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Pure Powder’s Ultimate Heli Ski Packing List

It’s all very exciting – you’ve got your trip booked; flight tickets in hand; passport at the ready…  you can practically smell the powder!  However, you’re standing over an empty bag thinking – have I got everything?  We’ve pulled together our top packing tips to make sure that you’re all set.  What ski clothes to pack?  […]

Posted by: Zillah Bell

Are Touring boots compatible with CMH bindings?

Photo By: Zach Doleac  Our most asked question in the 2019/2020 season was – are my ski touring boots compatible with the CMH bindings?  So… we’ve decided to write a blog about it and get it answered once and for all! Taking skis CMH Heli Skiing provide all their guests with fat, powder skis which […]

Posted by: Zillah Bell

Insider Guide to Ski Touring; Kit Needed

Part two of my insider guide to ski touring covers the all-important kit required. If you missed Part 1 you can check it out here:  Insider Guide to Ski Touring; Ski Tour Varieties My very first ski touring trip of 4 days I got extremely over excited and packed everything and anything I might need […]

Posted by: Lisa Gatehouse

Pure Powder’s Guide to Different Types of Skiing

People often ask what are the different types of skiing, so we put together a handy guide to explain everything you need to know. Downhill skiing (or alpine skiing) is definitely our preferred snow sport, whether it takes the form of heli skiing, off piste skiing or simply resort skiing. However it is not the only […]

Posted by: Claire Matheson

Christmas gifts for skiers: Pure Powder’s ultimate Christmas wish list for the skier that has everything

Everybody wants to look like they have the right gear when on the slopes. It’s no good prepping a la Madonna with her oh-so-gawdy Chanel skis and then struggling up the nursery slopes. Your fellow skiers will see straight through the designer outfit (they’re looking out for high-tech, high performance skiwear). Our Christmas gift guide […]

Posted by: Suzy Small

Getting heli ski ready: How to find the perfect ski boot

We know how much an ill-fitting ski boot can ruin your time on the slopes. Good boots should give you 8 hours of hard skiing a day with slipper worthy support. Chris Lowe is UK Manager of Surefoot – the worlds’ leading custom ski boot fitter. With 14,000 boots to their name in over 26 […]

Posted by: Suzy Small

Ski Fusion & Ski Touring the CMH Way: The Ultimate 7 Days in British Columbia

If we were to propose 7 days of skiing powder – un-touched fresh tracks – for 6.5 days in Canada you’d start thinking big bucks. Maybe even a Cash-in-the-Attic scenario to loosen those tightened January belts left over from Christmas. But CMH Heli Skiing really do want you to experience the deep powder that makes […]

Posted by: Suzy Small

Pure Powder’s 5 Top Tips for Heli Skiing First Timers

You’ve made the big commitment to seek out the best powder skiing of your life with a heli skiing trip, now all you need to do is to make sure you maximise your heli skiing experience so that it really is the ski trip of a lifetime. Here are our 5 top heli skiing tips […]

Posted by: Charlie Brooksbank

Pure Powder’s 2012 CMH Heli Skiing UK Tour

November seems to come round each year with surprising speed (hopes for an Indian Summer faded like the wet fish our Summer became) and Winter has firmly taken hold. Suddenly a return to the mountains doesn’t seem so far away… This year, we expanded our UK heli ski tour and had two CMH guides over […]

Posted by: Suzy Small

Ski with the Pros: K2 Skis and CMH Heli Skiing are a match made in powder heaven!

We’re easily pleased when it comes to all things skiing, but we are super excited that one of the leading powder ski manufacturers K2 have teamed-up with CMH Heli Skiing – the original heli ski operator – to form a perfect partnership for the coming Winter Season. CMH K2 is a revolutionary Heli Skiing operation based in the […]

Posted by: Charlie Brooksbank