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Gone are the days of snowboarders ruling the slopes. With ski technology shifting at a rate of knots plus ski and board techniques morphing together, skiers can now look to emulate a boarder’s fast, wide assault on the mountain.  Freeriding is all about letting rip on some of the most incredible terrain in the world.. If you want to channel your inner \’athlete\’ and turbocharge your skiing, there’s no better place to do it than CMH Heli Skiing’s new Freeride Camp in CMH Revelstoke, British Columbia.

Based out of CMH Revelstoke, which is known as the deep powder capital of Canada, you will experience aggressive, deep powder heli skiing in all its glory.  Over 5 or 7 days, you will be shown a new way of skiing by two guides amongst a group of 10 skiers. Add to this the luxury of a Bell 212 helicopter to whisk you up to the next powder stash and you have powder nirvana.

Sourcing the most interesting and challenging slopes, you will also benefit from technique advice and tips from your guides that will allow you to capitalize on the latest ski technology and increase your ability to safely move through terrain in unique, creative, and exciting new ways.

Mike Aucoin, experienced CMH Heli Skiing guide and lead guide on the programme explains what it’s all about:

\”It’s how you see a feature on the mountain and imagine just how you would soar through it. For one skier it could mean laying out a deep carve in a long un-tracked field, while others see themselves riding up on a rib or shoulder and slashing a big plume of powder in the air before accelerating down the next steep roll. It could mean picking your way through a narrow gully to ride a unique part of the mountain, or just letting those dogs run on a remote mountainside.”


And that’s the best part of the programme; it can be tailored to whatever you want it to be…Whether it’s all about getting that big air, or just shredding the slope, you can take what you want from the programme but either way it will help take your skiing and boarding to the next level whilst having an absolute blast…

CMH Heli Skiing\’s Freeride Camp is offered on various dates in February or March, costing from CAD$5,190 per person for 5 days.  Contact Pure Powder for more details and latest availability.

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