If regular resort skiing doesn’t get your blood pumping like it used to, now is the perfect time to give heli skiing a try. Heli skiing offers a new element of adventure and thrill to this already wonderful winter sport. And if you need a little guidance on where to begin, Pure Powder has got your back. We are here to source, organise and support you on the adventure of a lifetime.


With our heli ski trips, the already exhilarating sport of skiing – accompanied by amazing snow-covered terrain and mountains, is made even more inviting and enticing with the addition of a helicopter as a means of transportation. With the use of a helicopter, skiing enthusiasts, professionals, and those looking for more of a challenge, are offered a new way to enjoy this sport.


The helicopter is not just a “fast pass” to get to the top of your regular skiing spots and beat the crowds of people. Instead, it allows you to explore unique, more remote and generally untouched mountain terrain that is not reachable on foot. Heli ski trips offer an unparalleled, winter wonderland skiing experience away from the commercialised hills and crowds, opening a door to the true beauty of untouched, snowy peaks.




What Does Heli Skiing Entail?


Transport by means of helicopter:


The main defining feature of heli skiing, that sets it apart from other snow activities, is the use of helicopter transportation. Helicopters are used to transport individuals to the top of remote mountains or terrains that are not readily accessible by other means. Helicopters are used to save time and effort due to their ability to quickly and efficiently transport skiers to specified drop-off points, from which the skiers will begin their adventure and descend down the majestic slopes.


Professional certified guides:


Groups involved in heli ski trips are led by experienced and certified guides. These guides are fully knowledgeable regarding the terrain and ensure that your skiing experience is safe, customisable, and allocated to your specific skill level. These guides will accompany you throughout your adventure and make informed decisions where necessary in order to ensure the safety of those involved.


Safety protocols and equipment:


Following on from the previous point, the guides are well-equipped, undergo extensive training for various situations and scenarios, and follow strict safety protocols. Before the heli skiing can commence, there will be pre-trip safety briefings, avalanche assessments, and constant weather monitoring. Those taking part in a heli ski trip will typically be equipped with safety gear, including: shovels, probes, and avalanche transceivers.


Adventure and adrenaline:


Heli skiing encompasses all the excitement of regular skiing, with the additional thrill that comes with exploring the backcountry. For those looking for more of a challenge or a more adventurous experience away from ski resort slopes, heli ski trips offer participants the chance and opportunity to ski in some of the most demanding and remote mountain terrains and environments.


This unique combination of adrenaline and the natural beauty of snowy peaks, accompanied by the thrill of conquering untamed terrain, makes this an exhilarating and unique adventure that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.




What Sets Heli Skiing Apart From Regular Skiing?


Aside from the addition of helicopters, this kind of skiing offers plenty of thrills that cannot be replicated on a ski resort. Whether it be the beauty of untouched nature, the serenity away from the bustle of crowds, or simply the urge to test your skiing abilities on fresh powder slopes, heli skiing might just be what you are looking for.


Powder snow:


Through the use of helicopter transportation, heli ski trips allow for access to remote and untracked mountain terrains and valleys, allowing you to experience pristine and untouched powder snow. Professionals and enthusiasts alike covet this type of terrain, as it offers a softer and drier snow with a fluffier texture that provides skiers with an almost floating sensation. Powder snow offers a smoother and more exhilarating skiing experience than that of the slopes of ski resorts.


Unique range of terrain:


With heli skiing, you are no longer bound and restricted to the regular slopes of ski resorts and marked pistes – a vast range of terrain and areas are made available to you. Whether it be open bowls, steep chutes or winter forests, heli ski trips allow access to all you seek and more. As daunting as this may seem to the average skier, heli skiing is open and available to skiers of different levels as there is a variety of terrains to choose from, allowing for a truly unique and customisable skiing experience.


No queues or crowds:


Queues, lines, and crowds of people are a constant headache in everyday life, so why would you put yourself through that during your vacation? At most ski resorts, there are various queues you have to navigate before you can ski, and when you eventually do, the slopes are usually littered with people at different skill levels.


However, with heli skiing, all these headaches are removed almost entirely. Besides your time spent in the helicopter accompanied by majestic views, you will be able to spend more time skiing and less time waiting in line.


New perspective and adventure:


Heli ski trips offer a new aspect of adventure and appeal to skiing. The height and viewpoint of the usual ski lifts are made obsolete in comparison to the views you will experience from the flight in a helicopter. The thrill of skiing is elevated by the suspense of the helicopter ride over vast majestic landscapes of snowy white peaks and mountains. Those with a sense of adventure will appreciate the excitement of a helicopter ride into untouched territories.


Breathtaking scenery and locations:


Those with an appreciation for the majesty and beauty of nature are sure to enjoy a heli ski trip. Experience firsthand the snowy peaks, rugged mountains, and winter forests that are not readily accessible and experienced by others. Heli skiing allows for the unique opportunity to truly embrace the ferocious beauty of nature and skip the artificial feeling of skiing down groomed slopes.




As mentioned earlier, heli ski trips typically encompass smaller skiing parties accompanied by experienced and professional guides. This would specifically appeal to those who want a more peaceful and undisturbed experience, whether it be newlyweds on their honeymoon, a family, a corporate retreat group or simply an enthusiast seeking a sense of adventure.


Through use of helicopters, you will be able to avoid the masses of crowds during peak seasons and have a more intimate and enjoyable experience. With smaller groups and individuals, you are able to further personalise your experience too. This personalisation coincides with one’s experience and abilities, meaning you are able to challenge yourself or simply find an isolated slope to test and improve your skills.


Freedom and fresh tracks:


Heli ski trips ensure that you are able to ski on fresh powdered slopes without prior disturbance or paths created by previous skiers. This allows for a more personalised feeling and less pressure to follow a specified trail. Without previous skiers, this allows for the slopes and quality of the slopes to be persevered, allowing for a pristine and exquisite skiing experience.




Why Book Through Pure Powder?


Pure Powder is a UK-based organisation that aims to accommodate and organise a variety of powder skiing experiences all across the globe. We are serious about informing and educating new clients on the exciting activity that is Heli Skiing and all that it entails, along with organising some of the best heli ski experiences too.


When booking your heli ski trip through us, rest assured that you will receive the highest level of care and attention throughout the entirety of your adventure. No task is too demanding when it comes to customer satisfaction and accommodation. We guarantee cost-effectiveness, professionalism, expertise, and concierge-style support.


Our team encompasses a variety of specialists and experts who are here to ensure that there is nothing but smooth operations and even smoother skiing. From our director through to our junior consultant, all have vast experiences with skiing and partake in this activity on a regular basis – you will not just be getting information from a desk jockey, you will be receiving guidance from first-hand experienced and avid skiers.


Our site also provides a detailed breakdown of all of the things to expect and look forward to if you choose to utilise us to start your heli skiing adventure. So, what are you waiting for? Pure Powder encourages you to embrace your inner adrenaline junkie and take your skiing to, literally, a whole new level.


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