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Stay Ski Fit During the Summer Months – Our Five Top Tips

If like me you are already getting excited about the upcoming skiing season but have started to see the weeks slip by with little or no exercise then fear not – below are the perfect tips for ski fitness. Cycling This glorious English summer is the perfect excuse to dust off the bike in the […]

Posted by: Lisa Gatehouse

Ways to stay ski fit this Summer with Pure Powder

We can blame the British weather for one good thing this Summer – staying in shape. With afternoons of rosé, BBQ’s and ice-creams all washed off the menu we’re focussing on keeping those ski legs in shape whilst we still can. The minute the sun comes out I’m fully expecting excuses of all sorts so […]

Posted by: Suzy Small

Pure Powder’s 5 Top Tips for Heli Skiing First Timers

You’ve made the big commitment to seek out the best powder skiing of your life with a heli skiing trip, now all you need to do is to make sure you maximise your heli skiing experience so that it really is the ski trip of a lifetime. Here are our 5 top heli skiing tips […]

Posted by: Charlie Brooksbank

Our Ski Fitness Essentials

Ski fitness expert Dr Craig McLean from Putney Chiropractic tackles some of the common fitness concerns skiers and snowboarders face when heading out to the slopes.  Get your legs ready for your off piste skiing and heli skiing trips with these simple tips! This series of exercises are designed to wake up some of your skiing muscles after they have possibly […]

Posted by: Charlie Brooksbank

Ski fitness training – getting you ski ready!

Arriving on the slopes fit and healthy is the best way to ensure that you make the most out of you skiing trip. And as the Summer whizzes past us, now is the time to start thinking about your ski fitness for next Winter whether heli skiing or off piste next winter. So here at Pure Powder we have (exhaustingly) […]

Posted by: Suzy Small

Am I ready to ski off piste with Pure Powder?

I assume you may have sometimes had the fleeting thought whilst skiing that “you’re getting the hang of this” – you’ve finally mastered reds and don’t need your hand holding down black runs. A vision of you morphing into Graham Bell (or Eddie the Eagle depending on your skiing style) comes to mind. Well, if […]

Posted by: Charlie Brooksbank

Staying fit this summer with cycling, pilates and summer skiing in Chile, with Pure Powder and Powder South

If you’re like the rest of us, the British heatwave has sapped all your energy to ensure that you’re now at your happiest when lying in a cold bath/stuck in an air conditioning vent/moving into your freezer. But we’re now less than 5 months before another joyous Ski Season starts, with the experts advising aerobic […]

Posted by: Charlie Brooksbank