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Heli skiing trips have gained massive popularity over the last few decades; once seen as an extreme sport only for brave, highly skilled individuals, they are now just as accessible for families to enjoy. Helicopter skiing safety and coordination have come a long way since the sport’s inception in the 1960s. As a result, you can now embark on incredible family heli skiing adventures designed to suit different skill levels and abilities. These include loads of activities to enjoy off the slopes and luxurious accommodations with diverse amenities to make your next family vacation truly memorable.


If you’re in the process of planning your next family adventure, then sit back, relax, and continue reading as we transport you to some of the most picturesque destinations imaginable. We’ll provide a sneak peek into our family tours and luxury accommodations and show you why Pure Powder is the ideal choice when it comes time to plan your next heli skiing trip.


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Why Opt For Heli Skiing Over Resort Skiing?


All resort skiers understand both the magic and frustration that come with a day of resort skiing. Often, it starts with “Keep your eyes peeled for parking” as you and the family prowl for a spot as close to the gondola as possible. Your kids let out a large sigh in the backseat as they spot seemingly endless lines for tickets and lifts. As you and your family slowly shuffle forward, carrying all your gear, you hear the murmurs of impatient skiers around you.


“Once we’re on the mountain, it will be worth it,” dad exclaims. After a long day heading up busy lifts and fighting for a table at the resort restaurant, you’ve likely had your fill and are ready to return home. Of course, it isn’t always this way and groomed resort slopes certainly offer some fantastic experiences. That being said, it’s extremely challenging to compete with the skiing opportunities presented by heli skiing adventures – allow us to explain why.


Being amongst snowy mountains always offers something special; however, with heli skiing, we promise to take the experience to new heights. Picture breathtaking scenery as far as the eye can see, a cool breeze on your face as you smile ear to ear while gliding down untouched powdery slopes, and nobody else in sight beyond your small group. With no need to wait in long lines, no rushing, and the ability to choose your own pace, take in the fresh air, and enjoy every minute spent creating lasting memories with your loved ones, this is what heli skiing trips are all about!


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Why are Heli Skiing Trips Great For Families?


Heli skiing involves the use of a helicopter to reach the top of pristine mountain slopes instead of using a gondola or lift one would usually find in ski resorts. Your highly trained CMH guides will then take you through remote backcountry terrain suited to your family’s pace and level, far from crowded resort slopes.


Heli skiing excursions offer more than just a fantastic shared experience; they also give you the chance to strengthen relationships and develop your abilities and confidence with the help of our fantastic team. Here are just some of the many reasons why our Pure Power family heli skiing trips make for such a wonderful getaway.


Learning & Bonding: Skiing out in the remote wilderness requires support from your group members as you learn to navigate challenging terrain together, which can foster teamwork and comradery. Each group of 10 will be allocated two experienced CMH guides who are there to teach you about the environment you’re in, including the local flora, fauna, and terrain. You’ll learn techniques to conquer the slopes and the importance of clear communication to encourage safety and enjoyment, which can all be great ways to strengthen family bonds.


Shared Experience In Nature: We all know how incredibly healing time in nature can be, but unfortunately, as a society, we don’t get many opportunities to break away and experience the simple joys that nature offers us. Including the fresh, crisp mountain air, acres of mesmerising forests, and the slow, intentional rhythm of nature. Taking your family on a heli skiing adventure allows you to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and spend more time engaging with each other and forging lasting memories.


Quality Time Away From Distractions: Life is full of pings and open tabs, often taking us away from what truly matters: quality time with those we cherish. When you’re out in the backcountry, there is nothing but the present moment. We feel truly blessed to offer these experiences to ski enthusiasts, adventure tourists, and families, as we understand how these trips positively affect those who participate.


Building Confidence & Resilience: When families embark on our adventures, we often receive positive feedback regarding learning opportunities and progression. In a matter of days, the friendly and encouraging CMH guides can bring out a newfound confidence on the slopes. Our trips are about building each other up, supporting one another, and taking the time to enjoy the little wins along the way. This experience can be extremely motivating and encouraging for anyone, not only the kids.


Meet Other Adventurous Families: Our family trips include a maximum of 10 people, all of similar skill levels; this may result in your family sharing the adventure with another adventurous family. We have had the privilege of seeing families from different countries and walks of life connect in this incredible shared experience.


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Why Choose Pure Powder And CMH For Your Heli Skiing Trip?


Expert Guidance & Safety Measures: Over our many years of operation, the CMH team has built a remarkable reputation for safety and excellence. Each group travels with a highly trained helicopter pilot and led by two experienced and certified CMH guides who know the terrain like the back of their hands. They have received extensive training in client care, avalanche hazard forecasting, risk mitigation, weather analysis, wildlife management, mountain rescue, and emergency first aid to guide you every step of the way, ensuring a fun and, above all, safe experience.


Half-Price Heli Skiing: Our family adventures are for ages 12 and up. Teens between the ages of 12 and 18 can participate at half-price on our family trips to facilitate an incredible adventure without breaking the bank.


Dedicated Family Groups: We limit our family groups to a maximum of 10 to create a personalised experience, which is suited to the skill level and requirements of the group. There are two guides in the group so each person will receive tailored attention from the guides, ensuring that everyone is afforded an opportunity to learn and develop their skiing skills.


Family-Friendly Amenities: Each of the three lodges that offer family adventures, which we will discuss in more detail later in this article, are filled with family-friendly amenities such as game rooms, climbing walls, hot tubs, and loads of fun activities so that you and your family have plenty to do on and off the slopes.


Choosing The Right Trip For Your Family


At Pure Powder, we offer impeccable heli skiing trips to several of the best skiing destinations in the world. Our family-friendly heli skiing adventures are offered at three remote lodges amongst the vast mountain ranges of Canada. Below, we will get into the details of each of our three family-friendly lodges and the amenities and experiences offered.


Bugaboos Lodge


Bugaboos Lodge, known as the birthplace of heli skiing, is nestled amongst the rugged Bugaboo Mountain range in British Columbia, Canada, and is known for its breathtaking alpine views and warm, welcoming atmosphere that makes travellers feel immediately at home.


Rooms & Amenities: Bugaboos offers comfortable, spacious rooms and a large, inviting communal area for families to get cosy and connect after a magical day on the slopes. Family-friendly meals and activities are on offer at Bugaboos Lodge, including snowshoeing, tobogganing, climbing walls, and evening entertainment for all ages. They also have a sauna, steam room, games room, shop, and a rooftop hot tub with incredible views. This legendary lodge even has its own museum with information about the area and Bugaboos memorabilia.


Suitable For: Bugaboos offer a great variety of terrain suitable for all skill levels. Out on these gorgeous, rugged mountains, you can expect to find everything from gentle slopes for beginners to alpine bowls and steep couloirs for advanced skiers.


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Gothics Lodge


Gothics Lodge is situated in the majestic Gothics Mountain range in British Columbia, Canada, offering families some of the most dramatic slopes available in North America.


Rooms & Amenities: Gothics Lodge offers a relaxed stay in either a private room or suite, as well as stunning communal areas for families to relax and chat about the highlights of their day. Gothics offers a remarkable range of amenities, including a sauna, steam room, hot tub, bouldering wall, small gym, communal computers, table football, table tennis, pool table, cross country track (skis and boots provided), snowshoeing, and a shop.


Suitable For: Gothics has one of the largest skiable areas to explore. It has a wonderful variety of terrain that runs across the Selkirk and Monashee Mountain ranges and is best suited to intermediate to expert skiers who prefer a faster pace.


Cariboos Lodge


Cariboos is one of the oldest and most esteemed heli skiing locations in the world, and once you experience it, it becomes easy to see why. This majestic spot is sure to take your breath away with its glaciated terrain, endless views, and towering alpine landscapes. This warm and cosy lodge is known for making you feel right at home.


Rooms & Amenities: This laid-back classic country lodge, hidden away amongst glaciers and cedar forests, offers interconnected rooms or suites as well as cosy, firelit communal areas for all to enjoy. Cariboos offers a games and music room, an outdoor hot tub, a sauna, a massage room, a climbing wall and bouldering cave, ice skating, and wildlife viewing, as well as a gear and gift shop.


Suitable For: If your family is new to heli skiing or looking for more laid-back days out in the mountains where you can explore and learn at a slower pace, then Cariboos is the natural choice. With its combination of alpine and tree terrain combined with slower descents, this immaculate terrain is ideal for anyone.


Booking Your Next Family Adventure With Pure Powder


At Pure Powder, we are the go-to operator for luxury ski holidays. Using our extensive knowledge, we can help you select the best destination and finest accommodations – allowing you to create heli-ski experiences you’ll remember for a lifetime.


We pride ourselves on our exceptional service throughout the booking process, ensuring that every aspect of your trip meets your requirements and budget. We take care of it all, from flight and accommodation bookings, transfers, and ski equipment recommendations, so that you can relax and enjoy a stress-free heli skiing holiday from start to finish. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us on +44 (0)20 7736 8191 or info@purepowder.com so we can start planning an unforgettable trip.


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