Whether you are embarking on your first or thirtieth heli ski excursion, there simply is no better way to book than through Pure Powder. In this brief guide, we will delve into the many reasons why this is the case and pick apart what makes our adventures such unforgettable experiences.


We offer a wide range of heli skiing, off-piste, and heli-assisted ski touring adventures – it is safe to say that there is something for everyone. Beyond dissecting the Pure Powder difference, we will also touch on a few commonly asked questions surrounding heli ski trips.


There are very few things that can be compared to the remarkable skiing experiences we can facilitate. So, if you are intrigued by the world of helicopter skiing and what it could have in store for you, we suggest you stick around!




Heli Ski: We Cater To Skiers Of All Different Levels


One of the most frequently asked questions is – am I good enough for a heli ski adventure? Well, allow us to walk you through our recommendations when it comes to skiing ability. Whilst there are many trips that can accommodate skiers at an intermediate level, heli skiing does present some challenges that warrant a certain level of ability.


It is not necessary to be an expert-level skier to properly enjoy one of our tailored excursions, but we do recommend a decent amount of skiing experience before heading out on a heli skiing adventure. This is mainly to ensure that our customers feel comfortable and at ease while out on the slopes. If you would consider yourself to be an intermediate level or above, then you are set to embark on one of our adventures with no stress!


People often forget that the expert guides who will assist you are more than capable of setting a pace that works for everyone in the group. Heli ski adventures are challenging by nature, but they are also designed to be ultra-enjoyable and accessible. To further add to this, before we make any bookings, a member of our friendly team will ask questions to ascertain what the general skiing ability of the group is – this information will then be used to match you with the ideal trip.




To summarise, if you are completely new to skiing or have only skied once or twice, we would suggest doing some resort skiing and getting a bit more practice before heading out on your first heli ski excursion. However, if you consider yourself to be at ease while out on the slopes, then you are ready to throw yourself into the exhilarating experience that is backcountry helicopter skiing!


Heli Ski: Set Off On Skiing Adventures All Over The World


We pride ourselves on offering a vast range of excursions on many continents across the globe. With multiple incredible trips in Europe – Iceland, Sweden, and Switzerland are just a few of the remarkable ski locations we frequent. If you would prefer a North American experience, we provide 7 unique trips in Alaska and Canada alone! For those who want to head further off the beaten track, our trips in Turkey, Japan, and Chile offer some of the most unbelievable deep powder skiing anywhere in the world.


We have forged close and long standinglong-standing connections with ski operators in each of the destinations listed above, and you can rest assured that you are in highly capable hands wherever you choose to go. Whether it be with CMH in Canada, which is considered to be the world’s leading heli ski operator or any of the other qualified operators we trust. With Pure Powder, you have no shortage of choices, and we can help you turn your heli skiing dreams into a reality! Have a look at the “Destinations” tab on our website for a full breakdown of all the trips and destinations at your disposal.




Heli Ski: Our Prices Are As Good As They Get


Of course, no matter how exhilarating or life-changing an experience or holiday is, price is a concern for most people. Luckily, when you decide to go through Pure Powder, you will never be expected to pay more than you would if you went directly through a ski operator.


In many cases, our connections with these operators may actually mean that you end up spending less! We feel that it is important to ensure that heli ski adventures are accessible to as many individuals as possible – we want others to be able to experience the many wonderful and exciting aspects of the sport we love so dearly.


Our Service Is Impeccable


We provide our clients with the utmost attention from the moment they get in contact with us. This means that we will plan your trip down to the very last detail, from your flights on your way to the chosen destination, your stay at one of the beautiful remote lodges, and your eventual arrival back home. Throughout every part of the journey, we provide concierge-style support and are always available if you have any questions or requests.


We have a highly competent team that understands exactly how to efficiently arrange the ideal heli skiing experience. Of course, you decide where you want to go and what you might like to do, but our friendly team will offer recommendations, provide tips and tricks, and walk you through any confusing aspects of your journey.


For those who have planned adventures like this in the past, you will understand how much work goes into it. Allow us to take care of everything, from logistics to bookings and flights – all you need to do is sit back and soak in the unforgettable heli skiing adventure.


Don’t take our word for it – check out our guest testimonials. Link to our testimonials page? https://www.purepowder.com/testimonials/


We Have Got The Experience To Back It Up


Another thing we can be quite sure you would prefer to see from any service provider you go through is experience – and we have plenty. We were founded back in 1978, and since then, we have learnt everything there is to know about the heli skiing world. Not only have we been around for a while, but over the last 45 years we have become the most prolific heli ski specialists in the UK! In fact, we arrange more heli skiing adventures than anybody else in the UK put together.


Ultimately, we have assisted countless people in embarking the skiing journey of a lifetime, and we can do the same for you with no issues at all. If you have been considering embarking on your very own helicopter skiing adventure, why not choose the trusted heli skiing specialists? We can assure you that you will not be disappointed.




Is Helicopter Skiing Dangerous?


Now that we’ve had a look at a few elements of the Pure Powder difference and what we can offer you, let’s jump into some questions people frequently ask regarding helicopter skiing – this first one may be the one we get most. Heli ski adventures do come with their own set of dangers and risks, as is the case with any form of skiing.


However, heli skiing is not necessarily more dangerous than any other backcountry skiing one might partake in. The main difference between regular off-piste skiing and helicopter skiing is that you are dropped directly in the untouched wilderness and can begin heading down the slopes immediately, without the need for lengthy journeys to reach the peaks.


If you are curious about a comparison between resort skiing and helicopter skiing, there are more differences there. Again, both do come with some possible danger, however, when skiing in the backcountry, you do not have to worry about other skiers knocking into you and causing possible injuries. You have more space to carve through the snow.


Many ski-related injuries are a result of skiers colliding, the risk of this occurring with your small heli ski group is quite low. Ultimately, no form of skiing is devoid of risk, but we take all the necessary precautions to ensure that our adventures are as safe as possible. The experienced guides that accompany skiers understand how to avoid accidents and have a great sense of what skiing level their groups are at – this allows them to make on-the-fly decisions that will proactively protect you.


Our Heli Skiing Adventures Are A Once In A Lifetime Experience


There are exceptionally few things that can match up to the exhilaration of skiing your way through deep powdered snow. Many skiers compare the sensation to floating or gliding across the slopes, accompanied by a feeling of weightlessness that is tough to describe.


The fine powdered snow has likely never been touched by any other skier, and you are able to carve your own tracks through the alpine slopes. Each destination will offer a unique variety of skiable terrain, all with their own unique challenges and features. It truly is one of those things that everyone should make an effort to experience in their lifetime.


Beyond the backcountry skiing itself, the vistas and landscapes in all directions will likely blow your mind. Regardless of the destination you opt for, the snow-capped mountain ranges provide the perfect backdrop – especially from the vantage point of the helicopter. These adventures are not solely about adrenaline and excitement, it is also essential to take a moment to soak in the majesty all around you.


These trips are also a fantastic opportunity to bond with those around you, especially your small helicopter skiing group. They might be friends, family, or newly met acquaintances. Whatever the case, we are sure that strong, lasting connections will be forged. Then, when the skiing is done for the day, head back to your exquisite lodge and enjoy some après ski activities. Grab a delicious dinner at the in-house restaurant, spend some time in the sauna, and have a warm drink next to the fire.


We always encourage our customers to document their adventures with a camera, GoPro, or phone, this way they can hold onto these moments for many years to come. Friends and loved ones will most likely feel a little jealous of your heli skiing adventure, so involve them by sending back photos of the incredible skiing and festivities. There are so many great reasons to consider booking your own trip with us and, hopefully, this guide has inspired you to do just that.


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