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4 Things I learnt about CMH heli skiing in Revelstoke with Pure Powder

There is some epic tree skiing on offer I’ve discovered that the thrill of steep tree skiing causes me to break out into song. Yodelling to be precise. Apparently the reaction (similarly seen on rollercoasters) is caused by a mixture of adrenalin and excitement. In hindsight, you’d think the hazards would make me think twice […]

Posted by: Suzy Small

Five truths from a first time heli skier

For the past 8 months that I have been working at Off Piste and Heli Skiing centre Pure Powder, I have heard endless accounts of what a quintessential heli skiing trip with CMH would entail. Nevertheless, it was not until I returned from my first heli-skiing experience in Revelstoke this April, with a faraway look in my eyes […]

Posted by: Rebecca Robinson

Heli Skiing in the Monashees with CMH – out of the ordinary

What happens when you take CMH Heli Skiing’s Monashees heli ski area, which is world renowned for its steep tree skiing, and bathe it in glorious sunshine for a week?!  Answer:  you get to experience the (relatively) uncharted yet spectacular alpine heli skiing terrain above the tree line… As Rooster the maintenance guy told me when we […]

Posted by: Charlie Brooksbank

Pre-Season conditions look great for heli skiing in Canada this Winter!

News from Western Canada is that it’s snowing. A lot. CMH Heli Skiing – the world’s largest and original heli ski operator – welcome their first guests of the season in only eight days’ time and current indications are that they will be in for a real treat!  Drawn to the British Columbia wilderness to […]

Posted by: Charlie Brooksbank

Pure Powder’s CMH Heli Skiing UK Tour 2011

We’ve had a busy few weeks this November spreading the word of CMH heli skiing and meeting enthusiastic skiers from across the UK. With a few guests flying in from Ireland and Europe for the evening, it showed us how committed our guests are to stoking the fires of CMH! With the support of Ellis […]

Posted by: Suzy Small

A Pure Powder insight into heli skiing with CMH – November Events

So what better way to find out about heli skiing? Usually talking to someone who’s been there, done that…and that’s exactly why we run our exclusive heli skiing evenings every year to introduce the experienced heli skiers to those either about to go for the first time or thinking about taking the plunge. As the […]

Posted by: Suzy Small

#SkiFotos on Twitter: A Photo Forum for those passionate about skiing

Posted by CMH in September 2011: C’mon, skiers and riders, we know you’ve got some rad pics from last Season or even last weekend, from the resort, the backcountry or even on the grass/sand/water. We want to see them! And so do a lot of of other people. Introducing #SkiFotos on Twitter. Following in the footsteps […]

Posted by: Suzy Small

3 awesome places to heli ski in 2012

As the new ski season draws closer, here’s a little preview of three of our favourite heli skiing spots to check-out… 1) The Monashees, British Columbia This place needs to be on your list….  It’s no exaggeration to say that the heli skiing available in the Monashees boasts the most unbelievable tree skiing of anywhere on the planet!   If […]

Posted by: Charlie Brooksbank

CMH Cariboos Steep Camp with Dave Gauley

This is a guest post written by Topher Donohue for CMH in January 2011 Steepness in skiing is relative.  A black diamond ski run in a resort is usually about 35 degrees.  But in the backcountry of CMH heliskiing, the snow conditions have more to do with the perception of steepness than anything else.  On […]

Posted by: Suzy Small

An Austrian Adventure with Pure Powder: the sound of heli skiing

The hills are alive….and all that. So we’ve just got back from the beautiful Leogang in Austria (a hop, skip and gondola ride away from lake-side Zell-am-See) where we met up with the CMH Heli Skiing management team from Banff and all of their other world-wide agents. Usually we head back to Canada every year for […]

Posted by: Charlie Brooksbank