Embark on a journey with Pure Powder as we learn more about the history of CMH, the pioneers of heli skiing in North America. From modest beginnings in the late 1950s to booming popularity in the present day, CMH has positioned itself as a leader in heli-accessible adventures. CMH has been shaping the landscape of adventure skiing for over six decades and never falls short in offering premier heli skiing experiences in Canada.


Join us as we explore the conception of CMH. Pioneering our beloved sport and helping to bring it to a wider audience, CMH quickly evolved into the best heli ski operator in the world. With a range of iconic lodges, all nestled throughout British Columbia’s mountain ranges, the accommodations never fall short of magnificent. Discover all the available activities and stories behind the Bugaboos, Cariboos, Galena, and Monashees Lodges, where thrilling heli skiing adventures await, with unrivalled après ski relaxation and ultimate luxury.




The History Of CMH


At Pure Powder, we can help you access CMH’s top Canadian heli skiing destinations. From humble beginnings, CMH was founded in 1959 as a small group of adventurous skiers who were seeking the thrill of skiing untouched mountain glaciers. CMH’s founder, Hans Gmoser, a renowned Austrian mountain guide, made it his mission to pioneer commercial heli skiing in North America. The deep wilderness always managed to captivate Hans and his team, but it wasn’t until they came across a particular piece of land in the outlands of British Columbia, at the base of the Bugaboo Spires, that they knew they’d just struck gold.


Sometime in 1964, Hans travelled to the Bugaboo Glacier with a small team to examine the surrounding area. Hans and his crew drew inspiration from the exceptional conditions and wanted all powder enthusiasts to experience the true magic of this mountain terrain – the rest is history, as they say. By the following season, helicopters were flying new adventure seekers into the heart of the Bugaboo Spires, marking the true genesis of Bugaboo Lodge. Today, the Bugaboos Lodge is the leading heli skiing lodge, with pristine terrain and magnificent vistas.


Heli Skiing Adventures: CMH Lodging


CMH Bugaboos Lodge


The remote Bugaboos Lodge, known as the “birthplace of heli skiing”, provides seclusion and stunning views. This heli-access lodge has an extensive history and prides itself on being the ultimate ‘home-away-from-home’ experience. Bugaboos Lodge attracts skiers of all levels, as the surrounding terrain provides ample variety, including tree skiing and wide-open alpine slopes.


The thrill of heli skiing amongst the awe-inspiring scenery the Bugaboo Spires has to offer will leave you speechless and craving more. If you’re looking to partake in other activities, consider taking a walk to see the gorgeous Cobalt Lake, which will no doubt captivate you beyond measure. If you are ready for your next adrenaline rush, whether you are a veteran or a first-time heli skier, Bugaboo’s extensive backcountry terrain is the ideal setting.


The lodge’s 32 timber-built rooms perfectly combine rustic charm and modern comfort. The Bugaboos Lodge also boasts an expansive bar with panoramic views, so you can expect some relaxing après ski opportunities – sipping on cocktails whilst warming up next to the fireplace.


Alternatively, after an exciting day in the powder, hop into the rooftop hot tub or retreat to your luxury accommodation to recharge and prepare for the next day on the slopes. Since its modest origins as a lodging camp, Bugaboos Lodge has evolved into a paragon of architectural brilliance and ultimate comfort, earning its place as one of CMH’s most iconic holiday destinations.


CMH Cariboos Mountain Lodge


Set off on the ultimate heli skiing adventure at Cariboos Lodge, where unforgettable experiences await. This lodge is perfect for powder beginners and experts alike, making it the ideal destination for family groups or friends of similar ski levels. Like Bugaboos, the terrain allows groups to enjoy many unique skiing opportunities, crafting the experience into whatever you like.


The Cariboos Lodge offers a relaxed atmosphere with a variety of activities to ensure enjoyment for all. With a distinct focus on camaraderie, Cariboos Lodge welcomes all guests with open arms to enjoy a classic, cosy retreat. After a day in the powder, unwind with a cocktail or ice-cold beer by the open fireplace, basking in the breathtaking mountain scenery.


Explore the terrain of Cariboos, with a comprehensive blend of Alpine runs and phenomenal heli skiing. The northerly location promises pristine conditions well into springtime, with an impressive average snowfall of around 14 metres. In the summertime, the terrain takes on a different beauty, with towering waterfalls and rocky, glacier-carved landscapes in all directions. The Cariboos Lodge has the highest guide-to-guest ratio, ensuring that you have personalised attention and coaching throughout the adventure.


The Cariboo Mountain Range provides remarkable views, ensuring picturesque moments that will remain etched in your memory. At Cariboos Lodge, you can expect a combination of classic comfort and wild adventure. The lodge has 27 cosy guest rooms, each equipped with modern amenities and an undeniably comforting atmosphere. Indulge in some après ski relaxation in the lodge’s hot tub and sauna – the perfect way to unwind after a day’s fun in the backcountry.


If you aren’t already convinced, there are massage services available on-site to address any muscle soreness and prepare you for another day of skiing. If you are curious about what else is on offer, explore the array of available activities, like the climbing wall or bouldering cave, fitness room, and cross-country skiing available at the lodge. Make sure to indulge in the lodge’s chef-prepared meals and delightful pastries, offering the perfect opportunity to refuel.




CMH Galena Lodge


The ultimate heli skiing adventure awaits at Galena Lodge, where skiers can let loose and take on the challenging terrain. World-renowned for its deep powder and vibrant atmosphere, Galena Lodge is the go-to destination for those seeking an expert-level powder challenge. The ‘Galena white room’ is there for those ready to tackle steep, sustained lines and embrace the exhilaration of the Selkirk terrain.


With 70% tree and 30% alpine runs, this winter wonderland is the ultimate escape for experienced heli skiers. The Badshot range prides itself on having 18m of annual snowfall and the Selkirk terrain offers a mix of steep slopes, snow-ghosted trees, playful spines, and endless pillow lines – pushing your skiing skills to the limit and providing an unforgettable sense of freedom.


Notably, in 2017, professional snowboarder Travis Rice chose Galena Lodge as his ideal destination, capturing the essence of Galena powder adventures in the full-length feature film, Depth Perception. Experiencing the paradise through the eyes of pro riders and taking in the limitless potential these mountain ranges provide.


Do not be intimidated by the pro athletes who have once ridden these slopes, rather, use it as inspiration to channel your inner pro-skier. Unwind in the cosy Galena Lodge, where wood-fired saunas and hot tubs are available to help you fully reset and prepare you for another day in the powder.


The lodge offers 34 guest rooms and a range of après ski highlights. There is a games room and weekly ping-pong tournament to keep members of all ages entertained. Perhaps you are interested in a massage or breaking a sweat at the lodge’s available gym, Galena Lodge offers a wide range of activities for all to enjoy.


One can indulge in a delicious meal prepared by the in-house chefs or share exciting stories over a cocktail at the lodge’s bar. Whether you’re hitting the slopes or relishing in the relaxing amenities the lodge has to offer, Galena Lodge promises a luxurious getaway, for the experienced skier, or those looking to unwind in the Selkirk Mountain region of British Columbia.




CMH Monashees Lodge


Discover the heli skiing adventure of a lifetime at Monashees Lodge, where one will find some of the world’s best tree skiing. Nestled in a remote southeastern lakeside town, Monashees is saturated with mind-blowing helicopter skiing opportunities and legendary tree runs, a true paradise for advanced skiers. With 85% of the terrain covered in trees and an additional 15% of alpine terrain, the Monashee Mountain Range is famous for its steep heli skiing opportunities and riverside lodging.


Experience the thrill of plunging into the rooftop hot tub after an exhilarating day in the powder, soothing your legs in preparation for the next day of adventuring. Considered to be the Mecca of tree skiing, the valleys of rare temperate forests provide the perfect environment to push the limits of your skiing ability. The lodge features 27 guest rooms, offering pristine lake and mountain views and a waterfront heli-skiing lodge that promises nothing but ultimate relaxation and excitement.


Monashees Lodge provides the perfect place to rest and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Take some time for yourself at the massage parlour, to work through any knots you may have acquired on the slopes. Alternatively, if you are keen on more activity, the lodge has an indoor climbing wall and exercise room.


Unlock Your Heli Skiing Experience With Pure Powder


At Pure Powder, we offer a range of heli skiing packages. Our signature heli skiing package is designed for groups of 11 guests, with 3 to 4 groups per helicopter. Available across many CMH lodges, this package allows for around 8 – 12 runs per day, ensuring plenty of time to enjoy and explore the deep powder conditions.


For those seeking a unique experience, Galena, Cariboos, and Bugaboos Lodge offer heli-assisted ski touring, which guarantees access to the best skiing terrain. This option ensures that all members of the group are accounted for, and everyone has an opportunity to throw themselves into the extraordinary terrain.


If you are planning a family holiday, Cariboos and Bugaboos Lodge have the perfect heli skiing package for you and your loved ones. Tailored for the entire family, this package is specially designed to maximise enjoyment for individuals of all ages to enjoy the powder playground. Plus, members between the ages of 12 and 19 will receive a half-price discount.


Monashees Lodge offers a premium private heli skiing package, designed to supercharge your powder experience. This exclusive package accommodates four guests and includes a dedicated helicopter and 2 guides who will assist you throughout the adventure. A package that guarantees an unforgettable adventure, at your own pace. For many, this is the pinnacle of helicopter skiing experiences, and we do not doubt that you and your group will return home with many incredible stories to share.




Final Thoughts: Heli Skiing In British Columbia


As we conclude our journey through CMH’s past and present, one thing has remained the same; the spirit of adventure that fuelled the conception of heli skiing in British Columbia still burns today. Each lodge promises a unique blend of exhilaration, luxurious accommodation, and après ski amenities – Pure Powder and CMH promise an unforgettable experience for powder enthusiasts of a range of skiing abilities.


Whether you are seeking the thrill of steep glacier heli skiing at Galena Lodge or the ultimate relaxing getaway along the riverside at Monashees Mountain Lodge, we invite you to create memories that will last a lifetime. Join us to open the door to CMH’s world of endless powder and unparalleled mountain experiences!


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