With the snow still falling, we can start to look back on a stunning Season with CMH in 2011. One of Pure Powder\’s guests sent us this wonderful feedback after his first time Heli Skiing trip to the CMH Bugaboos in March. What a review!!!


\”I don\’t know where to start really.

Let me just say that this was a dream of mine for a long time and that, once you got over the hideously long journey, the experience succeeded beyond my wildest expectations!

The snow was amazing – we had 5 days of overcast skies where we were limited to skiing in the trees (in itself a first, as far as I was concerned), but then the last 2 days we had snow AND sunshine and the skiing just got beyond anything I had ever imagined. Those travel agent brochures with chaps heli skiing on glaciers in deep snow? Tick! We did that, and, best of all, we did it again, and again and again. After this trip, skiing on piste in Europe is going to feel like reverting to mini-golf when you\’ve played 18 holes at the finest golf course in the world!

The safety and professionalism of the CMH crew is astounding. The helicopter lands every time within inches of its assigned position; the avalanche or tree-pit rescue training is \’hands on\’ and you can feel the operation is so well honed in its safety-first approach that it gives you real confidence. Sure, you still look carefully at those overhanging masses of snow when you need to make a traverse, but you know every reasonable measure has been taken to ensure your safety.

The guides are simply awesome: professional, yet enthusiastic and warm; always helpful and encouraging.


What really surprised me was the luxury of the lodge: nicely furnished rooms with great mattresses (slept like a baby…); everything works; beautiful alpine scenery photographs; oh – and did I mention the Turkish Bath, Jacuzzi (with view!), the Finnish Sauna and the 1hr Massages?!

Then, there is the food: I have never eaten so well in my life in a ski resort, let alone such a remote place. Breakfast and dinner were real treats; great choice of carefully selected quality wines (and believe me, I know my wines!). Perhaps best of all, was the careful grouping of people. I think I ended up in the best skiing group, a mixture of 2 families with their sons; stately gentlemen with 3 million vertical feet under their belts and newbies like myself: it all made up for some wonderful interaction and every day it was almost impossible to wipe the broad grins off our faces!

So, if you ask me how I\’d rate CMH Heli Skiing on a 1-10 scale, I\’d say somewhere around 27 – it was simply phenomenal. I can’t wait to go there again\”


Convinced yet? We are now booking trips for CMH\’s 2011/12 Season so please contact the heli skiing experts at Pure Powder for trip details.


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  1. What a fantastic story! I can feel the excitement as I read. Makes me want to get out there and ski (and sleep, and eat and relax!)

  2. I loved reading this story. I just heli-skied out of Revelstoke with CMH. Most of the people on this trip were first time heli-skiers. I think everyone of them would agree with what the guest above wrote. It was an experience beyond their wildest dreams – fantastic in every way!

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