For the best heli skiing Canada has to offer, let Pure Powder lead the way. If you are looking for a helicopter skiing location that offers vast expanses of consistently immaculate, untracked slopes, breathtaking panoramas, and an array of luxurious lodges, Pure Powder and our long-time partners at CMH have got your back.


We have been in the heli skiing industry for over four decades, and we know what is needed to organise the perfect heli skiing and powder skiing trips for all levels that will no doubt be remembered for a lifetime. One of the ideal locations for these kinds of adventures is the interior ranges of Western British Columbia, Canada, which boasts some of the most vast and varied helicopter skiing terrain in the world. In this article, we will uncover Canada’s dreamscape in all its powdery glory, get into detail about the incredible variety of Pure Powder heli skiing Canada trips, and give you a sneak peek into Canada’s remote lodge stays and the unparalleled luxury they offer.




Heli Skiing: Canada And What It Has To Offer


At Pure Powder, we are the most prolific heli-ski specialists in the UK, and as a team, we are completely obsessed with deep powder skiing. Having travelled around the globe in search of the best heli skiing and off-piste skiing experiences the world has to offer, we can confidently say that Canada is something truly unique. Below are a few points that might inspire you to consider heli skiing in Canada for your next ski vacation.


1. Reliable, Consistent Snow


For starters, Canada has some of the most reliable snow conditions you can find anywhere in the world. The heli ski season typically starts at the start of December and lasts until the end of April. It produces gorgeous, consistent powder, meaning you have plenty of time to hit the slopes and can benefit from the remarkably few down days.


2. Reliable (Tree) Skiing


The interior of British Columbia is blessed with lots of old growth forests. Not only is the snow quality often better in the trees, but the trees allow the pilots to see during inclement weather, meaning that Canadian heli skiing is the most reliable on the planet, with fewer down-days than other destination.


3. Jaw-Dropping Scenery


Canada is well-known for its untouched beauty, from ancient glaciers, and wonderous mountains carpeted in pristine powder snow. Skiing with a consistently breathtaking backdrop that could be straight out of a movie is something we hope everyone gets to experience at least once in their lifetime. What’s truly remarkable about skiing in Canada is witnessing the vast, raw beauty and sheer scale of the landscape surrounding you. The views from the peaks and the helicopter are unrivalled – with towering pines and firs cloaked in snow and seemingly endless mountain ranges, it truly is a sight to behold.


Heli-Skiing -Canada-alpine-skiing-min


4. Vast Skiing Landscape & Diverse Terrain


Our trips to Canada present enormous amounts of skiable terrain, especially when compared to other places in the world. Luckily, our partners at CMH Heli Skiing Canada were among the first to explore these regions and hand-pick the best areas for heli skiing. The diverse topography offers a world of skiing opportunities and challenges, and the unique formations, and a consistent chain of peaks stretching across the country make this spot the global mecca of heli skiing. Trust us when we say that no matter how much skiing you do in the expanses of British Columbia, it will never get old.


5. Something For Everyone


Heli skiing in Canada offers something for everyone, whether you’re at a more advanced level and looking for an exhilarating descent on untouched powder, or a heli skiing novice looking for gently rolling slopes nestled amongst the trees – CMH caters to a wide range of skiing abilities and preferences.


Heli Skiing Canada: The Trips Available To You


Heli skiing involves the use of a helicopter, as opposed to a ski lift, to help you reach some of the most magnificent untouched peaks, with deep powder as far as the eye can see. This means no queues and no crowds, and more time to explore the endless terrain.


Due to the sheer scale of CMH Heli Skiing Canada, you have plenty of heli skiing trips to choose from, regardless of your helicopter skiing experience. Of course, some adventures are catered to those who are more familiar with the challenges heli skiing presents, but many are designed for those looking for a mellow introduction to the exhilarating nature of these excursions. Our trips also offer great value and flexibility, with a plethora of options available to suit various budgets.


Signature Heli Skiing


These are some of our most popular heli skiing experiences. Immerse yourself in exciting terrain in groups of about 11 guests, with 3 or 4 groups per helicopter. Depending on the conditions, you should be able to get in 8 – 12 unforgettable runs each day, allowing you to make the most of the untouched powder. Head to our Signature Heli Skiing Canada trips to learn more.


Small Group Heli Skiing


Craving a faster pace and greater flexibility? Then we suggest opting for this smaller group adventure. You can either bring your own group of 4 or 5 or simply join an expertly crafted group of skiers who share similar levels of experience and ability. This allows for speedier turnarounds between each run, so you can spend more time exploring the terrain and less time waiting for the rest of the group to rendezvous.


Private Heli Skiing


Elevate your heli skiing Canada experience to new heights and enjoy a private helicopter dedicated to your group for a truly personalised experience. Tailor your itinerary to your skill level and desired terrain for the ultimate luxury heli-skiing experience – talk about sending it in style! These trips are the cream of the crop when it comes to skiing adventures, as you and your group will be able to do as many runs as you can manage, allowing you to mould the trip into whatever you want it to be.


Heli-Skiing- Canada -min


Single-Day Heli Skiing


Pure Powder also offers flexible, single-day adventures based out of Golden, BC. Whether you’re looking to add some thrill to your Canadian holiday or trying heli-skiing for the first time, this day trip is an excellent choice, allowing you to book individual days as desired – perfect for groups of 8 seeking an exclusive heli-skiing Canada experience.


Advanced Adventures:


Steep Shots And Pillow Drops: If you’re a seasoned skier and you’re looking to crank it up a notch and level up your skills, this option might just be perfect for you. Our expert coaches will guide you through challenging terrain (conditions and safety permitting) to help you develop your steep skiing skills.


Heli-Assisted Ski Touring And Ski Fusion: With these trips, you get the best of both worlds; heli-skiing and backcountry touring. Our helicopters will whisk you up to prime terrain, allowing for remarkable deep powder experiences without the lengthy backcountry hikes these tours would normally require.


Relax In Luxury At One Of CMH’s Lodges


Picture yourself warm and cosy after a long, adventurous day exploring the mountains, indulging in various amenities offered by your chosen lodge and a gourmet meal waiting to replenish your strength. With CMH Heli-Skiing Canada, we can help you make this vision a reality. Below you will find a selection of stunning remote lodges to choose from, each offering magnificent powder skiing and top-notch accommodations.


Bighorn Lodge: Voted ‘The World’s Best Ski Chalet’ for 4 consecutive years, this lodge takes luxury to a whole new level. From indulging in gourmet meals prepared by an award-winning chef to relaxing in the stunning wellness spa after an exhilarating day conquering 1,597 sq. km of fresh powder.


Valemount Lodge: Nestled amongst the vast Cariboo mountains with 1489 sq. km of exclusive terrain, this luxurious lodge offers an exclusive heli-skiing Canada experience with a private group of up to 10 guests. The rooms have private balcony views, and you can enjoy gourmet meals paired with local wines. This lodge is perfect for those of all skill levels who prefer a more relaxed pace, and an exquisite fine dining experience.


For Strong Skiers Seeking Variety


Bobbie Burns Lodge: A gorgeous remote lodge with easy access from Calgary, Bobbie Burns Lodge boats 1,700 sq. km of challenging terrain and around 15m of average snowfall. Designed for more advanced skiers, who are looking for perfect tree runs, high alpine bowls, and expansive slopes, this lodge provides some of the most varied and exhilarating skiing in Canada. If you so desire, unwind at the wine cellar after a busy day out on the slopes.


Adamants Lodge: Nestled in the Selkirks, Adamants has become a haven for skiers who love diversity with a variety of backcountry, untamed runs to throw themselves into. The 1,073 sq. km of skiable terrain receives an average snowfall of 18m and offers a plethora of moderate-to-fast-paced descents. Adamants Lodge overlooks the grandeur of the surrounding mountains, providing some immaculate vistas and a fantastic opportunity to connect with the wilderness around you.


Kootenay Lodge: Situated in the cute town of Nakusp, Kootenay offers easy access and shorter, flexible heli-skiing trips, great for advanced skiers with limited time. The landscape offers 1,155 sq. km terrain with 18m average snowfall onto perfectly spaced glades, steep bowls, and vast pillow lines.


For All Abilities


Bugaboos Lodge: Known as the birthplace of heli-skiing, Bugaboos Lodge welcomes skiers of all skill levels with a great mix of terrain to explore over its 1,1017 sq. km of terrain, with a 12m average snowfall.


Cariboos Lodge: This charming backcountry lodge offers the most varied terrain of any CMH lodge with phenomenal alpine and tree skiing across a massive 1,489 sq. km. This lodge invites you to relax and bask in the mountain views.


Gothics Lodge: The perfect spot for experienced skiers wanting to relish in some incredible heli skiing, Gothics Lodge offers fast-paced skiing with a variety of long runs across this 1,932 sq. km of terrain. This cosy remote lodge is the perfect spot to unwind around a fire, indulging in a hearty meal after a full day’s activities.




For Advanced Skiers And Steep Terrain


Monashees Lodge: This impeccable lodge immersed in a winter wonderland – receiving around 20m of annual snowfall – is known for having the best tree skiing on the planet, with 85% of its 1,712 sq. km of terrain dedicated to steep, technical runs. Enjoy mesmerising lake views or a dip in the hot tub for Après ski activities. This lodge is perfect for those wanting a combination of heart-pounding adventure and unparalleled luxury.


Galena Lodge: If you’re a powder lover looking to push your limits, consider joining us at Galena’s, known for its deep powdery snow, steep tree skiing and legendary pillow lines. Sit back and relax with ease in Galena’s casual atmosphere.


How To Book A Heli Skiing Canada Trip


At Pure Powder, we are passionate about creating unforgettable experiences tailored to you and your group. We encourage you to get in touch with one of our heli skiing experts to help you choose the perfect trip based on your skill level, desired terrain, budget, and travel preferences. After finalising the booking, our friendly team will handle the rest and help you prepare for the adventure of a lifetime.


Feel free to contact us through our phone number + 44 (0)20 7736 8191 or email us at info@purepowder.com. Alternatively, you can fill out the contact form on our website and we’ll be sure to get in touch. We look forward to helping you plan your next adventure!


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