Does your other half love skiing like you love them? If so, you may be a little jaded by this skiing lark but how about some Christmas gift ideas to keep them quiet on Christmas day? Here at Pure Powder – the off piste and heli ski specialists – we’ve done the hard work and searched far and wide for a range of gift ideas for the skiaholic in your life to stay in their skiing bubble for the 365th day of the year:

Helmet Cam: What better way to capture that glorious powder day than with a helmet mounted video camera? With the technology around today there are now some excellent HD cameras on the market. Contour is the maker of the world’s first and lightest HD helmet – light enough to fit on your ski goggles. An alternative is GoPro Helmet Hero which records up to 2.5 hours on a single charge. Prices start from £220. For inspiration, check out a helmet cam being put to good use on this heli ski trip to Alaska


Warren Miller DVD: You can’t go better than Warren Miller for the ultimate skiing movie. Famed for his stunning footage, kick-ass soundtrack and legendary skiers (such as Olympic Gold Medallist Jonny Moseley), their latest cinema release \’Wintervention\’ featured awesome skiing footage from CMH – the original heli ski operator in Canada – and Alaskan heli ski professionals Chugach Powder Guides. Their latest DVD ‘Dynasty’ includes skiers showing what can be skied in China, Norway and Michigan. That’s a good skiers alternative to the Queen’s speech for £8.


Helly Hansen Jacket: The Enigma Flow Down Jacket is Helly Hansen’s ultimate protection when skiing. It features the highly innovative Flo2WTM system which keeps you dry, warm or cool dependant on conditions, combining the protection from a shell jacket with the warmth and comfort of down insulation. Yes it’s pricey but will keep your loved one toasty warm! From £500.



Motorola Ski 2-way Radio: Want to stay in touch on the off piste backcountry slopes? Motorola is the best walkie-talker for ski enthusiasts who need reliable communication as you can coordinate a channel change for everyone in your group to avoid  interference from other channels. Looking for something more slick?! Then you could opt for the Walkie Talkie Watchie. A hands- free version of professional 2 way communication which makes you look like you’re in Star Trek but keeps you down with the kids on the slopes. From £50 for either product.


Romper suit: Ok, we’re getting silly now but you’re cold and wet after a day in a blizzard and fancy catching a few minutes shut eye before après ski takes over. The adult version of a babygrow should not be seen by others but in the comfort of your chalet should be just about acceptable. Visit Jack Wills from £69 (and the ladies version has snowflakes on it, how perfect).


And if all else fails…The Bluffers Guide to skiing: the ultimate way to fit in with fellow ski buddies using understandable ski jargon that you never understood before. With nuggets such as tapping the sole of your boot with your ski pole for no other reason than to copy the experts and look professional. Ingenious. Find it at Snow & Rock for £4.99.


Now that you have all the gear, why not use our Find your perfect heli ski or off piste trip tool, on the Pure Powder home page! 

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