The spa offers the following services:


  • Relaxing massages
  • Deep-tissue massages
  • Hot stones
  • Aromatherapy
  • Facial treatments
  • Exfoliation
  • Body treatments


If you’re curious to explore more of your surroundings, the lodge is close to Sewell. Declared a World Heritage Site in 2006, Sewell is seen as an immeasurable token of historical and cultural value to Chile and the rest of the world. The adventure doesn’t end with the heli-skiing ride; instead, it continues as you enjoy the spectacular sunset behind the majestic Andes mountains while sharing laughter with some newfound friends. An adventure that transcends mere adrenaline, but one that fosters meaningful connection.


NOI Vitacura Hotel


If escaping deep into the wilderness sounds like too much for you, but you’re still itching for a heli skiing adventure, then staying at NOI Vitacura Hotel might just be for you. Positioned as an oasis in the busy city of Santiago, Pure Powder can help you turn this vision into a reality. This five-star hotel epitomises luxury, through the intersection of modern architecture and contemporary opulence, with exceptional views of the Andes mountains.


After conquering the slopes, retreat to the sophistication of Hotel NOI Vitacura’s spacious rooms and suites. All rooms are adorned with deluxe fabrics and designer furnishings, encapsulating the vibrancy of the city. All rooms are fully equipped with Wi-Fi, Smart TVs, a minibar, and state-of-the-art sound systems. If you are feeling exceptionally tense after your heli skiing adventure, book yourself a treatment at the hotel’s spa – your body and soul will feel whole again, to take on your next heli skiing adventure by the horns.


Notably, NOI Vitacura is especially devoted to sustainability practices aimed at preserving the natural beauty of the environment. Through harnessing solar energy, recycling practices, supporting local producers, and growing their own organic vegetables – NOI Vitacura promises a commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. What’s better than enjoying yourself while being immersed in a high-functioning, eco-friendly environment, guilt-free? Savour in the delicacies offered at NOI Vitacura’s dining venues, where tantalising flavours are sure to linger hours after your meal has concluded. Globally inspired dishes are available at Fronterizo Restaurant and the chic rooftop Tramonto Bar & Terrace, to ensure you feel nourished after a day in the powder.


Looking to explore more of Santiago? NOI Vitacura is central to a lot of different attractions. Enjoy the vibrancy of Lastarria Neighbourhood, a cultural hub in the heart of Santiago. Lastarria is around 8 km away from the hotel and offers an abundance of centres, cuisines, cafés, and bars. Bicentennial Park, a beautiful urban park not too far away, that has many sculptures by famous Chilean artists for you to marvel at. The park is also home to many local concerts and recreational events that take place in the park’s amphitheatre. If you are looking to add a few beauties to your wardrobe, the nearby Alsonso de Córdova Street, is home to many exclusive clothing boutiques, furniture designers, and art galleries.




The next step into the Andes Mountains


Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie craving the absolute thrill-package experience, or someone seeking a balance of luxury and adventure, Pure Powder has the perfect adventure for you! Our Chilean packages offer the ultimate blend of fun, style, and luxury, ensuring that every expectation you have for your Chilean heli skiing adventure is exceeded.


As you experience the light and dry powder of the Chilean Andes whilst basking in all its mighty beauty, rest assured you will walk away feeling exhilarated and happy beyond measure. Chile boasts delicious food and vibrant cultural attractions to keep you entertained both on, and off the mountains. Pure Powder invites you to embark on the heli skiing journey of a lifetime. Your next adventure into the Andes mountains starts here. If our Chilean adventures sound like they are up your alley, get in contact with us today and we can begin planning the helicopter skiing trip of a lifetime!


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