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Skiing & Snowboarding during the Queen’s 60 year reign

In the run-up to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, we wanted to take a little look back at some skiing and snowboarding milestones and trends during the past 6 decades… 1)  1952 -1961 – Ski’s Together! Ahh, the original ‘legs firmly together and wiggle the hips’ manoeuvre takes the ski world by storm in the […]

Posted by: Charlie Brooksbank

Win A Pure Powder Off Piste Experience & Arc’teryx Clothing

If you are having withdrawal symptoms from the powder utopia in Europe already and already dreaming of your 2013 skiing trip, then you are definitely reading the right blog. Plus if your skiing wardrobe has gone past the point of retro and can now only be described as moth-eaten, the re-vamp it so greatly needs might just be around […]

Posted by: Rebecca Robinson

Off Piste skiing with Pure Powder in Klosters

Skiing in one of the finest resorts in Switzerland may conjure up grand ideas of royalty and fur headwear but I was pleasantly surprised when I visited Klosters last weekend for a Pure Powder Off Piste trip. The snow had an unbelievable base 3 metres deep so I was pretty excited to be out skiing […]

Posted by: Suzy Small

Pure Powder’s 2011 Christmas present guide for the skier in your life

Another Christmas is upon us and there is a collective sigh of relief as the snow hits Europe and North America to give us the Christmas present we all wish for. But what else do the skiers and snow boarders in your life really want? Here at Pure Powder the off piste and heli skiing […]

Posted by: Suzy Small

A Pure Powder insight into heli skiing with CMH – November Events

So what better way to find out about heli skiing? Usually talking to someone who’s been there, done that…and that’s exactly why we run our exclusive heli skiing evenings every year to introduce the experienced heli skiers to those either about to go for the first time or thinking about taking the plunge. As the […]

Posted by: Suzy Small

Going off the pisted map in Klosters with Pure Powder

It’s an exciting prospect for someone obsessed with the fluffy white stuff to head to Klosters for a few days. Known for its expansive range of off piste skiing I had a lot to look forward to on my first ‘official’ role since I’ve joined the heli skiing and off piste skiing experts at Pure Powder! We were taking […]

Posted by: Charlie Brooksbank

A Pure Powder insight into changing skiing technology

Formerly a certified Level I Professional Ski Instructor of America, David Barton spends many winter weekends sharing his passion for skiing with students across the northeast and mideast U.S. His blog has gained international popularity and provides instruction and tips for skiers of all abilities. Here, he gives the off piste and heli skiing experts […]

Posted by: Charlie Brooksbank

Powder skiing made easy – Pure Powder discovers the joys of the Ski Mojo

Now, you may think at the age of 28 that I will be young and nubile. You are sadly mistaken. My ripe old age has brought with it back problems of a 90 year old and a slightly squeaky knee that leaves me thinking that genetics have a lot to answer for. So when I […]

Posted by: Charlie Brooksbank

6 ski themed Christmas gift ideas from Pure Powder…

Does your other half love skiing like you love them? If so, you may be a little jaded by this skiing lark but how about some Christmas gift ideas to keep them quiet on Christmas day? Here at Pure Powder – the off piste and heli ski specialists – we’ve done the hard work and searched […]

Posted by: Charlie Brooksbank

Changing ski tech – rock with CMH heli skiing in 2011

It’s an exciting time as far as ski kit is concerned, with new technologies continuing to push the boundaries.  CMH heli skiing has responded to this by updating their fleet of skis for the 2011 season. Aaron Ambuske, VP Global Product Development for K2 Skis, explains what all the fuss is about… Rocker technology has changed the […]

Posted by: Charlie Brooksbank