Discover the exhilaration of heli skiing in the snowy majestic landscapes of British Columbia with Pure Powder, your specialist in unmissable ski adventures. For more than 40 years, our family-run business has scoured the globe to bring you the most electrifying heli skiing experiences and, in this article, we’ll dive into the heart of British Columbia’s powder paradise. In doing so, we aim to reveal why this sport transcends conventional ski experiences and what makes this region a global mecca for enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels.


With Pure Powder, you have the pleasure of ascending beyond crowded lift lines, reaching pristine peaks with panoramic views aboard our helicopters. Whether you’re a seasoned powder skier or eager to carve your first lines in fresh snow, British Columbia’s vast terrain – encompassing renowned resorts like Whistler Blackcomb and Revelstoke – is where untracked snow and boundless wilderness await. Keep reading to learn more about our incredible touring options and how we can help you organise the adventure of a lifetime, expertly tailored to your skiing proficiency and preferences.




Heli Skiing Canada: A Winter Wonderland


Heli skiing in Canada, particularly in British Columbia, is an experience that sets the global standard for this exhilarating sport. The region is celebrated for its incredibly reliable deep powder and minimal down-days, providing visitors with an expansive ski area that spans 40% of the size of Switzerland. Here, CMH Heli Skiing – the world’s premier operator – offers access to the most sought-after terrain, ensuring every descent is an extraordinary one. As the birthplace of the sport, British Columbia is truly a dream destination, with the vast, open runs and reliable snow conditions resulting in unparalleled skiing experiences.


The region’s vast and varied landscape, coupled with CMH’s proven expertise in selecting the finest skiing tenures, offers an unmatched variety of trips tailored to every skill level. Each trip promises an incredible exploration of British Columbia’s sprawling wilderness. Beyond the awe-inspiring scenery, luxe lodging in the unspoiled Canadian wilderness and exciting après ski activities ensure each turn of your adventure holds thrilling new discoveries. Pure Powder is dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience, from arranging your lodging to ensuring a safe yet adrenaline-fueled journey through Canada’s most iconic skiing destinations.


Discovering 12 Of Canada’s Heli Skiing Destinations


Embark on a journey through Canada’s finest heli skiing lodges with Pure Powder, where we elevate each stay to a once-in-a-lifetime alpine adventure.


1. CMH Adamants Lodge


Adamants Lodge is located in the northern Selkirks, providing a backcountry experience with 1,073 sq km of varied terrain. The secluded lodge is only accessible by helicopter and specialises in cosy accommodations for up to 32 guests – ideal for strong skiers seeking a mix of 40% trees and 60% alpine skiing at a moderate to fast pace.


2. CMH at Bighorn Lodge


Voted the World’s Best Ski Chalet, Bighorn Lodge combines luxury accommodation, gourmet dining, and more than 1,597 sq km of Monashee & Selkirk ranges to explore. With a 50% trees and 50% alpine skiing split, the terrain is suitable for skiers of all abilities looking for private adventures in deep Canadian powder.


3. CMH Bobbie Burns Lodge


Bobbie Burns Lodge is close to Calgary and offers advanced skiers fast-paced skiing in the Purcell and Selkirk Mountains. The helicopter-accessed lodge offers 1,700 sq km of challenging terrain, characterised by a mix of trees, high alpine, and expansive glaciers. The lodge features the largest CMH wine cellar – perfect for après ski relaxation.


4. CMH Bugaboos Lodge


Bugaboos Lodge is a historical lodge where CMH heli skiing began. Designed for breathtaking views of granite spires and glaciers, the terrain is suited to all skill levels with its 1,017 sq km of terrain in the Purcell Mountains. The lodge offers stunning views, an iconic rooftop hot tub, and varied skiing programs, resulting in the perfect blend of historical significance and modern skiing luxury.




5. CMH Cariboos Lodge


Cariboos Lodge offers a classic remote ski experience with 1,489 sq km of varied terrain. Nestled in the northern wilderness, it’s ideal for all skill levels and features a cosy ambience. With extensive alpine runs, phenomenal tree skiing, and spectacular mountain views, it’s an unmissable backcountry retreat.


6. CMH Galena Lodge


Galena Lodge is a rustic haven for serious skiers, with steep tree skiing and pillow lines across 1,080 sq km in the Selkirks’ Badshot Range. Known for the ultra-deep snow, the destination is popular among those who favour high-energy skiing and lodge life, complete with table tennis tournaments and a casual, fun-filled atmosphere.


7. CMH Gothics Lodge


Located in both the Selkirk and Monashee ranges, Gothics Lodge is an ideal destination for intermediate skiers who prefer speedy skiing. This lodge is brimming with rustic charm and offers 1,932 sq km of prime glades and open glaciers, promising long runs through the Canadian wilderness.


8. CMH Kootenay Lodge


Kootenay Lodge is a great choice for skiers looking for shorter trips and epic tree skiing. Located in Nakusp town and spanning 1,155 sq km in the Selkirks and Monashees, it features glades, steep bowls, and pillow lines, complemented by easy access to local hot springs for a unique après ski experience.


9. CMH Monashees Lodge


Set on the Columbia River banks, the Monashees Lodge offers a dramatic lakeside heli skiing experience, suited for advanced skiers. With 1,712 sq km in the Selkirks and Monashees and an average snowfall of 20 metres, the destination is known for steep tree runs and spacious, luxury accommodations, including a rooftop hot tub.


10. CMH Purcell


CMH Purcell in the Purcell and Selkirk Mountains offers unique 1one-day trips for intimate groups seeking an extensive range of runs. This lodge has been part of CMH since 2021, presenting a vast expanse of terrain over 495,000 acres, ideal for beginners or those who want to add extra days to their trip.




11. CMH Revelstoke


Based in the Powder Capital of North America, CMH Revelstoke offers diverse skiing options from the centrally located Regent Hotel. This town-based operation caters to a wide range of skiers, with 1,597 sq km of terrain featuring alpine runs and tree skiing, complemented by local dining, lively après ski options and of course the local ski hill


12. CMH Valemount Lodge


Valemount Lodge provides a private and exclusive skiing experience in the Cariboo Mountains for groups of up to 10. The lodge features individual baths, balconies with mountain views, and gourmet fine dining. Enjoy exclusive access to 1,489 sq km of terrain, marked by consistent snowfall and the perfect fusion of alpine and tree skiing.


Your Diverse Ski Trip Options In Canada


In Canada, CMH’s heli skiing trips cater to every skier’s dream, with the spectrum of experiences ranging from serene to exhilarating. The Signature package, our most popular, groups 11 guests for an immersive day of 8 to 12 runs. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking a quintessential adventure, with multiple groups sharing a helicopter and exploring the vast Canadian powder. It’s an immersive experience that’s designed to give you a taste of the vast Canadian backcountry in a social, dynamic setting.


For a more personalised adventure, our Small Group and Private Heli Skiing options are ideal. Small Group Heli-Skiing ensures a swift pace with fewer people, while our private options provide a custom-tailored experience for groups of four, complete with your own helicopter and expert guides. CMH also offers specialised trips like Powder Introduction for beginners and Powder Masters for those seeking advanced challenges.


Family packages create memorable experiences for all ages, with special incentives to motivate younger skiers. For those who want to push their limits, Steep Shots and Pillow Drops offer challenging terrains with expert coaching, while Heli-Assisted Ski Touring & Ski Fusion combines the ease of helicopter access with the adventure of ski touring for a distinctive blend of excitement and exploration.


To further enrich your adventure, CMH also specialises in unique seasonal offerings and custom-tailored packages. These special programs are crafted to match the changing dynamics of Canada’s snow-clad landscapes. After all, each season brings new surprises and opportunities to explore the Canadian mountains in new ways, from culinary weeks with guest chefs to photography workshops amidst snowy peaks. CMH’s commitment to diverse experiences ensures every trip is as memorable as the majestic Canadian mountains themselves.




About Pure Powder: Crafting Your Dream Heli Ski Adventure


Since 1978, Pure Powder has been the UK’s leading heli skiing specialist, planning more trips annually than any other UK-based operator. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service, unparalleled expertise, and competitive pricing. Whether you’re new to the slopes or a seasoned skier, our partnership with CMH guarantees access to Canada’s most thrilling runs, with each trip thoughtfully tailored by us to match your skill level and personal preferences. If you’re ready to experience the thrill of heli skiing with Pure Powder, book your bespoke trip today and conquer the picturesque terrains of Canada with us.


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